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A big thank you to everyone for the open armed welcome! I was excited to see how many people kept their RSS feeds active and chimed in with a hello.

It’s wonderful to be back and drawing Kukuburi once again.

As I draw you may notice small continuity changes to characters and art, as well I drew this over a decade ago, and as I now revisit the story and characters I approach them with fresh eyes. It may be something as simple as the colour and design of Zomgz’ flying discs or the colour of Lenny’s speech balloons. Things that never sat right with me in round 1that I will tweak in the days to come. The hope being, when I publish the collected edition for print I will go back through all the old art and clean up continuity.

Regarding updates, I will be taking every 4th week off from posting fresh pages, to allow me some breathing room to keep on top of Kukuburi and my daily workload. I hope you understand.

Oh yeah, I mention publish Kukuburi. That’s a plan for later this year. More on that in the days to come!

Talk soon!

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^ 3 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. deathbykitten says:

    Adding to the general cheer of “welcome back to Kukuburi, Ramón!”

  2. rousse says:

    I’m so glad this is back! Yayyyy!!

  3. Tooniator says:

    Yay! Back in the saddle.