hey everybody!

thank you all for your patience – it’s great to be back. everytime i have to pause kuku i feel a little pang inside. april and may seemed to be months of never ending chaos. some good, some meh.

the good; two outstanding shows that i had a great time at. thank you all that swung by and said hello at either chicago’s C2E2 or toronto’s very own TCAF. as well, for those interested, next week the dazzler special that i was asked to work on is hitting the shelves at your local comic book retailer!

the meh; getting sick twice within one month! going crazy searching endlessly for hours on end for a new home… but hopefully it all comes together.

oh, and then my scanner went kaput after 8 years of quality service. so now i either figure out if i can fix it (i need a new bulb i think) or i come up with an extra $2000 and buy a new one!


but yes, good to be back despite the hecklers in the crowd.

things seem to be a little quiet for nadia post flaming head and mr.bones going boom… or so it seems :)

tomorrow’s page will go up later due to the domino effect, but next week things’ll be back on track.

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  1. e1f says:

    i have found that a point-and-shoot digital camera and a table lamp make a pretty good substitute for a broken scanner.

  2. Nicole says:

    …and where’s ZOMGZ? :( He’s my hero.

  3. Nicole says:

    What a gorgeous page! Kukuburi is always worth the wait. Thanks, Ramon!

    And to those asking, I believe they are talking about where the nightmares are going, rather than the mantas. Love that huge hand coming down from the top center.

  4. David says:

    I was about to say…. $2000 for a scanner?! But then I checked out B&H and found that large format (11X17 inch) flatbed scanners cost in the range of $975 to $4000. Yikes! But I wonder if your $2000 model is the same one that now goes for $975…? Anyway — glad to get my Kukuburi fix at long last!

  5. Scruffy says:

    What the heck kind of scanner costs $2000 in this day?

    Great comic, by the way – welcome back :)

  6. PJ Grogan says:

    Love this story. Read through all 162 pages yesterday in preparation…

  7. NaomiKnight says:

    Hey Ramon! I’m one of the many who dropped by the Transmission X booth at TCAF (the chubby chick who was too nervous to approach when both you and Karl were at the table) and I just thought I’d say hi, and thank you for updating Kukuburi! The pages are always well worth the wait.

    Keep up the great work, and good luck finding a new home!

  8. wolff000 says:

    Lovin kuku! I really like your style and I think this would be awesome animated. Keep up the good work and remmber to keep it fun. Art should never feel like work. I speak from experience I’m a sculptor myself.

  9. usivius says:

    ahhhhhh so cool to have Kuku back…
    luv it!

  10. Legible Susan says:

    Hurrah, Kukuburi is back!

    I hope those things can’t get out of the inbetween …

  11. yLanaRae says:

    Ramon…!! You’re back!!!!!!

    After re-reading the last few strips, I finally got what happened with Bones and Nadia… I feel like a bit of an idiot for not catching on that he was trying to take over her flesshhhhhh… ew.

    Also, if you would ever consider moving to Seattle, I’ve been looking for roommates. =P
    Seriously, though, good luck with the house search, and the scanner…

    It’s good to have an update on the Kuku… Just try to keep your head on straight!

  12. crazyprsn says:

    I’ll wait patiently for your story in Kuku! You just keep going with the same quality you always do, and I’ll be sure to read it when you put it out!

  13. Karl says:

    Hecklers?! Lemme at ’em. Lemme at ’em!

  14. smjjames says:

    Whaa? So Nadia origionally created (or imagined rather) those mutated manta rays?

    I guess that makes sense as there was some kind of recognization when she saw them for the first time.

    Maybe she can tell them to pick up the battlewhale and find her other friends and help them to the inbetween, or the upper surface of it anyway. And hitch a ride on them at the same time.

    Might be a problem getting through the valley of the giants though.

    • Odo says:

      No, the things “going” are the nightmares (on their long, long legs). The manta thingies existed before Nadia.

  15. Psirat says:

    Man, I was in Chicago during C2E2, but was too busy touring my new school and trying to make appointments. I REALLY wanted to meet ya. Been one of my favorite artists since a friend got me to play Rifts with his friends. Glad you enjoyed yourself in Chi-town. Now, more Kuku! *cracks whip* xD

  16. BobWeaver says:

    I’m just glad to get my fix, thanks for coming back!

  17. as363 says:

    Welcome back Ramon – hope all the bad bugs are out of your system – summer is coming – reports to the contrary . Altho it is the middle of May in Reno – and we had snow on the valley floor a couple of days ago . Go figure .

    Take your time for tomorrow – don’t bother putting it up until you are satisfied . We’ll Wait .

  18. Sean says:

    Ruh-roh – death (mata) rays going “home”, I wonder what it means?

  19. BenNy says:

    how many pages til the chapter ends?

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  21. Megz says:

    Yaaay!! I am so glad it’s back!! I can’t tell you how much I love your work!! I can’t wait for the next page!!

  22. i luv u says:

    Worth the wait, definitely.