so ends this weeks fun!

this scene was an interesting one for me, s it had been in the back of my mind for a while, but i had often pictured it further along in the story . sometimes though i find the characters will take me on a different path than i had envisioned. it’s like they’re telling me their story.

this week also sees a couple additions to the FAN ART GALLERY by Stephen Wallace and Nicholas Myers. if you have a moment and the inkling feel free to share your vision of the kukuburi universe!

till next week my friends…

UPDATE / March 23rd: this week’s kukuburi pages are inked and ready to be coloured, unfortunately i have to go teach. tomorrow morning starts off with a couple of meetings but i should have this week’s update up by tomorrow evening. till then!

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  1. Evanrude says:

    I think I just pooped a little!!!

  2. Archivist says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Bones will take on her father’s image. In the froom induced dream, Nadia dreamt of her parents skin blown off in the same manner that Mr. Bones is putting it on. Amazing!

  3. Joel says:

    Sweet. Viciously sweet.

  4. smjjames says:

    @Joanna: And possibly Zomgz as well if he has survived. Although if the rock monster he was facing off with is the same as the one that erm, ‘sunk’, the battlewhale, then there is a chance that he didn’t survive or something.

  5. What? … Huh?… GAH!….

  6. justme says:

    holy crap he’s STEALING HER SKIN!!! NO!!!!!!

  7. kristina says:

    i can’t wait for the next one! This is awesome.

  8. Sweet freakin’…. Yeah, you rock.. \nn/ o.O \nn/

  9. serge!! says:


    awesome !!!! just fuc&ing awesome….. you just have to make a movie with this!!!!!

    but i wonder… as he is taking something from her, wouldn’t she take some of him as well????

  10. Sofia says:

    Is the man dreaming that he is a butterfly, or is the butterfly dreaming she is a man?

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

  12. Xenon says:

    !)$&^)^&*^!% !@()$*&(*!%& !_$*(&!(%&*(_!@$ !@$*()_!@$*)*!@ you _#*($&*(_#%&_!@#%&

    You update us all at once and then leave us hanging! You and Kerschl! Curse you both! Now update again, please, I gotta know what is happening. I guess I will wait.

  13. JT/Sihaya says:


  14. Graceofbass says:

    Holy crap! I love this comic. Some of the best story-telling out there. I can’t wait for next week!

  15. DavinciCoder says:

    This is SOOOOO not good!

  16. Joanna says:



  17. Nicole says:


  18. Pizzasgood says:

    Maybe Mr. Bones is what is left from Nadia’s predecessor. He is a persona, not a person. His goal is to become a person, which he does by stealing somebody’s humanity. But in doing so, the persona of “Mr. Bones” is passed on to the now skeletal victim, who goes out in search of a victim of their own.

  19. smjjames says:

    All I can say is, WHAT THE??

    Aw man, what a cliffhanger, I wish ramon would be releasing a new page tomorrow because I want to know what the heck happens next.

    As far as mr bones screaming or laughing, at first he seems to be laughing and then on the last panet, his jaws are wider, like he is screaming or gasping in complete surprise. The gasping bieng metaphorical as he has no lungs to gasp with.

  20. choupower says:

    Holy wow. My jaw is still on the floor.

  21. Matsar says:


  22. BerserkerRed says:

    You just blew my mind!! This just took a crazy turn! Amazing story telling good sir!

  23. Karyl says:

    if he is made “flesh” than he can be injured, right? so this is not necessarily a good thing for him, whether he thinks it is or not.

  24. Daniel says:

    The sign of a good author writing a good story is when the characters politely tap the author on the shoulder and say, “Ahem – no – the story actually goes like THIS.”

  25. Moop says:

    oh CRAP. O.O

  26. BenNy says:

    Im on the edge of my seat looking at this
    THIS, is why i like comics. RIGHT here.
    and, of course, other things

  27. Mani says:

    For the record.

    I noticed that the fire burning in front of Mr. Bones is shining through is glasses, which is projecting a reddish light onto his eye sockets, in this page and the previous one.

    That’s an amazing level of detail in such a concise image. I don’t know if this had been pointed out. Go you, Ramon.

  28. I Did Not Expect That.

    I mean.

    What the… um… *boggle*.

  29. Fitz says:

    Nadia isn’t going to fill out that tank top any where NEAR as well as she does now….

  30. Fitz says:

    Where IS THAT PACKAGE?!?!?!?

  31. chewtoy says:

    suh…freakin’…weeet! very awesome sir. very awesome.

  32. Annalia says:

    Oh god, oh god, oh god ! <3

  33. redapples says:

    @Odo, Bones seems to be enjoying it to me. His glove is off and in his other hand so he purposefully removed it in oder to be rendered with flesh.

    “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us” John 1:14

    So perhaps the trepidation by Rendo and Bojangles about Mr Bones being named relates to this?

    • Odo says:

      My impression is that it hurts. Certainly having the flesh fall off would hurt, so why not the flesh falling on? If he has removed the glove to better be clothed in flesh, why hasn’t he removed both gloves? (Imagine coming in from the cold to a nice warm fire. You don’t pull off just one glove to warm your hands.)

      Well, we’ll know in a moment… err… week.
      And Ramon can bask in the glory of knowing that his work sparks this much comment.

      • redapples says:

        No but you do take them off one at a time. Maybe we’re hitting the 4th dimension. I concede the point that it most probably induces pain however a) this does not necessarily mean he’s not enjoying it ^^ and b) does he even feel pain without a nervous system or does he experience more pain the more fleshy he becomes?

  34. Akinobu says:

    What…..I’m shocked.Tottaly didn’t expect that ;)

  35. Restoration-Complete says:

    Just a thought, Ramon… It’s hard to gauge whether our anti-hero is laughing, or screaming. Now, on to my other observations.

    Again with the symbolism. Herein lies a turn in the conflict, Nadia’s anger and helplessness ‘feeding’ her antagonist while leaving her a mere husk or shell. Again, Mr Bones (Although we may not call him this for long) has preyed upon her lack of understanding and poor judgement of this realms origins and ‘rules’.

    It would seem old Mr. Bones would presume to corrupt and claim Nadia, steal Her Envoy, and end the balance.

    I’m impressed.

  36. Luke Okolski says:

    WOW! Now I’m surprised!

  37. Adam says:

    Did not see that coming wow.
    Didn’t think it was possible, but looking forward to updates even more now.

  38. Stephen says:


  39. Becky says:

    She is a creator of dreams and of nightmares who is thrown into a dream world. Her being there may have been the yin of dreams to the other’s yang. A form of balance. He was powerful before, feared, but had no name or identity and was a bit incomplete. Once she named him, that gave him more power. Now he is given flesh. And I think, Mr. Bones is manipulating her every step of the way to become more complete. What’s more frightening? A nightmare you can identify is a nightmare by what it looks like or something that blends in and strikes when you least expect?

    Though, it could all blow up in his face, if it were his grand design, by shifting the role of nightmare to Nadia and forcing him into the role of benevolent dream. The rules have changed so much with Nadia coming into his little dream game.

    Its all guessing and uncertainty. Will have to see what happens when it happens. Plus.. what kind of hat is in that box! Does she get a baseball cap? Will she have a fedora? Love it!

  40. Completely unexpected. Brilliant.

  41. Odo says:

    OK — wrong all along — but…
    The power has been released from the Underside and is passing through Nadia. She seems to be losing skin (panel 1) and Mr Bones is definitely gaining skin, whether from the energy that is now surrounding him or direct from Nadia (or is that equivalent at this point?). The question that I see is: is Nadia destroying herself as this transformation takes place?

    I don’t think so. I think the energy will keep her as herself. This is, in its way, the same as the creation of the bluebird, or of the apartment. She is using the energy of the Inbetween to *create*. Mr. Bones cannot be enjoying this, because if he is fully encased in flesh, much of his power will be lost. He can, of course, fight it, probably successfully.


  42. KJF says:

    What the f—- !! Need the to know what happens next, NOW !!

  43. Danny says:

    OH GOD DAMN IT. now i have to think about this ALL WEEKEND. argh. Ramon, you are the king of epic pacing. amazing.

  44. Druhim says:

    Fantastic work as always. Eager to see where you take us.

  45. Karl says:

    Truly the stuff of nightmares. Gripping story Mr. Pérez.

  46. silentbuffalo says:

    OH. MY. WHUT.

    …Does this mean we’ll get to see what Mr. Bones’ face actually looks like? DAAAAH.

  47. megaroniandcheese says:


  48. Reidic says:

    Holy Hell! Amazing Ramon, simply staggering. You have me, sir, at the edge of my seat.

    This should be interesting to see how things pan out.