May 13th, 2022



First off — HELLO — I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a weird and crazy couple of years.

The past two years (aside from surviving the ups and downs of the pandemic) for myself were a time of reflection, and building.

As some of you may know I’ve been freelancing as an artist for 25 years and have had a wonderful career. I’ve worked in role-playing games, editorial illustration, concept design, comic books and, most obviously webcomics – which was a release for my passion of storytelling, never unfortunately an avenue to live and thrive off of – as it was never financially possible.

In 2006, a year before Kukuburi launched, I joined RAID (aka the Royal Academy of Illustration & Design) an artist collective. Over the years RAID evolved and changed – its numbers increased, and in 2017 we dipped our toes in self-publishing with an anthology featuring the work of then-current members.

What began with one book has grown into several – and now we have RAID PRESS. I couldn’t feel more at home at where I am right now, and the great people here with me. 

It’s amazing how at this point in my career I have come full-circle to my self-publishing beginnings. Eager to tell my stories and share those of my friends. Sometimes you have to go down multiple roads before returning to the right one. I’m taking this year to transition out of full-time mainstream work (I’m currently the artist on Skybound’s Stillwater with author Chip Zdarsky) to a place where publishing my own stories is my full time gig.

Kukuburi has long been a story near and dear to my heart – but one I’ve come to realize is too difficult for me to update regularly on the web. Each page takes far too much time to complete, time which I don’t have on a weekly basis as I’m busily freelancing to pay the bills. This Kickstarter is the impetus to hopefully change the direction of my career, and finish Kukuburi.

I’ve always envisioned Kukuburi as a graphic novel series (hence the format) and bringing it to print has always been my end-goal. 15 years ago when I began this story – it was impossible to do so without going through a publisher. And believe me I tried – but they wanted immediate changes to the characters and story that I didn’t like. So I continued as best as I could with the webcomic. But it became increasingly difficult with life’s financial obligations.

I suspect many of you have moved on and lost interest in Kukuburi. Which I completely understand. If you ARE still interested – I hope you can pledge to make this book happen – if not, maybe share it and speak to the joys of reading it years ago to help it find new readers. It’s all appreciated.

To give you the rundown;

I’m Kickstarting Kukuburi to create book one – which will be around 160 pages. This will be most of which is currently online – plus a whole bunch of new pages to round out and strengthen the story. The book will be released in Jan 2023 – at which point I will re-launch the website (at a higher res with better readability for tablets, phones, etc) with new regularly updating story pages. And so things will work in tandem – every year a new chapter printed, while the website continues the story for free.

Why so long?

I’m being realistic – it’s a lot of work, and I want it to be the best that it can be.

As difficult as the road will be ahead, everything feels right.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey – and all the stories to come.

Thank you all,


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