Navigating a global crisis

To all my readers out there, I hope you’re all in good health and are able to send these strange times with family and friends.

In the past several weeks the world has turned upside-down with the spread of Covid-19. Last week, here in Canada, businesses were shutting down, events canceled, and people were working from home – and as of yesterday gatherings of 50 or more people have been prohibited – and the idea of social distancing pushed forward.

As I got better from last weeks flu, the world got worse.

Now quarantined I sit and doodle at home, apprehensive to make the trek to the studio where the tools of my trade lie. With stacks of paper by my side, I will use this time to draw and ink ahead as much as I can on Kukuburi, but unfortunately colouring and lettering will have to wait till this quarantine is up, and I can comfortable colour and letter at RAID, my shared studio, again.

I hope things return to a semblance of normal soon – though I think large gatherings will be anathema for a while, and a new normal will sweep in for the foreseeable future.

I’ll update as soon as I’m able, and I appreciate your understanding.

Stay safe and healthy, and I’ll see you all soon.



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  1. Richard Weir says:

    Yep, the world has gone mad!

    Can you get food OK? Because of health problems I depend on supermarket deliveries, and the two supermarkets I use have had a major run on booking slots.