one | eighty

one | eighty

It’s been 8 years and 4 days since since page 179 went up.


For those whose dusty RSS feeds just bumped to life; hello :)

So yeah, with a fresh page 180, Kukuburi is back.


HAHAHA – anywayyyy —

What happened? LIFE. Why now? Because I have to. I could go into details, but it’s a new decade, let’s start fresh. I missed Nadia, Rendo, Reggie, Bojangles, and the whole Chapeau crew. I’m excited to be back and finish their story.

If you’re keen to see how it unfolds, updates will occur Tuesdays at 10am with 2 pages. Will there be hiccups? of course there will – it’s me, it’s never smooth and easy. But I’m dedicated.

see you next week.

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  1. Brian says:

    Whoa, glad to see this is back! I’d check in on it from time to time, always hoping for updates, now I see I have a number of pages to catch up on, awesome! Though I might have to go back and review a bit.. it’s been a while, lol

  2. J Pugh says:

    What a great start to 2020!

    Thanks for continuing the story.

  3. Bess says:

    I came b/c I was watching a review of Locke & Key on YouTube and heard a familiar name and couldn’t help but check on one of my all-time fav. webcomics.(Yes, still bookmarked) I was so pleasantly surprised!

  4. Jety Lefr says:

    THIS folks… is why you ALWAYS bookmark your webcomics.