all stories need an end.
September 20th, 2013

all stories need an end.

outside of the comments section, january 10 2012 was my last official post.

definitely been a while.

it’s been a wild year and half. my career has skyrocketed in various different directions. 2012 was full of promotion and travel, i was barely home, and when i was i was squeezing in what work i could to make ends meet. 2013 has been a continuation, though i purposefully cut down on travel in order to refocus on work. while fantastic it’s been a blur. it seems time moves quicker and quicker as you get older and take on more responsibility.

but i wouldn’t change a thing.

things are still busy, but i’m exerting more control rather than blindly riding the wave. over the past two years i’ve talked with many people who have expressed their love of kukuburi, and others who have pronounced it’s TOD.

the one thing that rings true is the statement “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, and i miss kukuburi.

over the past month i’ve slowly begun to dust off the proverbial cobwebs as i ramp up towards kukuburi’s imminent return. it’s been almost two years after all. i’m not making an official proclamation of a return date, but rather to let those readers who have been patient know that i am gearing up. realistically, i’m saying early 2014. january or february is my target. currently i’m back to writing and fleshing out the story and doing layouts. next month, i hope to be back to drawing… and when i feel i have a sufficient amount of work completed i will then begin updates again.

in my absence i feel i’ve become a stronger artist, writer, and storyteller, which are all bonuses for kukuburi.

for those who have waited, written, expressed their love of the story, thank you, you have inspired.

see you all soon,


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  1. SamuraiArtGuy says:

    Aw. DANGIT.

  2. Josey Wales says:

    It’s officially done when the message board starts getting spam posts.

  3. Brian says:

    NO, NO! There is still hope!

  4. Travis says:

    Day 1491 since last Kukuburi. It’s dark, and lonely. But still holding hope. Perhaps when Ramon retires.

  5. CyCo says:

    Would love to see Kukuburi come back alive. I’d even settle for some of Ramon’s doodles on Kuku. Still lending the love Ramon. 8]

  6. Ashonai says:

    I’ve enjoyed this comic so far, but I am really disappointed and upset that it hasn’t updated for so long. Bring Kukuburi back!

  7. nba 2k16 mt says:

    Thank you for your helping hand.

  8. Kakobaki says:

    Dead comics are depressing. I have dozens of them in a section of my bookmarks, marked “dead”. Dunno why I bother keeping them. They’re all as dead as this one…

  9. If I have the guts to quit my job .

  10. NBA 2K17 mt says:

    That’s not the issue.

  11. Rex says:

    I can’t stand complainey ‘why no update?’ posts.
    Finished or not, it’s a marvellous way to burn a few hours. I re-read Kukuburi at least annually. Whatever comes next, IF anything comes next, I’m pleased to have encountered this world at all!

  12. Marcus says:

    To quote his twitter:

    Dusting off an old friend and making proper preparations for a return in spring 2017 #kuku…

    • Mishyana says:

      Whaaaaaat yessssssss. Trying not to hold my breath, he’s said he’s bringing it back up before (not holding that against him, just saying), but it would be great to see this back up and running again.

      Now I just need to convince Jamie Smart to get Corporate Skull up and going again as well, and all will be right with the world.

    • New Number 2 says:

      Yes, he will update the comic. Just like in 2013, when he promised us on Sept. 20th 2013 to write new strips and put them online in Feb. 2014. And like on April 2014 when he told us that he will update the site soon.

      Well, we’ll see in 2017…

  13. Hawke says:

    Any chance this story would continue with Patreon support? I’ll be it would be worthwhile. I’d plege $5 / update pretty easily

  14. msouth says:

    Hey, just want to express my continued support and say that I’m really looking forward to seeing this continue, and I don’t care if that takes years, I’ll come back and read it.


  15. Kid says:

    I found the comics via a link and it is super. It stands out to the other online comics. The graphic and the story I like a lot. I hope ramón will find and continue it. It would be real shame to end it like it it.
    I was growing up with comics and I have a lot in my shelf. This is really special and on off the good one. Please find the time and post updates. And if you would make a print version I would buy it despite it is free available in the internet. I like to have comic in my hand and read it again when it is good.

  16. Not Hopeful says:

    Still dead. 5 years later

  17. New Number 2 says:

    5 years dead and I think it’ll be dead for at least another 5 years…

  18. W says:

    Do what George RR Martin did and give your outline for the story progression to someone else to finish in case you die or never come back to this.

  19. Martin says:

    I still think of this comic and miss it dearly.

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