… is the question i most often get; on this blog, in emails, and at cons; and i am flattered.

i wish i had a definite answer.

i love kukuburi, and i have not abandoned it. i’ve just had to step away from the comic for longer than anticipated.

i am working, when time permits, in the background on pages with the goal of finishing the story in the near future. however i don’t plan on any updates till i have good chunks of story done. when will the first chunk go up? i’m not sure… but i will notify all when i do.

ways to keep track;

for those curious, i am beginning a run on marvel’s Wolverine & the X-Men in january with issue 25. some other recent works include John Carter: The Gods Of Mars for marvel comics,  the multiple award winning  Tale Of  Sand, and the there is RAID, the studio i share with a handful of great and super talented artists… oh, and we have a Facebook page too.

all the best,


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  1. Karmakat says:

    kindda giving up on an update after all this time sorry to say
    i think the story is great but to me it feels like you givent up on it… which is VERY sad

    • Ramón says:

      sorry to hear that.

      i have been working on new kukuburi over the past couple months in my spare time, and plan on updating again as soon as i have a substantial amount of pages so i can update without lag.

      but i do have a real job, one which eats up 8-12hrs of each work day. so progress is slow going. i will update when i feel comfortable and prepared. i’m in no rush. i will finish the story.

      giving up isn’t in my vocabulary, either is rushing and putting out crap.

      • Oh my, Karmakat, what the hurry? Some things are worth a good deal of patience, and this comic definitely is one of these things. Besides: Ever had a daily job eating away your daytime and trying to create a comic in the meager space of time between work and sleep? No? then shut up and stop harrassing honest fellers who are nice enough to share their work without charging us free-loaders. Don’t agree to that? So WHAT? oh, gerroff der place and hit the gorram road!

        @Ramon: That’s the spirit. And in the meantime, I reread the story

        zub zub zabraaaaaaammmm!

        Has someone already mentioned the fact that the fight of the thunderbeetle against the lice demons on Charles Christophers head is one of the most genial sequences in comics?

  2. Noodles says:

    Well, summer is almost over =)

    • Ramón says:

      it is, and i’m still working in the background on kuku, unfortunately the summer was a little busier than i expected, so things have been slow going. i have about 2 dozen pages drawn, but still have to ink and colour.

  3. Arcana says:

    Hey Ramon, I think at some point I decided I wanted to be just like you when I grow up. I’m getting there! Getting a degree in art, almost done with that, once I’m done I’m gonna go into comics and illustration. You’re one of my biggest inspirations, seriously. I love your character design, the way you do linework, your colours, the way you pace things, and the design that seems to go into every page. I hope one day I’m half as good as you.
    I’m hoping to get a copy of TALES OF SAND for my birthday, I’ve been antsy since the day you mentioned it to get my hands on a copy, since it combines two of my favorite creators… You and Jim Henson.
    Basically I’m a huge fan and I wish I could meet you one day, I’ve been following Kuku since… I dunno. For at least four years. Basically since I had web access.
    Anyway, rambling aside…
    Kukuburi fanart because this is one of the few things I love enough to be really described as a fan of.

    • Ramón says:

      hey arcana!

      thank you so much for the compliments on my art. it’s an honour to be someone’s inspiration – and i’m glad i could be a part of that. best of luck to you on your artistic journey; it’s a long winding path, but the rewards are bountiful.

      …and thank you for the amazing piece of nadia! if you don’t mind i’d like to post that in the fan gallery :)



      • Arcana says:

        You earned ever word with your amazing art. I don’t think I would’ve gotten this far without you to look to. Thank you for the well-wishing, you’ve made my day and possibly my week.

        I’d be honored if you did! Thanks for the compliment. Nadia’s amazing and her design is really fun to draw.

  4. geogeek says:

    I had sort of forgotten about Kuku, and just turned it up by accident while looking for a different webcomic. I’m so pleased to hear you will be posting more, no matter what the schedule! And I add my voice to the “As soon as it’s out in hard copy I”ll buy it” chorus.

    (Off to read the updates I’ve missed)

    • Ramón says:

      hey geogeek,

      i do plan on posting more – i have no idea what the schedule will be like as life seems to get busier and busier. but i WANT to finish kukuburi – but right, not rushed and just because.

      • Arcana says:

        Kukuburi definitely deserves to be done right and I’m glad you haven’t caved in to the pressure to update regardless of whether you have the time and energy to make it the best it can be. I love Kukuburi and I’m willing to wait for updates. It’s worth it.

  5. Kate says:

    Sooo… random question. I was skimming the about section and I noticed you said you were interested in publishing a vintage crime graphic novel and I was wondering if you ever did. If so I’d love to know the name of it!

    • Ramón says:

      hey kate!

      that is a book that is still on the backburner. other things have taken presedence – from contracted work, to sloowwwwwly trying to finish kukuburi in the background. all will be drawn and shared one day :)

      thank you for the interest though. the day it comes out, i will blog to no end about it… so you will know!

      – ramon.

  6. silver price says:

    The Xeric Grants were announced this week and Toronto cartoonist Adam Bourret was one of the recipients for his serialized webcomic I’m Crazy , “an auto-biographical graphic novel, dealing with, among other things: histories, secrets, obsessive compulsive disorder, drugs, gay romance, hallucinations and insanity.” Congratulations Adam!The Xerics are made possible by Peter Laird, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are awarded several times a year and go towards the cost of self-publishing a graphic novel or comic. Past Canadian winners of the Xeric include Essex County creator Jeff Lemire.

  7. Thom says:

    Love the super BONG!

  8. EuKaNuBa says:

    Hi Ramon, you draw great art :)
    I like to say that in my opinion this woman looks quite much like Nadia: , , she is from Finnish BB show from 2010 I think

  9. fqmorris says:

    I’ve been checking back here regularly ever since Ramon said in January, “i have kept my schedule purposefully empty till the almost the end of august. my plan is to take this time, dust off my layout pad and compose and draw the last batch of pages that will complete chapter one of kukuburi.”

    So should we expect Kukuburi’s return at the end of August?

    • Ramón says:

      hey there FQ,

      i’m just now managing to return to the drawing table and hope to have updates going by the end of the summer…

  10. rex says:

    Looking forward to it, man.

    I know you’re probably pretty disheartened about how horrible it’s been trying to update this comic amongst paid work and bills- and how selfish and impatient fans can be- but here’s one fan who doesn’t care WHAT you make or WHEN you make it, so long as you are making THINGS. Your art, particularly the expressive linework has been a massive inspiration to me even back in the days of BNS. You could illustrate a power tools catalogue and I’d stand in line to drool over it.

    Don’t stop drawing, dude. You’re one of my art heroes.

    • Ramón says:

      thank you so much rex. your kind words are more appreciated than you think – and thank you for sticking around since the days of BNS!

  11. msouth says:

    Soooo happy to hear you are working on this again! Happy happy happy happy happy.

    Not even wanting to post this, because of the thought of another comment distracting you for a second from doing more kukuburi.

    But too happy not to post.


  12. The Musketeer says:

    Yes, since I was introduced to your work a few months ago, I have been devouring Kukuburi as much as I can. Looking forward to new ones, and let us know when John Carter shows up, eh?

    • Ramón says:

      glad you’ve enjoyed kukuburi – as for john carter, the last issue just hit the shelves last week and marvel will be issuing a collected edition come the fall; september i believe!

  13. Aaron says:

    Congratulations on your Eisner Awards! Well deserved!

  14. Frank says:

    Two more months, at least …

    For those who are still with you, that’s close to nothing ;-)

    Thx for the update and happy holidays. Take your time and then we all will enjoy your return.


  15. Noodles says:

    June is, sort of, over – any updates coming soon? =)

  16. LilSquiggle says:

    Ramón, I have been a fan since the beginning, and I will remain a fan for however long it takes for you to find the time to complete Kukuburi.

    Your hiatuses make me sad, but only because I love to see your artwork so much, and I do completely understand why they occur and will always wait patiently to see the story continue.

    I just wanted to add that I would be yet another fan who would leap on the kickstarter bandwagon quite happily as I fully intend to buy any Kukuburi books when they appear anyway :)

    <3 Keep on doing what you do best, and keep on enjoying it :) I look forwards to June and all the colourful artwork it will bring.

    • Sylph says:

      I second this, and I would like to add that once my publishing business is up and running well enough that I can afford to hand you a large advance payment, Mr. Perez, I would be very interested in publishing Kukuburi in its entirety, and making sure that you have the financial freedom to concentrate on it for long enough to complete at least a first volume.
      The quality of your work and your storytelling would definitely be worth the investment, I think.
      Until then, I am grateful for the effort and time you put into Kukuburi. It’s a labor of love, I can tell, and that makes it all the more enjoyable.

  17. bon says:

    Kickstarter sounds brilliant. Shut up and take my money! :)

  18. msouth says:

    Obviously there are no guarantees on what will happen with any kickstarter, but your work reminds me a lot of this guy’s work

    (some of which I had previously seen in Flight). Like @kerinbot said above, you don’t have to commit to anything until it’s completely pledged. Might be interesting to give it a shot. Your work is very much at the same level as Mr Parker’s. Of course it’s not just your work, but also your *net*work that matters in a kickstarter, but I dunno, it would be neat to just see if you can get whatever your named price would be to get it complete. I would definitely pledge if there was a signed book in it for me.

    (BTW, this is not meant as pressure, but encouragement from an enthusiastic fan.)

    [also, obviously the kickstarter above is different from your case–he is just collecting completed stories and getting them printed, whereas you are talking about completing an incomplete work. Still, I guess I just think that the amount he was able to raise was encouraging, and it seems like your books would serve the same market–people who love quirky, beautifully drawn and colored comics with highly imaginative story lines]

    • Ramón says:

      i will most definitely look into kickstarter for KUKUBURI volume 1, or even to fund the development of volume 2. food for thought for sure.

      but first i must survive the next couple months, relax, and then get back on kuku full time!

      thanks for the input msouth, it’s really great to know that i have great readers and fans like you out there, it’s a nice balance to some of the hate mail i get!

  19. kenneth says:

    Yea! for working on a cool new project!
    Boo! for having to wait for more Kukuburi!

  20. kerinbot says:

    Hey Ramon:

    Kickstarter would be your friend in this. Many webcomics are already achieving their dream of publishing, and this way of publishing allows you get preorders done sufficient to fund the project, while letting the kickstarter site handle collections, and waiting until the full project funds to commit a dime. And if it does NOT fund, no harm no foul. People with much less polished and gorgeous art (though of course, still loved by their fans) have funded and published this way successfully. Hope you might consider this?

    Best of luck! :D

  21. Kate says:

    Hey Ramon, just wondering if you’ll be coming to C2E2 this year. I saw you there last year and it’d be great to see you again.

  22. Ben says:


    You mentioned that you plan on “completing in one fell swoop the remainder of the story.”
    In past threads, you have said that you see Kukuburi as a 3 chapter story, one that could span 600 pages.
    a) is this still the plan
    b) is this the amount you plan on “completing” or are you just speaking of the 1st “Chapter”

    Also, (and forgive me, I don’t work in comics/ graphic design so I don’t know the process) Have you considered doing Kuku as a graphic novel. You have the connections, it seems, with the work you have done, from the Henson family to numerous super hero comics to now John Carter; someone must be out there that sees and understands your talent. What would it take for you to get someone to back Kuku in the same way they back you for these other projects.
    I only ask these because I don’t want to see a talented individual, like yourself, let go or abandon prematurely something he loves if it doesn’t have to be abandoned. In other words, don’t feel like you have to shorten or diminish the length or quality of Kuku just for us. If it takes 6 more years, don’t worry. the internet isn’t going anywhere.

    A pondering mind

    • Ramón says:

      hey there ben,

      You mentioned that you plan on “completing in one fell swoop the remainder of the story.”
      In past threads, you have said that you see Kukuburi as a 3 chapter story, one that could span 600 pages.

      a) is this still the plan


      b) is this the amount you plan on “completing” or are you just speaking of the 1st “Chapter”

      when i return, post john carter, i will aim on completing the first book. which is almost done. frustratingly close. once done i will focus on then publishing this volume in an effert to help “fund” my work on the second volume, thereby allowing me more time to focus on it.

      Also, (and forgive me, I don’t work in comics/ graphic design so I don’t know the process) Have you considered doing Kuku as a graphic novel. You have the connections, it seems, with the work you have done, from the Henson family to numerous super hero comics to now John Carter; someone must be out there that sees and understands your talent. What would it take for you to get someone to back Kuku in the same way they back you for these other projects.

      to the first part, as i said above, i do.

      here in lies the problem; which is most companies will not “fund” such projects. most comic companies will take a book that is already done and publish it, usually taking 50% ownership in the process. so basically we still have to do the work for free and then give up part of our profits. book publishers will pay and advance on such projects (usually you have to have a good portion of it done already anyway for your agent to shop around – who then takes 15-20%) if they think the book has potential. but the advances are quite small, and at the end of the day you end up working mostly for free and then getting about a 5% (if you’re lucky) royalty on book sales. a quick note, your advance is also an advance on royalty; so whatever you’re given upfront has to be made back by the publisher before you start making any more money.

      so at the end of the day, though the road is longer i try to fund things myself by working on such projects as john carter, where i can work with some talented people, hone my talent, and at the same time make a decent amount of money. then i can afford to take a few months “off” using my saved income and focus on, in this case, kukuburi.

      I only ask these because I don’t want to see a talented individual, like yourself, let go or abandon prematurely something he loves if it doesn’t have to be abandoned. In other words, don’t feel like you have to shorten or diminish the length or quality of Kuku just for us. If it takes 6 more years, don’t worry. the internet isn’t going anywhere.

      and don’t worry, i won’t be abandoning kukubrui. i may lose readers over the course of my hiatuses – but hopefully when the first book is done, the breaks will be shorter, as the first book helps fund the second. especially if i self-publish.



  23. Pat Whatley says:

    Bought Tale of Sand.
    Left tale of Sand on seat of truck.
    Went into shoe store with wife.
    Come out, book is gone. Disappeared.
    Moral of the story: Never go shoe shopping with women.

  24. kerinbot says:

    Is there a delay before comments show? IN any case – if i didn’t say before – LOVE this comic.

    Kerin :)

  25. kerinbot says:

    I suggest you cross-advertise at Zebragirl… that’s another community that knows how to be patient, and knows the value of waiting for the good stuff.

    Come on, folks… it’s FREE and it’s BEAUTIFUL… The web is full of other things to enjoy while you wait.

    Would I like to see more of this comic, as soon as possible? Sure. But if it isn’t possible, i can understand that, too.

    As for a graphic novel of Kukuburi, well… i’d LOVE that. My suggestion is Kickstarter; get it mentioned and cross-posted in the right places, and NOT ONLY will it almost certainly fund, but you will ALSO see a serious uptick in traffic, as people visit to see what you’re about, and to read your back catalog (as i just did).

    Here’s to success, making a comfortable and happy living as an artist – and more Kukuburi for us all, eventually!

    Kerinbot :)

    • Ramón says:

      thank you for the compliments and insights kerin… and for the patience! definitely stuff i will look into in a couple months as i gear up to return.

      awesome avatar by the way :)

  26. Kurt says:

    Well. I love Kuku, I wanted to request more. I didn’t want to be an ungrateful bastard.
    A $20 PayPal donation has been made for the item: “WHERE’S MY KUKU, DAMNIT?”
    Does that sound like a reasonable balance between appreciation and desire?

  27. Pike says:

    I’m, sure it’ll be worth the wait, no matter what… just chiming in here, and expressing my interest ;)

  28. Oid – part I’m with you, part I’ve got a hankering to stuff the predicted words into your eyes. ^^

    You know, paid work is there for a reason: to gain a living. And sometimes, paid work drains all and everything out of a lad in a way that he comes home, stomps to the nearest chair, slumps down and goes to sleep straight away. there ain’ no room for spare time creativity or prioritizing stuff anymore.

    So I just ask you to be kind and give Ramon credit for what he been doing so far and look forth to what he may gift to us for free in the future. I reckon it is worth the wait.

    stay safe

  29. Oid says:

    Still no update, huh.. I wish I could say I’m surprised..

    I know I’m going to get a lot of “you don’t pay anything, shut up” responses, but I’m going to try to give a honest and respectful opinion anyway.

    This is the comic I know of with the most interesting art – it’s pretty, whimsical, spooky and serious all at the same time. It’s brilliant. And the colours are smashing. The story is exciting and mysterious. The protagonist is likable and relatable, the protagonist is equally opposite. It has every potential to be among the very top of every list.

    Instead it settles in mediocrity, because the creator chooses to prioritize other jobs. I understand that paid work comes in front of ones hobbyscribbles on the net, but this is so much more than that. If so many creators of the lesser webcomics (both in art and story) can live of their webwork, why can’t you? Of course you don’t have a steady readerbase right now, since you’ve had a year and a half hiatus (after a rocky schedule), and over like three months you made 10-15 comics, and then it’s nothing more for two months. Now I’ve been waiting all this time, and I’ll be waiting even longer, but I hope you find the means to prioritize this comic enough to make it your living – and thus a more regular schedule. The comic, story, characters, readers deserves that much. And so do you.

    • msouth says:

      Here’s my version of “you don’t pay anything, shut up”.

      (1) It’s incredibly, incredibly rude to presume to tell someone how they should make their living. “Hey, I like *this* thing that you do–you should make this your job, instead of what you are doing now for your job. Why isn’t this your job? This could be your job if you would just give it more time, because more people would come and you could sell advertising! Why would you want to even work on something else written by one of the most well read authors of all time, or help resurrect a Jim Henson screenplay, or work on Deadpool or Captain America anyway?”

      (2) (related) Could you please show us your website where you are making money off of your art? I was just curious because you seem to know a lot about how much you can make that way.

      (3) Also, while you’re at it, let us know what Ramon’s expenses, financial situation, and goals are, because all of those would need to be taken into account when making a decision about what your primary source of income is.

      (4) If you think that someone with Ramon’s talent and experience hasn’t already thought of everything you brought up….

      (5) How do you think it feels when you are giving something away for free, and you are working incredibly hard to make it high quality, and people complain? How about when what people are complaining about is the very thing you wish, that you could do more updates?

      (6) This is so important to you, I’m wondering how much you donated. You’re willing to tell someone else he needs to make major changes in his life to satisfy your desire for more regular updates…and what are you willing to sacrifice? The donate link is the hat there on the left. You seriously owe him at least a beer for the way you approached this. “Still no update, huh, I wish I could say I was surprised” is NOT “respectful”.

    • Ramón says:

      first a thank you to msouth, distantvoices, and pike, for the kind words of support.


      if i could do kukuburi everyday i would. but like most people i have an overhead i have to meet every month. home finances, mortgage, debt, food, clothes, web hosting, studio costs, and numerous bills. unfortunately i also live in one of the most expensive city’s in the world – which raises the bar on these costs. would i change it if i could – no – i love this city.

      that said i’m not looking for donations – just patience. i’m not going to update just to appease the masses – i am going to update with the best story possible… and if it takes me longer in a more infrequent process, so be it.

      as i take on jobs in my freelance career, it is no just to meet my immediate needs – i work hard to make more money than i need, so i can in turn take off a few months in the upcoming year to focus on things like kukuburi.

      so please be aware that when i’m not updating kukuburi, it’s not because i don’t want to.

      i am working towards returning a completing in one fell swoop the remainder of the story. if you’re not here – well, that’s your choice.



  30. kookaburra8su says:

    I’d read John Carter of Mars, years ago – from the library before the internet, and I didn’t even know, at the time, that Edgar Rice Burrough’s had written Tarzan. Now to find that one of my most favourite online cartoon artists was chosen as the artist that is reinterpreting the John Carter story as a cartoon… awesome!
    I don’t know how many people that can say this but I’m sure I will be buying every piece of your work, John Carter of Mars and Kukubukri as a book included.

    I hope you never have to comprimise to complete Kukuburi. I will wait for your best.

    Keep up the great work, all of it.


  31. Sarita says:

    Well I’m just glad you’re not pulling a Tessa Stone on us. However long the wait, I’m sure the outcome will be worth it. Thanks for everything you do!

  32. Kurt says:

    Damnit Ramone!
    Quit being so popular as an artist. I wish there was a way you could devote the amount of attention to Kuku as you do to paid jobs so we could see some progress.
    Seriously, if you ever finish Kuku and publish, I’ll be the first in line to buy a hard copy.

    • Ramón says:

      HAH – thank you kurt! i’ll do my best… but i do plan on finishing kuku, hopefully sooner than later. putting forth a plan in action to make that happen.

  33. Yawsh says:

    I always check back every week Ramon, just as I did during the year hiatus, and if there’s updates it’s awesome! And if not, well then I shrug it off and check the next week. Hope everything is well!

  34. Chton says:

    Ramon, You need to stop worrying about your fanbase so much. Each of us loves your comic to bits, and is more than prepared to wait for updates, however long they take for whatever reason. Good luck getting better and catching up to your schedule!

  35. Jessica in Portland says:

    Feel better soon and don’t worry about us – we’re ok waiting. It’s totally worth it : )

  36. MadH says:

    I’ve noticed comic creators tend to get sick right when they get a break – christmas vacation, a short lull between projects, etc. I’m wondering if that’s bound to happen because of the sheer effort you guys put in – say 5 months of working at a breakneck pace and your worn out body succumbs to the infection right when it’s weakest in the calm after the storm. I know I got sick from the exhaustion at the end of all my college semesters. So don’t feel distraught over it – obviously you need time to recover from the workload. Come back when you can!

  37. Furbi says:

    It wouldn’t be Kukuburi if things went smooth for Ramon. Getting paid is > free awesome web comic though. Bill collectors don’t really take the “I would have money but these total strangers really like my web comic.” as payment.

    Sucks about getting sick, hope you get caught up on your work in a timely manner, and I hope your clients understand. Love the comic, waited all this time for more, what is a few more weeks.

  38. Aikachi says:

    Yeah, you get on top of those client projects Ramon! Last thing any of us needs is to hear from you in a few weeks saying you had to stop eating since your clients reduced your pay for being late on their projects because you put your webcomic first XD

    I do hope you get caught up quickly though C: And no more getting sick! Not allowed >:C

  39. Radio365 says:

    Well this is awkward. Here I am on Friday and no new posts.

    Ramon? You have some ‘splainin to do.

  40. Frank says:

    well, on thursday …

  41. smjjames says:

    Just wondering when the next one will be coming up?

  42. G.V.D.B. says:

    I have been waiting so long for Kukuburi’s return! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  43. Chris says:

    Yay, my copy of Tale of Sand arrived today – fantastic object, someone’s done a great job on the binding, quality of paper etc – I particularly like the bookmark band thingy. Lookng forward to reading it. AND to more Kukuburi when you get the chance…

  44. Alice Quinn says:

    Is that a bubble gum gun ?!

  45. Kree says:

    Hatmageddon! :D

  46. bon says:

    I loved todays page!

  47. Nicole says:

    Yay! Heroes! :D

  48. Odo says:

    Oh, my… The littlest Mip seems to be pretty much all MOUTH! I do notice that he (?) doesn’t seem to be swallowing, however, which is probably just as well. We do know where those have been…

    Happy, happy, happy. Patience is rewarded.

  49. WOL says:

    Please say you plan to publish Kukuburi, , , Please! It would be the ultimate to have a book to pour over and study all the little details that make this such a wonderful GN.

  50. This is my second favourite Kuki page ever. Love the nomming!

    And I’ve ordered your Tale of Sand (thanks to Amazon for shipping internationally!)