… is the question i most often get; on this blog, in emails, and at cons; and i am flattered.

i wish i had a definite answer.

i love kukuburi, and i have not abandoned it. i’ve just had to step away from the comic for longer than anticipated.

i am working, when time permits, in the background on pages with the goal of finishing the story in the near future. however i don’t plan on any updates till i have good chunks of story done. when will the first chunk go up? i’m not sure… but i will notify all when i do.

ways to keep track;

for those curious, i am beginning a run on marvel’s Wolverine & the X-Men in january with issue 25. some other recent works include John Carter: The Gods Of Mars for marvel comics,  the multiple award winning  Tale Of  Sand, and the there is RAID, the studio i share with a handful of great and super talented artists… oh, and we have a Facebook page too.

all the best,


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  1. PatMan33 says:

    Picked up Tale of Sand. Beautiful work.

    Will wait patiently for more Kukuburi and hope! But I’m glad to see you are spreading your talents around.

  2. msouth says:

    I still believe :).

    Hope this finds you well and that you’re making great art in 2015.

  3. Zeke M. says:

    I honestly believe that this will be updated at some point, I have it bookmarked and on my toolbar, so I’ll check in every year. :>

  4. Devon says:

    I really do love this comic and I truly hope you’ll have a chance to finish it in the future. When my brain can animate the characters in a dream, I know I’ve found something special.

  5. chilly says:

    How about a little honesty, like we get from Steve Ogden? Is that too much to ask?

  6. CyCo says:

    G’Day Ramon. Been an age since I visited the realm of Kukuburi. And while it saddens me that there isn’t new stuff to read, I’ll wait patiently for it’s return.


  7. nim says:

    Plenty of professional artists out there these days with webcomics on the sly, be paitent guys things will proceed as they can

  8. chilly says:

    Anything to say, Ramon?
    That is, besides HA HA, I’m really busy and you loyalists will just have to tough it out.

  9. Joey Taylor says:

    Maybe a Kickstarter campaign to give you the funds to take the time off?

  10. blackBPN says:

    Let others concede – the faithful remain. At your leisure, Mr. Perez.

  11. DeeArr says:

    Well, we did everything we could, let’s call it. Time of death…. January 2012. RIP Kuku :(

    • Jeff Taylor says:

      Sadly I think it’s come to that. i longingly come to this site every couple of weeks hoping to find a bit of hope, a smidgen of communication, a glimpse of a new sketch. Instead i’m left with the sad, lonely feeling of visiting the grave of a loved one.

      Life has a way of getting in the way of brilliant ideas and unfortunately the same talent that made Kukuburi such wonderful story in a magnificent place is in demand in the real world. I can’t fault Ramón for using his talents to support his family.

  12. Kookaburra8su says:


    Kukuburi is one of those things that I read when I want to procrastinate and I enjoy every minute of it. ;-)

    But I was getting bored waiting so I finally decided to make an avatar, it’s the first draft and you get to be the first to see it. It will be improved but the timescale is none of anyones business. Sarcasm aside, I’ve been meaning to do it for some time.

    Hopefully anyone else who are negative about your creative process can get off their butts and get creative themselves instead of complaining about something they get for nothing. It works for me.

    Love your work and I’ll keep coming back every few months till I see some action, no problem for me how long it takes.


  13. chilly says:

    It has been over a year. The story is compelling, the illustrations are fabulous, your imagination is fertile. What is keeping you from continuing?

    • RestorationComplete says:

      Thankfully for Ramon, he has a very active and full schedule of work for printed comics Unfortunately for us, that means that his talented pen is typically bent to work of a more financially sound nature, i.e., the stuff he gets paid to do. Kukuburi is a labor of love, like a really really delicious and visually exciting cake. The other work he does pays for the gas that lights the oven that bakes it… and the oven… and the roof over the oven.

      Be patient, it’ll come back. Or maybe it won’t (R.I.P. BNS) Either way, the journey leading up to it has been an amazing story.

    • Ramón says:

      HAHA, a super packed schedule and barely room to breathe. i’ll be back… you just have to go with the flow.

  14. SaraG says:

    I spent all day today going through every single comic over again.
    Stil incredible. I can’t wait for it to come back!

  15. chilly says:

    When? When? When?

  16. sc0tticus says:

    Take all the time you need, Kukuburi is a delight to follow! The only thing I’m in a rush for is jetpacks.

  17. Pat Whatley says:

    Still love your work….I’ll wait since I have to. Not complaining, just whining.

  18. Pat Whatley says:

    AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH! All i want to know is WHAT WAS IN THE BOX?!

  19. ChrisNW says:

    Who cares? I’ll check everyday (or every other day) and think nothing of it, because when you do publish another set of pages it will be worth the wait.

  20. By the looks, you’re in the thick of being famous, Ramon. ^^

    That’s so cool, that you can make a living with your drawing skills – just marvellous. No wonder you have troubles keeping up with kuku-updates without a considerable backlog.

    Make sure you put that itch for drawing to summad cool and good. And if/when you’re ready, post some kuku-pages. As you see fit. ;)

  21. william says:

    um when will there be a update ? before new years ? next year ?

  22. Arcana says:

    I got Tale of Sand.
    It is beautiful.
    Thank you, every line is poetry.

  23. msouth says:

    Looking forward to all the cool comics created by the people giving up on an update. It will be so neat when they show us all how it’s done!

    You guys go take the time that you had been using checking for kukuburi updates (and especially the time you spend writing negative comments), and start using it by making an awesome comic and putting it on the web for free! We’re excited! We’ll all come read it! Just let us know when you’ve got it done right here in the comments! Really looking forward to seeing you get that done! So many readers you will have!

    Crud that was a month’s worth of exclamation points, now I’m out.

    • Jaynor says:

      aww – now you can’t blame people for being emotionally attached to the work… it’s one of the better webcomics I’ve ever read.

    • Lisa says:

      You said it! I’ve waited years to see a sequel from professional authors who don’t have a day job to keep up and are not providing me with free entertainment for the pure love of it. That said I will wait for Kuku :)