what we have here is an issue of timing…

hope everyone had a great weekend! the days are getting busy but i hope to have another page of kukuburi up by friday!

speaking of busy, and one of the reasons why i disappeared for a year – tomorrow a limited release of  TALE OF SAND hits the shelves. a nice preview showcasing a few choice pages from the book can be seen on NEWSARAMA. the full release of the book is scheduled for january 2012 – but if you can, snag your copy now!



^ 8 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. Monster speaks weird english. This is the best drawn and most original comics. I like it a lot.

  2. xenon says:

    Must get tale of sand…thank you again for returning to this. Could use the inspiration and amusement right now.

  3. Brickster says:

    I’m looking forward to Tale of Sand in January. Maybe someone will get me a copy as a birthday present (hint, hint).

  4. Molly says:

    Holy hannah. This art, as always, is beautiful.

  5. WOL says:

    This is one of the best drawn, most original comics on the interwebs. I luv it so much. You are going to publish it in book form? Please!

  6. Radio360 says:

    Snuck it in under the deadline my man ;)

    You sir are VERY quite good at this whole art thing. You rock loudly.

  7. smjjames says:

    The cavalry better hurry up and I wonder if Dado is about to unleash some ability of his? He has a (literal?) fire in his eyes (or plasma?) that wasn’t there before.