let’s end off the week with a nice family portrait of the kukuburi cavalry!

also, a thank you to martin hopwood for the newest addition to the kukuburi fan art gallery – truly inspiring to receive such a great piece during the comic’s return. thanks martin!

have a great weekend everyone and see you next week…


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  1. […] Credits With Permission: Christopher Baldwin: Little Dee, Kazu Kibuishi: Copper, Ramón Pérez: Kukuburi, Karl Kerschl: TACC « How To Easily Strip The Unnecessary Clutter From Google Reader […]

  2. DadaHyena says:

    Just stumbled across this comic. Awesome stuff! I love the character designs!

  3. Dude! I just found this comic yesterday and I have read through it all and now I am HOOKED! Your style is so refreshing and I must say….HEH! I feel very odd saying this but….

    Mr Bones is hot!

    AHEM!!! I have no idea why I think that but blimey! he is so cool!!

  4. E says:

    Hi Ramon, I was the random fan who yelled “Kukuburi is awesome” from the balcony last Saturday. Sorry for any distress and/or confusion. You were already downstairs by the time I’d placed where I’d seen you before.

  5. Noodles says:

    True, Nug does remind of Mr. Coughler =)

  6. A.C. says:

    Hahahahah, the little Meep standing on top of the bigger one is priceless. Nice page Ramon! ;)

    And that fanart is indeed awesome, I’d say Mr. Bones win’s for the indignation, but I would NOT want to go up against Nadia either, she looks like she means business with that finger!!! :P

    • smjjames says:

      Yea, that ring is a bit wierd, looks like it would be unconfortable against the other fingers or cut them, but hey, artistic license.

  7. Nicole says:

    Great page! Love Reggie’s light trail!

    So good to have you back, Ramon. :)

  8. Daniel says:

    Sh*t just got real. Time to pose as a team.

  9. Frank says:

    On tuesday someone asked for a wallpaper. Hmm. Taken literally, imagine this one 8 feet high on the wall … wow!!!

    Thanks Ramon, for sharing kuku with us


  10. Stream says:

    Great page ! Thanks ^^

  11. Archivist says:

    Corky finally gets to wear the hat!

  12. Hugh says:

    I’m so glad you came back to Kukuburi! So many talented artists get too busy for personal projects. Thanks very much for sharing this with us!

  13. smjjames says:

    Cool comic panel :)

    So the two bigger meep birds use their hats like flying saucers.

  14. Jim S says:

    As always – amazing! thanks!

  15. Lee Cherolis says:

    I know I’ve commented on it before but Nug just keeps reminding me of Rob. I feel like a little of the Squash lives on in Kukuburi.