till next week…

under the weather, and as much as i tried i was unable to finish up kukuburi this week. after a weekend of rest i hope to be back on track next week. see you then –

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  1. Wildeman says:

    So, I was lying in bed, surfing the web (truly, we live in the future), when a random synapse fired in my brain and I decided to check if Kukuburi was updating again.
    Imagine my surprise and delight to find that it is! Huzzah!
    At first I was all like, “Wicked! Now I get to see what happens next!” But then I was all like, “Wait! What happened before what happens next?” And then “Aw man! Now I gotta reread the WHOLE THING!” But THEN I was all like, “Aw sweet! Now I get to reread the WHOLE THING!”
    I’m currently on page 36 and I can’t go to bed until I’ve caught up.
    Way to go, Ramon Perez. Thanks a lot. (<-sarcasm)
    No, really. You rule. Thanks a lot. (<-not sarcasm)

  2. Graham says:

    Goodness! So many webcomic artists have gotten sick these past few weeks. Is something in the water?

    Get better soon. :(

  3. madivan2k6 says:

    To join the chorus, let me say this – your health (physical and mental) is vastly more important than the clamorings of the masses. First things first!

    Please get well, rest up, and then you can do your best, and we can all appreciate the fabulous, wonderful creation that is Kukuburi!

  4. smjjames says:

    Was beginning to wonder what was up. Seasonal cold?

    Anyways, hope you feel better! :D

  5. Fanboy says:

    Take your time. I hope you get well soon.

  6. Karyl says:

    What Sedaliafarmer said!

  7. sedaliafarmer says:

    I enjoy the artwork. I’m all glad to wait for genius to complete its work