quite a pickle indeed, to quote nicole from last week’s confabulations!

heh, looks like i lightly ruffled a few feathers last week when i mentioned people tend to ignore the web on the weeks, hence to postpone the update to monday. trust me, i’m one to indulge the web on the weekends, but from a statistical pov, kukuburi’s readerships drops severely on the weekends. at the end of the day – the post gets up regardless :P

i hope to have two more up this week, but the week is getting a little cramped as i have to wrap up a print for the Emerald City Comic Con that will be appearing in their ‘Monsters & Dames’ book for the 2012 show. i’ve chosen to do one involving kukuburi – so for all those attending ECCC next year – i hope you’ll like it…

talk soom –


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  1. maddogtime says:

    DANG! Forgot to be there and welcome you back – had anticipated this so much and then. /facepalm
    But here goes: YAAAAY! Ramon is back with more Kukuburi fantasies! My life has meaning once again! (psst, dont tell my wife…) :D
    So great that you are have returned us all to this wondrous thrillride of imagination – thank you, Sir. /deep bow

  2. Odo says:

    Echoing smjjames — GO DADO!

  3. smjjames says:

    WOOT! GO DADO! I think he has that thing on full auto.

    Good to see he is alive, although the last time we saw the skywhale and the cannon, it was empty.

    That still leaves Morvo and Rendo…..

  4. roisin says:

    Wait. Wait. Wait. ECCC? Are you going to be there or are you just doing some art for it? Please, please, please tell me you’re going to be there!

  5. Nadia (no, seriously..) says:


  6. Vlan2k says:

    Ramon, thank you for taking the time to GIVE us this comic. The artwork is superb, the storyline captivating, and the commentary you send along adds just that little bit extra. I (we) understand that you do this out of the kindness of your heart and a desire to entertain us… with that in mind you owe us NOTHING!!! Update when you want, if you want, and how you want. We’ll keep checking in and celebrate when something new appears.

  7. OmniSzron says:

    Goddamit, this so pimp. I had to revisit the whole story from the start once more just to get a grip of what’s actually going on. The quality of this comic is so high and it has only risen from the first episodes. This is incredible and I want a physical copy of this when you finally publish this, Ramon. Absolutely, amazing stuff.

  8. Reidic says:

    Poor Anton.

    I wouldn’t say that your pipes imitating Rosanne at a Chinese buffet isn’t a valid reason to disappear, at the same time you’re rather a victim of atrocious luck. I don’t know anyone who has quite so many cataclysmic issues come up in the eleventh hour as you (the housing issues last year, your pipes now, lack of intrawebs in the domicile, etc.), and sometimes the little black words under the pretty bright picas gets overlooked.

  9. Nicole says:

    Nadia’s going to have to get a move on!

  10. Johnny_Ohm says:

    Battle Whale! Nooooooo!

  11. I use a feed reader — I read when you update.

  12. Aikachi says:

    Your site gets fewer hits on weekends because it is updated on weekdays and that’s when people check it, I wonder how many hits you got this weekend when people were hoping you’d update in comparison to a week when there were only weekday updates announced. You’re ruffling feathers because you haven’t been back long enough to regain our confidence, and sudden disasters or no, you’re not helping your case by disappearing on us. That aside, I am very excited to see what happens next, I can’t wait to see them reveal what this world really is to Nadia

    • Ramón says:

      hey aikachi,

      i do realize people read during the week due to my update schedule, they also tend to read from work before 9am, and around noon. as for regaining confidence; well i sorry you feel a pipe exploding in my home isn’t sufficient excuse to disappear for a week. curve balls happen all the time and we have to deal with ’em all – that’s life. but i am back and here to see the story through to the end. i’m glad you and all my readers are back here to enjoy the story.



      • Aikachi says:

        I feel I should clarify that I am not speaking for myself. I am speaking for people who feel too polite to say what they are thinking. Personally, I do feel that a pipe bursting is an important thing that should be addressed immediately. I also feel that it is… unprofessional? To not let anybody know about it. In the workplace that is considered a no-call-no-show. I realize that you do this comic for fun because you enjoy it, not because it is your job. We all enjoy your work, if I didn’t love your comic I wouldn’t bother posting comments at all, whether they’re the sort you’d like to read or not. What your readers may not understand is why, if you have a buffer, do we still have to wait to read the next page when you’re busy? Is that not the purpose of a buffer? Mind you I don’t post these sorts of comments because I like criticizing anyone or that I am offended or however it may be perceived, I thought you might benefit by understanding how your readers think. I can be patient, but not everybody feels that way. Trust me, as an artist I UNDERSTAND.

        • Vlan2k says:

          Maybe you want to cancel your subscription? Get your money back? Send a complaint to the boss? How about you and everyone else who’s bitching about updates or site views should instead shower Ramon with THANK YOUs for doing this for us for free!! You want a hard and fast update schedule? Pony up and pay the man his hourly fee to maintain the comic.

          • Aikachi says:

            I’m thinking that you either did not read my entire comment, or grossly misunderstood my intent by interpreting it in the worst possible way. In the end, I am trying to provide a helpful insight, not insult a man who works hard on his own things and then works harder on his personal projects to entertain people for free. Ramon is a professional, as such I think he can handle well-intended constructive criticism from someone who cares enough to say something about it. I am not trying to attack him or insinuate that he owes us anything, this is the man’s HOBBY. I do feel that it is dismissive of his fans when he says he’ll update a certain day and then he doesn’t. I haven’t been put off by the nature of any of his emergencies or what have you that has come up. That is all fine. What I really don’t want, however, is for kukuburi’s readership to decline. We lost one guy a few pages ago. I don’t want to see the number decline again as a result of perceived lack of respect to the fans (the reason the other guy left). This comic has a very loyal following, I want to see it prosper. If bringing these things and mindsets to Ramon’s attention can help avoid possibly alienating readers with ettiquette slip-ups, I will make myself be seen as a whiner or whatever. I don’t gain anything by making myself seem like an a$$ on a comment page, but if someone can gain understanding from it, I’ll do it.

        • Shoot Jumbo says:

          “I don’t gain anything by making myself seem like an a$$ on a comment page, but if someone can gain understanding from it, I’ll do it.”

          I’m sure we all appreciate your sacrifice.

        • Ramón says:

          thank you for your insights aikachi, and all for your support.

          yes, i should have probably given people a heads up as to why the update was late, it is how i deal with my client after all – should a situation arise – but i was knee deep in water and so it was the last thing on my mind.

          a buffer would be ideal – but this would mean me taking a month off and just working on kukuburi, but i can’t take a month off unless i have enough $$$ to meet my overhead. it’s a vicious circle. so kukuburi is relegated to my spare time. i’m trying to get a buffer – i have 12 pages drawn, but they still have to be inked and coloured. each page takes a full day of work, if not more sometimes – depending on it’s complexity.

          but by and all, i am here to stay and see kukuburi through the end. i love the characters, the world, and the story. i have so many story points planned ahead i wish i could share them now… but that would ruin things.

          so please, there might be a hiccup or two along the way – but i’m not going anywhere.



          • Aikachi says:

            That explains a lot, actually. The assumption among my group of friends was that aside from the comic you drew from scratch, all the two weeks or so worth of comics that had originally been announced as daily updates were complete, maybe requiring only dialogue tweaks. We’re all big fans of your comic, and it’s come up a lot in conversation since its return. A lot of the grumbling I’ve mentioned stemmed from that misunderstanding. Don’t feel pressured because of us whiners to draw when you don’t have time, least of all a holiday week.

            Happy thanksgiving

  13. A.C. says:

    Holy Chicken Lasagna, that poor whaleship! Hope it’s okay… :O