what’s that saying “by the skin of my teeth” ?

well indeed it is.

last night started off with this weeks update ready, but then this morning on my walk into the studio i felt a page was needed before what was to come next. so today began with a race against the clock to have a new page ready from scratch. well, 12 hours later, and a couple cups of coffee later, i’m happy to make the post mere minutes before the stroke of midnight. hope you enjoy.

more to come thursday!

– ramon.

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  1. Fount says:

    Gorgeous as usual! And now I’m singing ship of fools as I go to bed…

  2. Radio360 says:

    Better a late page that makes the story flow, than no page at all.

  3. Og says:

    Well, holy geez, does this page look fantastic! You’re in rare form, Ramon.

  4. Cannon H. says:

    I was just randomly checking in to see if there were updates, so glad to see there was. Love your work, good to see the saga continue. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Bojan says:

    That’s one magic hat…
    It’s very funny how inquisitive Lenny is for a snail. :)

  6. Odo says:

    “…but then this morning on my walk into the studio i felt a page was needed before what was to come next. ”

    That so describes how I work with my writing. Happy to have Kuku back — sort of a hat trick. :)

    • Ramón says:

      glad to be back!

      writing is truly an organic process for me – i know the day i collect the series i will be re-editing and re-arranging things…

  7. Brickster says:

    Hey Rock! Watch me pull a chameleon out of my hat!

  8. J. J. Sloane says:

    Awesome. I am seriously so excited to see KUKUBURI back up and running.

    Although I do wonder what’s all the way at the bottom of that hat. It does seem to hold quite a lot.

  9. Johnny_Ohm says:

    Ramon: ya might want to give a polishing to the first panel’s dialogue.. it doesn’t seem quite right as it sits. Nadia’s missing some word or words in her sentence, amiright?

  10. hedgewizard says:

    Indeed. ‘that hat’ or ‘this hat’ would do. And… it’s been worth the wait Ramon, great to see you back.

  11. Ross says:

    Zomgz seems distracted.

  12. xenon says:

    It is truly nice to have you back on here. It’s amazing how much you can miss these updates.

    Questions for you though…the book I had asked you about the cover to previously, and goes along with the piece in your fan art section…would you like a copy, and how do I get it to you?

    Also, when and where can we get Tale of Sand?

  13. Sarita says:

    It is so fun seeing this again. And Zomgz has always been my favorite since I first saw his character page; he is so adorable!

    Question though. I tend to read the characters in different voices and accents, but I can’t quite figure out what Corky and Cecil sound like. Do you have a particular voice for them or is it just up to us?

  14. Reidic says:

    Loving t he work as always Ramon, I so wanna see Lenny get his own thimble sized noggin shield.

  15. Johnny_Ohm says:

    I will always offer free editing to Kukuburi, Ramon. Thanks for all you do.

  16. Johnny_Ohm says:

    You could also move Zomgz’s line up betwixt Lenny’s two lines, so as to give him more interjection.


  17. Johnny_Ohm says:

    And finally, I love flat cap prison.

  18. Noodles says:

    erm… MOAR, please =) pretty please =P

  19. Odo says:

    Johnny_Ohm — I don’t think it’s a prison so much as a gateway, but I’m sure Ramon will let us know in due time.

  20. Noodles says:

    Dude, what’s with the hold up – Thursday’s long gone… =(

  21. cyco says:

    Huzzah! Perez is back! Long live Kuku!! 8]

  22. Hugh says:

    Ramón you okay? Hopefully your OOT and the sites just glitching.

  23. IMissButternutSquash says:

    Ramon just said “Thursday”. He never specified *which* Thursday….

  24. Radio360 says:

    We waited a year… and got one update. A good update mind, but still…

    *sits in corner and waits*

  25. Joe Butler says:

    Tis okay….it’s like the Great Pumpkin. It’s only going to come out once a year. I figure sometime around 2017 we’ll finally find out what was in the box!

    • R. Korol says:

      I’m going to hope it’s ComicPress. Ramón batch-prepped the new pages and ComicPress is just sitting on them for no good reason. ;) Now we just have to wait for our dear artist to realize it.

      (Or aliens, we could blame aliens. Maybe Ramón invented this Hat of +100 Holding and then fell into it!)

  26. Johnny_Ohm says: