first off, thank you all for the great welcome back on monday! it was fantastic seeing everybody’s comments and excitement!

as for future instalments, my plan is to make the regular update days tuesday and thursday.

that said… i’ll see you then!


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  1. Peter says:

    Ramon, you got to work a dream job, for some great people. Now you get to come back to your own dream story.

    …Do what you need to make it right, for you. Those that appreciate the effort are more than willing to wait. Those that aren’t, well… the rest of us wish them well on their travels elsewhere ;).

    It’s good to see you back.

  2. Chip says:

    I want ma damned money back!

    Oh, wait. I didn’t spend a time.

    Never mind. See ya Thursday.

  3. Uberhoser says:

    Yeesh people, for a FREE webcomic a lot of you are bitchy!

  4. Radio360 says:

    This IS Tuesday right?

    • Ramón says:

      it is.

      it’s just that i woke up this morning and felt a new page was needed to merge the sequence…. so i’ve been drawing a new page full tilt… gimme a few hours….

  5. Yawsh says:

    Hello all, and Ramón! I do think I added a comment to a comic near the beginning, but I’ve otherwise been a silent viewer. I do feel a bit disappointed that the daily update idea was scrapped, but I also believe it’s better for all of us. That way we can savor each page for a few days like a fine wine as always :). Glad the comic is back and excited to see your work on Tale of Sand!

  6. Aikachi says:

    Ramón, I think what onceuponatime was referring to was one of your earlier updates, which I think you took down because it was just a description of what was going on at the moment and not a comic page. In that update, whether intentional or not, it sounded very much like “Kukuburi will return 10/31, with DAILY UPDATES for two weeks (and implied regular updates like twice a week or something until at least the first chapter was concluded)” At least that’s what I got from it. (you don’t remember saying that?) I was disappointed to see that this was not the case as well, though I’m not offended enough to stop reading.

    We’ve all seen webcomics die, and it is a painful process for both the artist and the fans. The artist either disappears entirely without a word, or they drag it on for months or even years before they announce that there will be no updates (or forget it exists entirely). It’s refreshing (and exciting!) that you’ve come back, but I think onceuponatime is just saving him/herself from the possibility of being disappointed.

    • Ramón says:

      hey aikachi –

      i did say that, but there was an overwhelming consensus to just stick with the regular update schedule as it would guarantee a buffer. which it has. except today where i decided to add in an extra page last minute that was not drawn yet – but i feel makes the story flow a little better.

      i guess i should have mentioned that when i return – my apologies for lack of clarity.

      about kukuburi dying; it’s not gonna happen on my watch. i have too much invested in this story. i will see it to the end…. :)

  7. OnceUponaTime says:

    I really love Kukuburi, and am glad that it might be back, but the ages waiting, with promises of a daily return, then a Tues/Thurs return….

    Well, I’m bowing out. I had planned to avidly follow, but the disappointment is too great. I’ll check back in a few years, and if it’s finished or regularly updated, I’ll buy the books, keep telling everyone about it, and start following again.

    I get that life and circumstance gets in the way. And you don’t *have* to do this strip. Maybe you got bored/burned out? I’d respect that if you told us.

    I see all these wonderful posts of praise, all well-deserved (and I agree!), but I cannot help feeling disillusioned. You shared a world, the likes of which and the cast of characters speaks to people on the level of Oz, Narnia, Nevernever Land, Wonderland, and other mysterious dreamworlds. You got us all hooked, and then you disappeared.

    It’s the same crappy feeling you get when you wake up from a dream and cannot get back to it. You want to experience it again, so you can know how it ends. Artists have that sort of power.

    Even if your art was shit, you have a storyteller’s art. I have plans to buy all of your other works, just to see if they have the same magic as Kukuburi did, and to see what was being created in the interim. But, until then, understand that my frustration is just honesty.

    Thank you for a wonderful story, and beautiful imagery, but I’m done here. Like breaking things off with a lover when it becomes too routine and stagnates, as the simplest expectations keep slapping you in the face.


    • Ramón says:

      hey there onceuponatime,

      sorry to see you bow out.

      i’m not sure what you mean by “then this tues/thurs” return… kukuburi, when active, has always only updated twice a week. before i went on hiatus, my updates were on tuesdays and thursdays. so, really not sure what you mean here.

      as to why i went on hiatus. it wasn’t because i was bored, and it wasn’t cause i was burnt out – it was literally because my schedule, a graphic novel that i had taken on for a client – tale of sand, which i mentioned in my october 31st post – to put it plainly took over my life; i was literally working 12-16hr days daily, no weekends off, for the past year… and after it was done , yep, i was burnt out… but i returned to kukuburi as promised as it is a joy and a pleasure to create.

      i hope to see you stick around…



  8. TJ says:

    Woohoo! Good to see Kukuburi back, ramón!

  9. Noodles says:

    MOAR! ^_^

  10. Becky says:

    We had no power last week and all I could think about was how you had promised to post new pages starting Halloween and I was so bummed I couldn’t see them in real time. Glad to see your updates again!!

  11. Chip says:

    YAY! Kuku’s back, baby! And I already ordered Tales of Sand. LOVE your work!

  12. H says:

    Very happy to see that you’re finally back again!

  13. achaja says:

    oh my! bottomless hat! :D

  14. ozsiam says:

    !Albricias por el regreso de Kuku¡

    Thanks for the great comic, already missed

  15. Drlolzphd says:

    found this comic from io9 and did a nice archive binge and I must say, I am confabulated. This has to be the best webcomic out there, the amount of story and vibrant cast of characters, the truly asshole-like evil of mr.bones, the detailed character design and beautifully conveyed expressions. Nadia isn’t the only one who wants(or wanted) to be in a world like this.

  16. Sihaya says:

    Oh wow, it’s so great to see you back here! What a great start, too. I didn’t realize that the TARDIS’s chameleon circuits could disguise it as a handy chapeau.

  17. fcaccin says:

    Hello. First time here (from io9); glad I found You. I’m just out of an archive binge and Sir, You have my admiration.
    If I may ask, what is Mr. Bones’ speech font called?

  18. sibelian says:

    Only just started reading this excellent strip today…. BRILLIANT stuff… moremoremoremore!

  19. Kuggur says:

    Hey cool, you actually kept your promise and started the comic again! It went on hiatus about a week after I started reading it, and I was afraid it would go the same way of many ambitious webcomics, the dreaded infinite hiatus…
    Great art and an intriguing story, a rare combination!

  20. Sam says:

    So happy to have this wonderful comic back up, it’s been well worth the wait.
    Thank you!

  21. A.C. says:

    Woah! Forget thinking with portal’s, Zomgz has his own… IN A FLAT-CAP!!! O_O

    Will she be able to just jump right through it then, I wonder? Certainly looks that way…

  22. ForTheRoyalty says:

    Ramón I should’ve said this in the last page but alas, welcome back!
    Needless to say, due to truckload of comments congratulating your return, you were very dearly missed!
    Can’t wait for the next page once again thanks for your hard work and congratulations on tales of sand, read the teaser and it’s, quite frankly, a must have. ^_^

  23. Johnny_Ohm says:

    It is time. The long awaited return.

  24. Eversist says:

    This will be fun!

  25. Odo says:

    WOOT! It’s back! Yay. Jumps up and down.

  26. joseph says:

    YAY! Looking forward to story and seeing the other project you’ve working on in stores.

  27. Arwen says:

    Congratulations on getting Kuku back up and running, dear friend! I’m excited for next week! Miss you–massive hugs! :)

  28. cato says:

    Damn, you’re fast!

  29. David E says:

    yayyy!! This is such a great story. Thanks, Ramón! I knew you’d come back to it. And I’m also glad to know– by assumption– that you’ve got things straightened out in real life

  30. Aaron says:

    Holy cow, man. I’ve been checking the site since your last page, eagerly awaiting your return. I’m SO glad to see you back :) Kukuburi is a one of a kind web comic, and i missed it sorely! WELCOME BACK!

  31. Steve W says:

    Welcome back sir. So happy to see these again! I just have to go back and refresh myself with a little re-reading, which honestly is an excuse to go and red the whole thing all over again!

  32. Viola says:

    Hmmm, I think I should read it all over again. Just to be sure I still remember the plot.

    It’s a wonderful surprise to discover that KKBR is back right after “la Commémoration des Fidèles Défunts”. Merci, Dieu!

  33. Dennie W. Lee says:

    Much like the Doctor’s TARDIS, looks much bigger on the inside! :-P ;-)

  34. raider_geek says:

    So nice to be reading Kuke again.

  35. Hugh says:

    Soooo Great to see you back at Kukuburi! I came late to the party and I was very disappointed with the hiatus. Thanks for coming back to this story! I’m glad it’s not going to fade away!

  36. Cherrybomb says:

    Alright! I’ve been waiting for so long to see this update again. Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. Love the artwork.

  37. Reidic says:

    RAMON!!! So glad to have your art back, and so far totally worth the wait. You have my literally jumping right now. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    So their ‘chapeaus’ are what, extradimensional? Rad!

  38. Jessica in Portland says:

    You’re back! YAY! Whoopee! Yahoo! and Woot Woot!!!
    Thanks Ramon!

  39. Fount says:

    <3 <3 <3

  40. Jim S says:

    Awesome… keep up the great work!!!

  41. Kristina says:

    Yay! Welcome back! I’m so excited!

  42. Tarawr says:

    Mr. Bojangles, Ive missed you! Hahaha happy to have the webcomic back!

  43. Radio360 says:

    Sweet hat. I’m glad to have you back!

  44. Lee Cherolis says:

    Yes! Love the subtle coloring on this one. Look at ZOMGZ!

  45. Nicole says:

    COOLEST HAT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Huzzah for zomgz and Mr. Bojangles!