Thanks Paul!

i’d like to take a moment to thank paul for sending over this great kukuburi piece of art! paul actually sent this over a month or so ago, but i’ve been drowning in so much work it’s been a bit ridiculous – i had hoped to post this so much earlier!

such great art is an inspiration and makes me wish i had the time to jump back into kuku right now!!!

but i must have patience…

please take a moment to peruse the ART GALLERY and check out PAUL’S PIECE as well as the many other fantastic contributions…. and if you’d like send one of your own along!

thanks again paul!

- r.

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  1. Not seeing anything…

  2. Brain says:

    Sorry, I can’t access it ether

  3. Dan Morgan says:

    The art in question is on the fan art page. It’s the last one listed (or was when I checked).

    • Dan Morgan says:

      It appears a link has been added while I was composing my last message.
      As Roseanne Roseannadana would say, “Never mind.”

  4. WDCat says:

    Oh that’s good.

  5. hollister uk says:

    To not be inside the understand more often than not, I am inclined to dont like posts regarding this subject progressively additional consider you are writing it in fashion furthermore your personal means, we gotta say really is really 1 of those nice publish to remember.

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