C2E2 2011

this weekend sees me attending the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. if you are in the area please swing by and say hello, i will have original art on sale and will be doing a variety of sketches. i will be located in artist’s alley table B3.

…and as for the return of kuku. the way things are rolling along, i am hoping the end of the month.

more news and concrete dates when i return from chicago!



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  1. Manwithface says:

    yes come back soon!!! pls thxok

  2. Muffin says:

    Oh goodness. I’m like three hours away from Chicago Dx No fair!

  3. Emma says:

    Oh man, this makes me so happy

  4. Nicole says:

    Have fun, Ramon!

  5. bon says:

    Oh man, getting excited again!

  6. Jen says:

    It has been sooo long.

    But we will wait patiently.

    We look forward to your update, whenever it happens.

  7. Alice Quinn says:

    Ah, that is why you were not at wizard world Toronto, hope you had a sweet time at the convention !

  8. Pike says:

    Sounds like chess moves: Rook/queen C2E2, pawn B3 (pawn moves are generally booked with just the target square). Seems like it’s probably endgame here. :D

  9. Roon says:

    *has waited till the end of the month* ;-; not even an update on status

  10. dlaiyre says:


  11. Radio360 says:

    Is anyone there at all?

  12. Naleh says:

    Oh wow, I just found this comic about an hour ago and i’m now a huge fan. :)

  13. bon says:

    I like the comic and all, but I’ve stopped believing the estimated return dates etc

    • Me says:

      Sadly, I agree

      • chris says:

        So true. I’m glad Ramon is doing well, but I’ve lost faith that we’ll ever see any regular updates ever again. I’m considering deleting my bookmark and just forgetting this site because, for 10 months now, every time I click on it I’m just disappointed.

        • pendragon says:

          He seems to believe that by giving himself unrealistic deadlines it will put pressure on him and force him to work harder, therefore getting the content out sooner.

          Sadly, he has clearly demonstrated that this is not the case. All he accomplishes by these repeated broken deadlines is disappointing his fans.

          I deleted my bookmark quite some time ago. I come back once or twice a year to check, but I just see that he is still too busy to do this.

          Oh well, it’s not like he owes us anything.

  14. kenneth says:

    I wish Ramon was back to being marginally employed and in danger of being evicted. Ahh, the good old days.

  15. Johnathan_Ohm says:

    We miss you. Come back to us.

  16. Johnathan_Ohm says:

    Or at least let us know where you have gone.

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