an update + possible spoilers.

hello all,

first off, thanks again for your patience as well as your great compliments.

i just wanted to touch base and let you all know where things stand. my career seems to be bursting with opportunity right now (and hopefully it keeps up – knock on wood) which is making life grand, but it’s also monopolizing a lot of time. my schedule is quite packed – that said, i am using every spare moment i can to work on kukuburi. my goal is to complete the the vast majority, if not all, of the remaining chapter one pages before returning to updates. that way the story can finish uninterrupted.

the pile of new art is growing as the weeks blur by and up above is just a small sampling – the least i could show without spoiling too much.

as the days and work progress is will share more…

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  1. That’s very good news ! It’s also surprising(ly nice) to see you sketch your pages on paper. For some reason I thought everything was done on computer. :)

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  3. leah samuel says:

    great news all around, glad your life is doing well (congrats) and looking forward to seeing the gange back in action. thanks

  4. Keelhaul says:

    A blurry pile of sketches huh? How about scanning a page of sketches, like once a week or so? I hate to be critical, but I just can’t stick around much longer if you don’t offer something.

    • Restoration-Complete says:

      Keelhaul… your refund for this webcomic subscription is in the mail. Oh… wait… you’re not paying Ramon to publish this fantastic story to the web. Stick around or not… but you’re probably not going to be missed much if you think vowing to leave if you don’t get your way is going to work…

      Ramon… take as much time as it needs to feel and look right.

  5. Steve Walker says:

    Great process shots Ramon. Looking forward to kuku coming back. Take your time man, we’ll be here.

  6. raider_geek12 says:

    This is ALWAYS worth the wait!

  7. Jonty says:

    Worth the wait. Looking forward to this.

    @Keelhaul. Ungrateful much? No one’s forcing you to come here.

  8. Markus says:

    Unlike some people who apparently suffer themselves to check your site, I’ve placed you in my feed reader. When you come back, I’ll be here. Take your time and good luck!

  9. Winter says:

    As always, what I see I like and I can’t wait to get the full experience once again.

    My Mr B sketch is done being framed today! I can’t wait to put him on my wall!

  10. colin says:

    Makin’ money at something you love is the ultimate goal. I’d love to see Kukuburi finish, but I understand. Good luck and hope to see something here soon!

  11. BenNy says:

    gee, it’s really cool to see your sketches,
    y’know, a little behind the scenes..

  12. EEEEEE! Scribbles! Sketches! ART! YESSSS!!!!!

  13. Selwyn says:

    It’s so totally going to be worth the wait – can we even have a waiting list for the first print run? Pleeeaasseee?? Congrats on everything too.

  14. MysteryAction says:

    Great! I am cheerfully waiting weeks for the next episode! I have enjoyed the work so far and would love it to continue without degrading the art.
    I am also fascinated to see any parts of your process you care to publish.

  15. DoubleAtotheRON says:

    It is a true testament to my love for the quality of both your art and this story that I come back every day, just in case you post something, anything, to this site. I for one, will wait as long as takes and I am absolutely delighted to know that an artist of your calibre is getting the amount of work you are getting. It goes to show that the Comic Book Gods have truly smiled on this one. Take your time, make it right and we’ll all be here.

  16. Meh says:

    This isn’t worth the wait at all. I’m tired of waiting months for updates that have a laughable lack of substance for the amount of time it takes to make them.

    So long, Kukuburi.

  17. Aedo says:

    Oh my yes, it’s so horrible to have to wait for an artist who provides you free entertainment.

  18. Odo says:

    I’d like to share a thought with those of us who wait patiently and are rewarded. Those who proclaim themselves “outta here” will miss out until they sneak back in. As for updates — we are getting them in the form of these slices of Ramon’s life; it’s not as if the site has gone dark.

    At the risk of over-interpreting the sketches — it does look as if Zomgz has pulled something out of his hat.

  19. Frank says:

    Don’t worry, Ramón. We’ll be here! (glances at comments above) well, at least, I’ll be

  20. BenNy says:

    could we see some of your other sketches? concept art?
    I’m curious how it all started to come together…

  21. Joanna says:

    What is that? What is that he’s handing her in the foremost sketch?

    Could it be … a chapeau?

  22. Thetik says:

    I am adding you to my list of comics I check daily, I have waited almost a year between updates on others, this will be no exception. The artwork, story, and world-building in evidence here has had me wanting prints and to share with everyone that reads comics at all. Thank you Ramon, I’m not going anywhere.

  23. Joe says:

    It’s not her chapeau, it’s Zomgz’ chapeau. It’s what’s coming out of the chapeau that we ought to be agonizing over. Is she about the pull the proverbial ‘Sword of Gryffindor’?

  24. Aedo says:

    That’s…that’s uh pretty obviously Mip of the Brothers Meep. Give the previous page a check over.

  25. J says:

    I’m good with you taking your time to do it right, Ramon; it’s always better than half-assed work. The updates are good, though.

  26. Stasha says:

    *jumps up and down with utter excitement*

    I am so thrilled. I can’t wait to see the end of Chapter One. Yes, I know it’s been a while since the last page, but never feel guilty. As a fellow artist who also tries to meet the expectations of others, I have learned there is something called a life and we all need to live it at some point, especially you with all the time and effort you put into your own work :)

    Also, I agree with J. I’d rather you take your time rather than rush to get it completed. I look forward to seeing the next page ^.^

  27. usivius says:

    all I can say is “F@CK YA!”
    looking forward to the return!!!!

  28. Nicole says:

    YES! Zomgz lives!!! :D

  29. courgol says:

    yess… sth worth waiting for again :)
    I’ve checked (well not every day) but regularly of you’d updated
    finally :) I’ll be waiting even longer, because the story is that good ;)

  30. Kevina says:

    I too am subscribed to the RSS feed, so I don’t have to bother myself with checking this quiet corner of the internet too frequently. It’s great (and lucky) that this comic has inspired such dedicated fans, because, frankly, there is a grand precedent of untended webcomics loosing their entire following while on hiatus. Obviously, the quality of the updates that we DO get is enough to inspire return, but an inactive (posting less than once a week) webcomic hardly generates a lot of enthusiasm or community. Sure, readers can bond over past issues and the hopes for more, but a painfully slow return is only going to degrade enthusiasm further. I am only willing to reread the archives so many times in order to refresh my memory of the plot, I’m slowly loosing fondness for the characters, and I would rather discuss the comic than the dearth of updates. Yes, yes, I know it’s free, and honestly, I think Ramon should never be expected to put this comic above his paid work, but that doesn’t mean that the spirit of Kukuburi is going to stay strong. A compromise is being made, and unfortunately, Kukuburi is suffering. It’s a little disappointing, but that’s life, I guess. I can’t wait for new pages, and good luck, Ramon!


  31. Roocifer says:

    Been here since page 1 and I’m not about to quit now! I look forward to seeing how this chapter ends, and would happily get in line to buy a print version.

  32. Nicole says:

    Ah, Lee…haven’t seen your avatar for so long. :) Still think it’s the greatest. :)

  33. Toxsan says:

    About a year ago, I was completely unaware this comic even existed. Then one day someone recommended it to me on the basis that a certain character in this story seemed much like me. That being said, I love Kukuburi and unfortunately, just because Ramon publishes the webcomic doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a life. To those of you who think the comic is on the decline, well……its a free webcomic. The world isn’t going to end if you stop looking and frankly your type of weak loyalty wasn’t really necessary in the first place. There’s plenty of people who are still patiently waiting for the next part of the story.

    To Ramon, I am quite certain you won’t disappoint, as you haven’t so far. I really look forward to the day that all the story is finally out there and I can purchase this entire compilation in print, that it might be showcased from my wall.

    Disclaimer – However, don’t be fooled. If I were ever to get the chance to throw you to the wolves (literally of course, not figuratively), I would do so. Nothing personal, of course, but I am of the antagonist genre….and well, you know…..appearances.

  34. Lisa H says:

    I wonder if these “I’m outta here” windbags write the authors of their favourite novels and tell them that they just aren’t willing to wait for them to come out with the next book in the series. Losers. I’ll be here and I’ll be here with dollars when the print edition comes out too!

    • Starboard says:

      They are run-of-the-mill trolls and “me too” sorts. Some questions that come to mind:

      Why waste their time to say they have no time for this comic? Normal people walk away from things they don’t like and get on with their lives. These guys come back to tell the author they aren’t coming back. And they don’t offer much in constructive criticism either.

      Why rag on Kukuburi in particular? There are many comics in TX, some by Ramón, which have worse updates and none of them see such commentary. In the webcomic industry it is normal for authors to go on hiatus for weeks or months. Some even disappear for years.

      Anyways …

  35. BenNy says:

    The wait is becoming excruciating.
    I still wanna see Rendo and the gang again.
    Is it possible you can give us a release date to countdown to?

  36. Brandi says:

    Oh no! It’s all been ruined for me. * Drama sob*
    Not really, I’m just happy to see that it’s coming together in a such a nice pile of blurry sketches.

  37. Jeff says:

    I just discovered this and love it. Life gets in the way of projects all the time, and something like a web comic that isn’t a main source of income is usually the first thing that gets shelved. But I had to comment on a couple of the posts that act like checking here is just to time consuming. “I can’t stick around much longer.” Is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen posted. It takes all of 10sec to see if there is an update and even better an RSS tells you so you never have to check back. The “its free thing is played out” is not played out, its a statement of fact. Its free, and unless you are paying his bills, you have no say over how/when the creator chooses to update. As far as I go, I will spend 10 extra seconds on Tues and Thurs to see if it gets updated. And when it does I will be most happy.

  38. mybret says:

    succes n god bless to u

  39. Ross Vernal says:

    I check back daily for updates. I can afford to wait eagerly, and when there’s a new one up I’m gonna squee.

  40. Graceofbass says:

    I’m with BenNy, a countdown would be awesome, even if it was waaay in the future to give yourself too much time. That way, if things got done earlier, you could move the date up instead of back :)

    • Ramón says:

      good idea…. i’m gonna get on this.

    • BenNy says:

      Thankyou for siding with me Graceofbass…
      The POWER of COMMENTS!

    • TauCeti says:

      I would request that you also do the “waaay in the future” part. Like, say, twice as much time as you expect to need. Life is made of unexpected events. If anything went wrong, well, we’d forgive you, but you might not. Anyway, no one wants a tight schedule making this feel like work; that’d be terrible.

      Kukuburi will always be awesome. Even in the worst possible scenario where it got canceled, it’s still amazing as is. Indeed, if I heard that Kukuburi were over, I’d immediately go and tell my friend who only reads the best and refuses to read anything that is still being written, that he can, and should, start reading /immediately/. The world is enriched by your work.

  41. Juliana says:

    Ok, so I know that you are terribly busy and all, but….ahhhhh….I’m just so eager to know what happens next!! Just wanted to let you know that I think your work is amazing and I’m officially addicted to Kukuburi.
    If and when you have an idea as to when we might be able to expect updates, pleeeeeease, pretty please let us know!

  42. Keelhaul says:

    Dear lord, look at all these kiss-ups. I made a suggestion and a hay-penny’s worth criticism and everybody thinks I’m trolling. I don’t think the author owes me anything, that if he doesn’t give in to my demands there will be horrible consequences. I just wanted him to have my feedback and use it as he will.

    He doesn’t have to draw faster or put out more pages in order to keep my attention either. Like these sketches, he could have actually scanned one or two of these instead. He could put up sketches of anything he’s doing, and if he doesn’t have time to draw then he probably doesn’t care what I comment either.

    • Ramón says:

      hey keelhaul,

      i wish i could produce enough work to keep something up here every week, unfortunately what i am working on right now i am contractually unable to show that work. i do have a blog which showcases other art at and i do post what i can there from time to time. i don’t want to post such things here as it really isn’t the place. i didn’t scan the kukuburi pages that i took the snapshot of as it would ruin the story – and i’d rather have people wait than have a half finished page up that had story points revealed.

      i will be posting a return date next week.

      thank you for your input.

      • Keelhaul says:

        Thank you Ramón. I will take a look at your blog, I greatly appreciate your personal response and I look forward to more Kukuburi in the future. I think the return date is a good idea. I personally have no concerns about seeing the story before the finished art is done, but I can understand why you would prefer it otherwise.

  43. Oid says:

    Perhaps you need a counter to count down the time until you get that counter in place..

    • Ramón says:

      haha – gimme a monent, i’ll have news, probably unpleasant, next week…. :P

      • Kookaburra8su says:

        Rather than a countdown with a date, I imagine a bean (page) counter…

        Story pages written (bag full of beans) / sketch layouts (subject to change) / B & W (finalised layouts) / Coloured (subject to review) / published (we get it).

        …each bean has a page number on it that gets moved to the next bin as it proceeds to publication.

        A simple b & w banner sketch of where you’re at would work for me. I could use it as a banner link too.

  44. mdleong says:

    i see.. Mr.B!!

  45. iamthetruthseeker says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for such an incredibly wonderful world of yours here!

    I realize the words printed above do not do fair justice to the fantastic art and story (rarely) seen combined at both such a pinnacle of incredible skill for free; but I find it difficult to convey the proper gratitude without spending pages upon pages of thanks upon every detail of every panel here–which I do not have time for whist I look for work of my own :)

    That said, it would not be right after reading such a masterpiece without taking the time to show my appreciation for your work here.

    I am lucky I guess I decided to go back and start reading web-comics again (and returned to PvP where I was catching up on their archives and I read your guest strip) since I almost missed this masterpiece. I am thankful I am reading these again, especially now to this strip (and the return to BNS)

    While I am or was more of a lurker than poster, in reading strips,, again, I wanted to make sure oi took the time to thank such great work and echo as a fan (of many I am glad to see) to let you know to please keep up your fantastic work and take the time needed to get it done and done right (including taking care of your life and finances first.)
    We’ll still be here waiting for your next release with our tags or RSS feeds letting us know you have given us another update. So keep up the good work in whatever work you do Ramón; I hope you can return to Kukuburi soon, but return when you can.

    I AM,
    –tre truthseeker
    (grumbles that both the truthseeker and truthseeker were taken in Gravatar which I go by, but what can you do but adapt?)

    • iamthetruthseeker says:

      and apologies for me missing some evident typos there as I have to switch out my Firefox “black “theme to a better posting font that is readable in a white background

  46. Mani says:

    First off – Good to hear you’re alive, cheers, keep up the good work, hope to see more soon…

    …and I always appreciate the artist who offers the honest and personal responses to feedback. I always think that’s points in their favor, regardless of delays/contents of the comments/etc. For me, seeing a response on a comment from the author, with a recent date, is just as good as counters or sketch pages: They tell me you’re alive, attentive, and responsive.

    If I can throw in my $0.02 in this whole loyalty-versus-”the wait is too long!” banter, just briefly:

    When i see that updates aren’t regular (or likely to resume soon) I take it off my mental list of “places to check CONSTANTLY.” I still check back from time to time. If I see that updates occurred, I catch myself up – it’s not like a TV show you can miss; it’s always up – and if update schedules resumed, then I start checking regularly again.

    It’s both “waiting” and “leaving” at the same time, in a sense – so die-hard pledges to do either one seem a little hollow for me.

    Besides, without naming names, I think we can support Ramon – honestly and enthusiastically – without calling each other “ungrateful” or “entitled.” (And “Hey, it’s free!” is an…odd defense of an author’s work, to say the least. As though anything free were something to be grateful for, anyway.)

    • geogeek says:

      This is pretty much what I do – I keep links to good webcomics, and the more frequently they update, the more frequently I check them. I look at KKB every few months, I check some every day. As long as there’s some sign of life I keep it on my links. If and when Ramon goes to more frequent or regular updates I’ll come through more often. I suppose if a year or more went by with no comments from R I would probably ditch the link.

  47. usivius says:

    “all i want for christmas is my Kukuburi, my Kukubury, yes, my Kukubury” …!
    I wait and will jump back in to the fun when it is on the go agian. What this means is that I will start at the beginning again and relive all the fun!

  48. Kuggur says:

    I really hope this comic will get going again, just finished the archive binge to discover that the story is on hiatus.
    I am very impressed with both the art work ad the story ( Is it even possible to not like a story that has battle whales in it…?). I sure will check in from time to time.
    Christmas greetings from Iceland

  49. Pat Whatley says:

    I think you’re just stalling because you don’t want to announce that I’m the winner of the “What’s in the box?” contest.

  50. Stig Hemmer says:

    I just read through the archives again. Wow. Powerful stuff!

    It is good to hear that you are getting paying work! Nothing is better than that.

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