…counting down the days.

what a month.

my brief stint in spain was amazing. i attended the XV Jornadas de Comics in aviles, where i met some fantastic people – fans, peers, et all. i can’t wait to return. while there i also attended the first ever family reunion on my father’s side. the event was great on so many levels – meeting family i have not met previous to this, as well as reconnecting with many i had not seen in years.

upon returning from spain i was pulled into a flurry of work that had to be compressed into a week, before i quickly took off to attend the NYCC. a great show that i return to yearly, though this was my first time attending as a guest and hosting my own table in artist’s alley. something i’m sure to do again next year. thank you all who made it out to the convention, swung by and said hello.

so  that was a week ago.

once again, upon my return home i had to jump into some contracted work that was waiting for me. by the time the weekend rolled around i had completed all contracts and finally got to take a break. which was quite QUITE nice as i feel like i’ve been going full tilt for about 6 weeks.

over the weekend i was able to finally get some sketching in. i laid out 24 pages of kukuburi and sixteen of butternutsquash. in the weeks to come i will take what i have started to finishes – how long this will take i am unsure, as i do have work obligations, however i am hoping to have all said and done within 3 weeks at most. i’m quite happy with what i have planned for both and VERY MUCH look forward to returning – i’ve missed it so much.

as the moment comes closer i will post a relaunch date for both comics.

thank you all for your patience…

- ramón.

ps/ and yes, we have a nun in the family :)

pss/ a selection of sketches i did in aviles can be perused at ramonperez.com and as for photos, if you are so inclined, there are some on my facebook.

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  1. Kelci says:

    WOW. All of that has ME dizzy. I don’t know how you did it.

    But it sounds like it was all amazingly great experiences! I almost wish you had more photos to share.

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  3. Winter says:

    Can’t wait, have your comic happily perched in my bookmarks waiting for that day! As a side note, once I get the sketch of Mr B back from being framed, did you want a picture or anything fun like that?

    Even my friends that haven’t read Kukuburi, wanted to take a look after they saw the sketch!

  4. WDCat says:

    Am full of dizzy glee in anticipation! Have had fun trailing along your recent adventures via Twitter, mind you, but am beyond delighted that Kuku and BNS are ready to roll again. :)))

  5. Teowulf says:

    Hooray for an update! I shall continue to wait with bated breath for the story to continue.

  6. Acher4 says:

    It’s so good you had such a good time and so good you are back ;).
    Will wait for the updates. Thank you.

  7. Palmetto says:

    What a minute, what’s ‘butternutsquash’? You mean I’ve been missing something?

    [[begins frantic (but ultimately successful) web search]]

    Great! Working through the archives there ought to hold me for a while.

  8. Bok says:

    Podias haber avisado que venias… Te hubiera invitado a unas sidras. :)

  9. Xenon says:

    It’s like seeing an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, welcome back to this side of the globe. Can’t wait till the story continues.

  10. TheInferno says:

    Yay your still alive! I’m soooo happy you had fun! Can’t wait to the return of KUKUBURI!!! ^_^

  11. smjjames says:

    Nice! :)

  12. NateBBQ says:

    Just my grammarian coming out… should be PPS\ as in Post Post Script… sorry… it’s just the neurosis kicking in…

    HOORAY for returns!!!

  13. Nicole says:

    So glad you had a good trip! Thanks for the update. :)

  14. Makinbacon says:

    Found this comic a few days ago and just finished reading through it. I have to say, I think it’s great so far and cant wait to see more updates.

  15. jmp544 says:

    Looking forward to your return, oh yes, looking forward.

  16. Any news on the update ae!!

  17. Cinga says:

    Kukuburi is beautiful, romantic, solid, wildly creative, instantly likable, and enormously inspiring. BNS, on the other hand, is mostly obscene and always unfunny, and jumped the shark for good when it made fun of someone losing their girlfriend in a car crash. Seriously: Not. Funny.

    So, frankly, I can only hope you will put more effort into Kukuburi and drop the burnt-out husk of BNS while you still can. I’ve been planning for a while to give my girlfriend the Kukuburi book as soon as it gets published. Can’t wait!

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