Update and Upcoming Conventions

hey there everybody,

figured it was time for another update to let you all know where things stand.

thank you for all the kind words and support – you people are fantastic! it really heartwarming to know people are anticipating the continuing adventures of nadia. it’s an excitement that drives me on as i work on the new pages. speaking of which – the end of summer has geared up to be a lot busier than i expected. as well, on a personal note, there was a death in my family a short time ago, a close uncle, whose passing has become a catalyst for a gathering of extended family on my fathers side. many cousins, uncles, and aunts, some of whom i know others of which i do not. i will be travelling to spain shortly to be part of this first time ever event of my father’s family and greatly look forward to it.

i mention this, as these travels will eat into a good chunk of my time as well it is causing me to accelerate my regular work schedule before i leave. so my days are jam packed with contracted work for the near future. i had hoped to begin updating with kukuburi before leaving, but i would have to put it back on hiatus just as quickly as i would be gone and do not have the pages done to post whilst i am away. so i have decided to wait till i return and can update continuously. the way my schedule looks, updates won’t begin till late fall at best. most likely by mid-october – as the time approaches i will post an official relaunch date.

sorry to make you wait even longer…

the last thing to touch upon is the remainder of conventions and festivals that i will be attending in 2010.

FAN EXPO TORONTO – CANADA Aug 27-29 (this weekend – artist’s alley P40A!)



if you’re in the area of any of these great shows please swing by and say hello! as the days get closer i may announce special items that i may have at each of the prospective shows…

talk to you soon,


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  1. Family is without a doubt very important. I urge you to hold to the course you have set, and I am looking forward to the return of Kukuburi.

  2. Cat says:

    Take your time. It is better to wait for something great than to read half-baked stuff. We will be patiently impatient. And me at least will cheer the minute you start posting again. this is such an interesting story. Hope to see it in print one day.

  3. BenNy says:

    I agree with the guy above.

  4. o.n.a says:

    really… I don’t get your sense of humor :P

  5. o.n.a says:

    fuck sorry wrong window :/ I spoke witch friend. Fuck. sorry

  6. Nicole says:

    So sorry about the loss of your uncle. I hope your trip to Spain is very rewarding.

  7. GDupons says:

    I am sorry about your uncle. Take your time and if you feel ready for your return, do it whenever you want.

  8. susan says:

    So sorry about your uncle. Like everyone else, I just keep checking and hoping but I’ll never desert you. Your comic is too well drawn and the storyline is too interesting to not continue. We’ll be here when you get back. It’s good to have some idea of when that is. Take care of yourself and re-connect with your family.

    Safe travels!

  9. dcorsetto says:

    I wish I was going to Fan Expo this weekend! I almost ended up there; if the US hadn’t let me back into the States (expired passport!), I would have just joined Blind Ferret and gone.

    I’ll see you at NYCC, though! And NEWW – are you exhibiting? You should add that to your list if you are!

  10. yLanaRae says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your uncle. But, I know that you will meet lots of cool people, relatives or not and learn something new and wonderful about yourself when you go to Spain.

    All I know is, I’m glad you’ve moved into your new home and that you’re getting settled. Moving into a new place was always nerve wracking for me. I hope you handle that kind of change better than I do.

    Good luck with everything, Mr. Perez.
    …& I really truly enjoy this caricature of you. It gets me excited more than it should.

  11. smjjames says:

    My condolences to ya about your uncle. A death in the family is always sad.

    Anyways, looking forward to new kukuburi comic issues. :)

  12. msbeastie says:

    So sorry for your loss.

  13. Violet Liz says:

    Two sketches and one print later, I seem to be a collector of your work :)
    My Boyfriend got another sketch for me at the recent FanExpo, Thanks so much! I love it, and the world you create.

  14. Violet Liz says:

    also, sorry to hear of your loss, take care.

  15. Winter says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. If I’d have had a chance to get online before I saw you at FanExpo I’d have offered my condolences then.

    Thanks again for the sketch! Once I get home I’ll send a picture of how I framed it! Mr B looks perfect!

  16. Violet Liz says:

    I was there the year before… you might remember me blathering like an idiot,haha… Had to work in Muskoka this time, there’s always next year!

  17. Sam says:

    Hey man just saw you on the Space Station channel, it was a show on graphic novels.
    Nice exposure for you and the comic, way to go!

  18. Hippy Hobbit says:

    let me make myself very clear…Kukuburi is the most brilliant, inventive, awesome, imaginative, fantastic, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, genius, inspiring, eye-boggling, spectacular web comic I’ve ever read. I can’t wait for the next page!

  19. Jess says:

    Your imagination is beautiful– I’m sure we’re all waiting impatiently!

    …no pressure!

  20. Soraya says:

    I stumbled on this yesterday and read it in one day – I was so drawn in. I didn’t want it to end (which it will, of course, one day, but in a suitably spectacular way) and now literally can’t wait for more. But, heh, no pressure! It really is fantastic, though – one of the most original and enjoyable webcomics I’ve read in a very long while.

    And I know this is very late, and doesn’t mean -quite- the same thing coming from a complete stranger, but my deepest sympathies about your uncle. The death of a close one is always tough, but at least, in a way, his passing has brought about something good as well as something bad.

    Keep up the good work! :D

  21. Dwyer says:

    Ramon- Haven’t seen this until now but I’m loving it! I want to use it to teach my middle school kids some of the slang and expressions you use in the earlier frames. Thankfully it’s all PG rated, keep up the great work!

  22. Charles E says:

    Hi! You’ve acquired a new reader, courtesy of Karl Kerschl’s recommendation. I’ve just read through the entire archive in one go, and I wanted to add my little voice to the general encouragement. The story so far has been gripping and beautiful, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

  23. colin says:

    I’ve had Kukuburi sitting in my webcomics folder for a few years without ever getting more than a few pages in. I just caught up today, and I think you’re doing a wonderful job. I, of course, would like to see more updates… but I can stand to wait :) Once a week is better than nothing at all.


  24. bon says:

    Ooh it’s mid-october! Soonish, at least! There will be TWO Oktoberfests this October!

  25. psirusa says:

    Hope you’re doing ok Ramón. I’m looking forward to continued updates on kukuburi, they always brighten my day!

  26. DW says:

    Just found your comic today and read through from the beginning. It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see where things go.

  27. Teowulf says:

    I too discovered the comic recently, and have read it all. Love it- beautiful art and fantastically fantastic story. I look forward to future updates, and am sorry to hear about your uncle.

  28. Fount says:

    Hello Ramón!
    Just stopping by to see if you (and Nadia!) are back. Looking forward to seeing you both again as often as you can manage to update!

  29. Kevina says:

    Well…mid-october has come and is nearly ready to go. At least give us the promised update?

  30. distantvoices75 says:

    Kevina — we aren’t eligible to updates. If and when Ramon sees fit to publish an update in order to indulge us is his and only his choice. Urging or rushing him is not the proper means to give him some motivation to stay tuned.

    @ramon: hey, old feller, how ’s the going? everything fine?

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