a little later today

hey everybody,

just dealing with a bit of a domino effect here of work and a scanner that decided to quit at the most inopportune time.

new kukuburi will be up later tonight…. :)


hey all, after a long day of fixing  (or actually temporarily patching up) my defunct scanner i was able to scan in the new kukuburi pages, and mostly colour them, and as much as i’d like to continue i am about to pass out. so i am going to leave the remainder and head home and return in the morning spry and full of energy and wrap things up.

so new pages up tomorrow… the 19th.

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  1. Nicole says:

    lol!!! Love ya, Ramon! :)

  2. Reidic says:

    Woot! We missed ya Ramón!

  3. grandmoffjake says:

    We are waiting with baited breath – I’ll go read the archives again in the meantime :D

    Very much looking forward to the next page!

  4. crazyprsn says:

    This kind of free entertainment deserves ALL my patience! I love your work!

  5. Aedo says:


  6. Clark says:

    Ok Ramon! You know how long it’s been, I expect you to hit us with your best! =D

  7. Jim says:

    Office equipment has the odd ability to fail at the worst of times :)

  8. Squishybear says:

    I tried holding my breath and waiting for it but I turned blue and passed out.. so now I’m just drooling on my monitor and keyboard until it’s out!!!


  9. Mani says:

    Don’t beat yourself up about it Ray.

    I’m sure you have more than enough stuff going on in your life. You don’t need the things you do for fun to make you feel bad like late homework.

    Just keep on keepin’ on; we’re all just happy to have this, one way or the other :)

  10. Lee Cherolis says:

    Ditto what Mani said.

    Though if you could fix office equipment by glaring at it, the collective glare of the fans of Kukuburi could probably make it jump up high-kicking with a top hat and cane.

  11. Nicole says:

    *glares at scanner*

    Is it working?

    *glares harder at scanner*

  12. Aerliss says:

    Nerg… you’re just trying to build up even MORE suspense. I know your game!

  13. Squishybear says:

    *pounces on the offending scanner and wrestles it into submission, forcing it to give up all it’s secrets*

  14. Seriously says:

    Come on. This is lame. Get with the program.
    There are webcomics run by people way busier than you that never miss updates. This is just sad.

  15. Agreeing says:

    I’ve been reading since (I think it was Meek) sent us a link. Great comic, great colouring and plot and everything, but seriously it’s way slow. You update once a month it seems. I get that you have really devoted fans that don’t care about you being slow but I certainly do. What are you planning with this? Books? Because to get any value for your time, you need to consider your fan base. And your fan base will continue to shrink if you don’t deliver what you promise. It would be better not to update and pretend like there will be a new page until you actually have that page. It would be better yet to get a few done in advanced in case life makes you slow. Maybe you should look at putting out just black and whites if it means getting something on time. Regardless, I’m not waiting another month for quality I can find weekly in other comics. Seriously was right- this is totally lame.

  16. Podima says:

    Simmer the heck down. You’re not paying for this or anything – don’t get all entitled. He’s producing this for himself, so give him the time he needs to get it squared away.