get ready…

first off i’d like to welcome new kukuburi readers who have meandered over from PVP and today’s guest strip courtesy of moi! thanks again for the opportunity to play in the pvp sandbox scott!

secondly, i’d like to apologize for my absence over the past week, my schedule just got out of hand with too many obligations stretching me too thin. of the many things that were on my table over the past few weeks one i’d like to promote is the dazzler one-shot for marvel comics i’d like to promote. the book hit shelves on may 26th and features art by kalman andrasofszky and myself embellishing the story by jim mccann. for some sneak preview art please visit

still updating over this short hiatus is my other web comics effort butternutsquash co-written with my good friend rob coughler…

for those in the toronto area this weekend of may 8-9th feel free to swing by and say hello to myself and all the txcomics creators at the toronto comic arts festival being held at the toronto reference library. tcaf is a now yearly free event celebrating independent comics culture – don’t miss it!

…and i think that is all.

see you all on the 18th!

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ramón Pérez and Brian Manning, Daniel Hicken. Daniel Hicken said: RT @calaverakid: New Kukuburi!: get ready… [...]

  2. Matthew J. Smith says:

    Leaped over from PvP. Your comic is addictive and will be added to my collective. Well done!

  3. Don Ahe says:

    I saw you at TCAf, great panel discussion..awesome comic.

  4. Don Ahe says:

    It was nice to discover Kukuburi

  5. Nicole says:

    Great shot of Nadia! No pun intended! :)

  6. megan says:

    Oooh! Yay, coming back on my berfday! d(^.^d)

  7. Ithildyn says:

    Oy! New reader thanks indeed to your Pvp strip, this is awesome, you rock and everything. :D
    But, more specifically than praises, I dunno if it’s too late for small revisions on your French (might you have already got a book printed?) but here I go anyways:
    About “Remerciez les enfants”. Did you meant for Rendo to be telling/ordering the others to “thank the children”? If so, it’s alright.
    But if you meant “Thank the children” has an expression akin to “thank goodness”, then you might want to write “Merci aux enfants” instead.
    (where “thank” is a noun, as opposed to a verb in the current phrase)
    Either meaning that the strength or Nadia herself is what is being qualified of special, both will require the feminine form. (strength (force) is a feminine noun in French).
    Therefore, you should use “spéciale”.
    Do you meant “envoi” as in a package? If you meant as a person being sent by another, you might prefer “envoyée”.

    Otherwise, you’re pretty good! :D
    Keep on rocking, you awesome artist you!

    • Ramón says:

      thank you so much Ithildyn for your translation help! i will be editing for the print version in a few months – so if you don’t mind i may pick your brain then as well :)

  8. Mr. Fright says:

    Yeah, I’m a new reader because of PVP, and I love your stuff!

  9. Pat Whatley says:

    You know, I just figured out what’s going on with the delays….you’re holding out so you don’t have to send me my FABULOUS PRIZES for winning the “Guess What’s In The Box” contest.

    Just kidding man, this work of art is ALWAYS worth the wait! Can’t wait to buy it in book form.

  10. Simon says:

    So was nerding it up today, preparing for a D20 campaign, and I’m flipping through D20 Apocalypse when I realize, I vaguely recognize the Horseman of Pestilence. I shrug it off and keep flipping, trying to find some ideas, and i notice the Meatgrinders. suddenly it hits me. so, knowing what i’ll find, i flip to the front of the book, and DUDE, you drew my favorite evil robot pick in any book every. The Meatgrinders are my generic evil robot reference image. Since high school. I was a fan of yours back then. Also a major nerd, but that is beside the point.

  11. JefLebowski says:

    Ok, I am hooked.
    And my forecommenter said something about you doing RPG artwork? for d20?
    you got yourself a new devout fan I guess o.O

    • Restoration-Complete says:

      To compliment that specific genre, Ramon also did a LOT of artwork for the Rifts/Palladium universe.

      Glitter Boys 4 life!

      -unleashes his inner nerd!-

  12. Loopy says:

    Hey, May 18th is my birthday! I think that’ll be a special addition to my day.

  13. ArtiCat says:

    That image would ROCK as a download (minus the ‘Kukuburi returns May 18th’, of course). What’re the chances?

  14. Jeff says:

    IT’S THE 18th! AWWWW YEAH!!!

  15. BenNy says:

    it has been the 18th for a while now, but that’s just because u guys are just waking up and I’m goin to bed soon.

  16. Aedo says:

    To quote a similar sentiment:

    “Ohhh, it’s been St. Patrick’s day for HOURS and I’m still not drunk yet!”

  17. Nani says:

    On may 18th? Wow thats the same date as my birthday..anyway I love your comic,hope to see more pages soon.

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  25. Ramon also did a LOT of artwork for the Rifts/Palladium universe.

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