short and sweet

hey all,

keeping this simple as it’s been a crazy week and i’ve had about 12hrs sleep throughout the past 7 days. so, yeah, i need to crash… which i will do momentarily.

i had hoped to have a character update for today but it looks like a no go. i’ll try for next week, and then begin the story again come the 11th of may. as next week i will be prepping for tcaf being held locally in toronto on may 8th and 9th at the reference library. it’s free admission, so if you’re around please swing on by!

i’d like to do a print for the show…. any suggestions? i was thinking something along the lines of picnic in the valley of the sleeping giants… or maybe something showcasing the landscape and crazy creatures of kukuburi… thoughts?

oh, and the above doodle was done for matt forcum, of robot beach, at C2E2 a couple weeks ago. he was kind enough to send me a scan…

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  3. Restoration-Complete says:

    As far as a print for the show, Ramon, how about the Brigade de Chapeau, battlewhale and all, on a sea of manta, with Mr. Bones looming overhead like a giant. Classic villian pose, hands stretched greedily over the Brigade. Skew scale and proportion to exaggerate the menace imposed… cast against a yellow-ochre to violet faded sky… Ok, yeah, maybe I’d have to commission this… it sounds way too cool.

  4. Whosit says:

    I would suggest a nice inside view of Daddo’s library, with the various members of the cast (or at least Reggie and others of the Brigade du Chapeau) picking or enjoying their chosen literature. Either that, or something with aquatic life forms. Platypi, blue otters, orange whales… you’re the artist. I know you’ll wow the crowd, one way or another.

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  6. Aedo says:

    I’m voting on Morbo and any other character trying to play an Inbetween variant of chess.

  7. Indubitably says:

    My vote would be to see a 3 to 4 panel wide panoramic detailing the unique landscapes of Inbetween and it’s denizens (perhaps with spot cameos of some of our favorite cast members). Though I realize that panoramics don’t always translate well to prints unless there is deliberate effort to separate the panel edges so things don’t bleed over too much. So really, I think it would be awesome to see anything that details the flora and fauna such as the ‘Too Tall Giraffe’ (how many of you forgot about that guy all the way back at the beginning of the story) and the ‘Sky Otters’ are a among my favorites though. I’d love to see just what other whimsical creatures live in this universe that we haven’t seen yet.

  8. Jess says:

    Wow – lots of suggestions as to what you should create! I guess for my two cents I’d just say that your suggested valley of the sleeping giants theme intrigues me. I won’t be in Toronto anytime soon – but if you ever do get around to that – I’d be interested in buying one. Then again, I also liked the sleeping giants t-shirt idea. : )
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful art and the great story.

  9. Lauren Dunbarr says:

    this is so cute…kinda like you,Ramon!Except ur not all slimy…ur just cute.:P

  10. Nicole says:

    Great guest strip over at PVP, Ramon! :)

  11. Chris W. says:

    Followed the PvP guest strip over here, and I’m staying! This comic is awesome.

  12. Ezekial says:

    please keep this webcomic running! its very hard to find webcomic’s of this quality

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