Tweet Tweet Twiddle Twiddle…

there’s only one candy with the hole in the middle!

alright, i’m a tad delusional from lack of sleep. my apologies ;P

i’m home, returned from chicago’s c2e2, and working my proverbial butt off on dazzler and a handful of other things at the same time. i’d like to thank all who made it out to chicago’s first (and hopefully not the last!) comic’s convention and entertainment expo. i had a blast discovering the city and meeting all the great people that swung by my table – you know who you are! –  to make me feel at home. thank you – you made my experience exciting and memorable.

i’ve attached a couple of my favourite kukuburi related sketches that i did at the show. i did many more – but often forgot to take a photo.

i had originally planed to return kukuburi to it’s story updates next week, but things are looking grim as i am going to have to work through the weekend and into next week wrapping up my two current projects; dazzler and my regular monthly gig of max finder.

so look for thing to return to normal, or what passes for normal, on may 3rd.

this week’s update sees a little look into the bluebirds that seem to pepper kukuburi’s landscape and nadia’s dreams… if you haven’t check out the rest of the cast page, you should, you never know what you may learn…

till next week!

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  1. tudza says:

    “there’s only one candy with the hole in the middle!”

    Peanut butter cup, get down! BLAM BLAM BLAM!

    Now there are two.

  2. Chris Howard says:

    Wow, next time I’m asking for one of those sketches. Not that my Gungan and I aren’t quite happy together.

  3. Nicole says:

    Love the info on the blue bird. :)

  4. Monkey says:

    Thanks for coming out to Chicago, all of my other Rifts playing friends are quite jealous of my sketch. Did you manage everto find any good pizza while you were here?

    • Ramón says:

      i had a great time!

      and we did end up hitting a pizza joint not to far from our hotel. came highly recommended… though i can’t recall the name…. but it was tasty.

  5. mybret says:

    so nice bro..really

  6. smjjames says:

    So…. whats the next character bio going to be on? The manta things? Antonie the battlewhale? Mr Bones?

  7. yLanaRae says:

    …waiting… anxiously… wish i could have gone to chicago…

  8. Nickford says:

    Oh my god do you mean the max finder comic in the owl kids magazine?! thats so amazing!!! my little sister always gets annoyed with me cuz i always snag it before she gets a chance to read it lol

  9. Esn says:

    Those sketches are beautiful.

    I now find myself wishing that you had drawn all of Kukuburi with colour pencils instead.

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