a moment to catch my breath

greetings all,

as i mentioned last week i had taken on a new contract from marvel comics. it short and sweet, 11 pages of a upcoming dazzler special. unfortunately the deadline on the book is rather tight and the 11 pages will require all my attention over the coming weeks combined with the fact that next week i am losing 5 days in attending the chicago comic con. which i am quite looking forward too. for more info on the con check this blog post and please swing by if you can.

i made a promise to myself this year to put quality before quantity. so in an effort to keep that promise i will not be updating kukuburi for the next three weeks with story pages as i focus on the dazzler book. i however will be updating every tuesday with a new cast profile – which i haven’t done in some time. as many readers have noted the cast page tends to give little insights into kukuburi which might not be found in the ongoing story. fleshing out the world and it’s denizens a little more.

so this week i give you leonard, nadia’s molluscan mentor, followed with nug next week and another fine fellow the week after. the story pages will then resume on april 27th.

apologies for the brief story break – i hope you all understand. i’ll see you all next week accompanied by our favourite nugget of love.

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  2. LongCatIsLong says:

    And a complete newcomer gets to say FIRST.
    Three weeks? Dang. Take your time, Ramón. I know what busy is like.

  3. beaty_boop says:

    The art is so beautiful, the story so fascinating… these are the reasons I can’t stay away. So while I’m very happy with regular updates, I understand (most do) about commitments for the real life off the interweebs. I’ll stick around. I like the idea of the cast profiles.

  4. Sean says:

    Holy Serif, Batman! Great to see that the snail gets a close-up XD

  5. smjjames says:

    (referring to the profile page) So, that explains why his shell changed red at an earlier point in the comic.

  6. refinancing says:

    [...] KUKUBURI by Ramón Pérez » Archive » a moment to catch my breath [...]

  7. Chris Boyd says:

    Busy is good.
    You really don’t need to apologize. Kukuburi is a gem. And whenever a new episode appears it’s a treat.

    Can’t wait to see the Marvel special! And I’m looking forward to saying “Hi” at C2E2.

  8. Jess says:

    I don’t mind waiting… Thanks for all of the beautiful artwork and great storytelling.

  9. Kurt Busiek says:

    Today’s entry may be a time-saver/placeholder, but it would make a dandy T-shirt, wouldn’t it?

  10. Nicole says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Ramon. Enjoy the Marvel gig and have fun at the con.

    Great bio on Lenny. His shell is so purdy. :)

  11. You Sunk My Starship says:

    I agree with Kurt, it would make a cool T-shirt

  12. Jess says:

    Awesome image :D
    That just became my desktop at work. Day = brighter.

  13. Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

    Working is good. Gettin’ PAID is even better!
    We’ll be here.

  14. Sue says:

    Congratulations! I’ll gladly wait for more Kukuburi and am excited to see your Dazzler comic! :-)

  15. Ramón says:

    thank you all for the support :)

    wish me luck and i’ll be back shortly!

  16. Lurial says:

    I would SO buy a lenny shirt saying that. Hot damn!

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  18. Nicole says:

    Anyone have a theory on why Lenny isn’t part of La Brigade Du Chapeau?

  19. smjjames says:

    Nope. Could be because Lenny pretty much goes unnoticed most of the time.

    Theres probably some preresquite or test that is required to be in the La Brigade Du Chapeau since not everybody could be able to join. The Meep Brothers (those birds) were definetly imagined by Nadia during her childhood (as shown in one of the comic pages), Mr Bojangles is apparently known somehow in the Brigade and is in it despite being existing in reality. The two headed dragon was imagined by a pair of brothers and not Nadia, according to their profile, Nadia doesn’t come across as a tech or sci-fi geek to me, so I don’t think she imagined Zomgz. However, since Mr. Bones calls them her friends (and the apparent recognition of them), some of them could have been imagined by people she knew while growing up.

    • Restoration-Complete says:

      smjjames, Nadia created Morvo as well, and there is some hint that Morvo and Bojangles are brothers, although whether this is ‘camraderie’ or an actual kinship is still debatable until Ramon says otherwise, going on that assumption, it’s easy to assume as well that Mr. Bojangles would be chosen to coach and watch over Nadia until the time was right, as he most mimics a form you would find in the waking worlds.

      At this point however I have to wonder if she creates what is seen in the other world, or rather if the other world influences her creation/destruction. Obviously as you’ve mentioned there are things there that Nadia has never dreamed of, imagined, or even considered possible… Have these leftover remnants of someone elses visions, now very real and animated, left their impression on her before. For that matter, are some of the inhabitants mere collections of abstract thought? (Zomgz could very well BE the very embodiment of leetspeak/meme/sms messaging/pop tech culture that surrounds us, and hence created by mere coincidence)

  20. BrawnyDt says:

    Thanks for the pic, I just got me a new desktop image.

  21. Nicole says:

    Interesting thoughts. Thanks, y’all!

  22. smjjames says:

    @Restoration-Complete: Yea I see what you mean, back where she was getting drugged by the frooms, there is a frame where you can partially see what might be Morvo.

    Alot of those giants seem to be based on movie monsters (probably Ramon’s doing), but since they aren’t in the Underside and so, technically aren’t nightmares, even though theres likely a couple of horror/thriller movie and b-movie monsters there, their proximity to the gateway between the two worlds (or maybe the closest to the Brigade at that time?) could mean that they almost straddle the line bewteen the two. Still though, I’m overanalyzing things I don’t really need to analyze so much.

  23. J says:

    don’t worry man, paying gigs trump internet gigs. :)

  24. cc says:

    NNNNNoooooooooo. Good luck with the Marvel job.

  25. Mara says:

    Love this comic! Read it over the last… hour? The art is beautiful.

    And hey, you’ll be continuing on my birthday!

    • Restoration-Complete says:

      He’ll be in Chicago on mine… Tempted to drive out to C2E2 and visit… but… it IS my birthday…

  26. Malik says:

    I ain’t mad at ya. Do your thing an when you holla back we’ll be right here.

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