so ends this weeks fun!

this scene was an interesting one for me, s it had been in the back of my mind for a while, but i had often pictured it further along in the story . sometimes though i find the characters will take me on a different path than i had envisioned. it’s like they’re telling me their story.

this week also sees a couple additions to the FAN ART GALLERY by Stephen Wallace and Nicholas Myers. if you have a moment and the inkling feel free to share your vision of the kukuburi universe!

till next week my friends…

UPDATE / March 23rd: this week’s kukuburi pages are inked and ready to be coloured, unfortunately i have to go teach. tomorrow morning starts off with a couple of meetings but i should have this week’s update up by tomorrow evening. till then!

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  1. Nicole says:

    lol @marinated_fish!!! :D

  2. marinated_fish says:

    fleshing out characters gains a whole new meaning by this.

  3. Chris Boyd says:

    So cool. This new – what ever it is exactly that’s going on – took me completely off guard.

    Wow, the suspense is killing me.

  4. bobWeaver says:

    …recoiling, with EVIL GLEE!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Go Team Evil!

  5. Rayjay says:

    I dunno… it makes sense that this is something he planned… but the last panel almost looks like he’s recoiling.

  6. saintsbaby says:

    Holy crap! I can’t wait to see what he looks like. Do us proud Ramon!

  7. Missyluff says:

    Please don’t have him look ugly…please don’t have him look ugly…please don’t have him look ugly. …

    LOVE IT! Cant wait for more! :]

  8. Joe says:

    Went back and looked. Guess I was mistaken.

  9. Joe says:

    Umm, he took his glove off when he touched her forehead a few strips ago…

  10. usivius says:

    HOLY FU–!

  11. smjjames says:

    He’ll already be pimpy enough with that outfit.

    It may take away from his evilness quoteient, depending on how he eventually looks. Some kind of mobster look could work, except he would need a fedora type hat, and that two headed dragon already has a fedora.

  12. Nana Baba says:

    and let her keep her pericings and give him some. like some kind of punk pimp!
    and freak him out by letting her hit on him!
    and will his name still be mister bones?

  13. dlaiyre says:

    Interesting to note that Mr.Skull knew what was going to happen here, I didn’t notice at first — but his glove is off.

    Very Interesting :o

  14. Solteur says:

    Nevermind me, just hanging from this cliff here…

  15. Sam4books says:

    This is bound to mess up at one point…

    …Yup, this is going to blow up in his face.

    And then…

    …No wait. Aw crap, it’s a double negative anyways! Curses!

  16. Aedo says:

    What is interesting to me, artistically, is that the entire scene is completely inscrutable without the thumbnail on Mr. Bones’ hand. Furthermore, inasmuch as I generally dislike speculation on the plot of any comic, I propose that what is happening is still less than positive for Nadia and probably a move forward for the aforementioned “Mr. Bones”.

  17. Lee Cherolis says:

    I finally figured it out!

    Panel 3 reminds me of the old Terminator toys where you used pink playdough to put skin on Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, which you can rip off to simulate battle damage like in the movie.
    This is awesome!

  18. … still boggling. Quick, anti-toxin. Must… visit… cute… overload…

  19. Or maybe they make out now????????????????

  20. Acher4 says:

    Oh no!

  21. I tell everyone I know to go and love

  22. Now Nadia can punch him in his nose.

  23. mykie says:

    holy wow…

    the crackles under her eye, the angle of Mr. Bones’ sinister-ness. amazing as always.
    damn you and your addictive cliffhangers…

  24. saqueas says:

    Just started reading this tonight, but this is terribly awesome.
    I can’t want to see what happens *_*

  25. Blackwater says:

    Um, Is it me or is Bonzy getting all…pink?

  26. Richard says:

    If this is what Mr. Bones is wanting to happen I imagine him in panel one silently muttering “yes….” and in panel two elevating his voice to “Yes…..” then in panel three exploding into “YES!” and evil laughter flowing behind him.

  27. Hazelaar says:


    I had been thinking that whatever was going to happen was going to be bad for Nadia since the light(?) seemed to be coming from where Mr. Bones tapped her on the head, but I wasn’t thinking anything like what looks to be happening. But then I suppose I should be used to the story being unpredictable for me. ^ ^

    So is Nadia going to be a skeleton for a while now? (That’s what looks like is happening to me.) Or is the hat going to arrive in time to stop the switch? Or something totally different could happen, of course. Either way, curse your comic which is this constant stream of cliff-hangers. :3