week’s end

smjjames is right, it’s been a hellish week. nothing bad per se, just a whole lot of chaos. this week there have been too many nights where i’m at the studio working till 6am, rushing home for a nap, and then returning back at 9am-ish. my brain is fried and i’m tired.

i’ve already drawn this week’s update but haven’t have had time to colour it, hence since this week is essentially over, i’m going to take the weekend to colour it and post the three pages tue, wed, and thurs. i’m pretty happy with this sequence and look forward to sharing it with you.

just thought i’d let you all know. have a great weekend and see you on tuesday morning bright and early!



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  1. smjjames says:

    In before people start throwing fruit at me. I had no intention of delaying the comic, was just making an observation in the comments of the last page.

    As for the pages, I wouldn’t mind seeing them released uncolored as I understand that you’ve been having a busy week.

  2. Sam says:

    No worries as a graphic designer I know how head draining it is to work ridiculously long hours and try to keep your creative sanity. Have a great weekend, get refreshed we can wait.

  3. pasha says:

    Ey, no worries! :) Life happens and there are more important things for you to be doing than updating kukuburi.

  4. Odo says:

    :( :( :(

    On the other hand, I do not think it is possible to do good work on only three hours of sleep — not for long, at any rate.

  5. Sean says:

    Enjoy the rest!

  6. Sylph says:

    Creative sanity? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    • Sam says:

      Not when you work a lot of overtime and come back only after a few hours of sleep on a regular basis. Your mind turns to mush and any creative thing you try to do seems way out there.

  7. Moop says:

    no worries about the delay. it’s your baby, you’re sharing it with us for free, and it’s worth waiting for. delayed quality is far preferable to having something that is on time yet sub-par.

    thanks for sharing Kuku with us!! :D

  8. BenNy says:

    does anyone find it interesting that a Lot of different kinds of people read this comic?
    seeing as we all come from different backgrounds?

  9. Gray says:

    Your art is fantastic, and the storytelling is lovely. I’ve been enjoying every step of this. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  10. Since it’s 2AM and I am wondering if I should get on with proofing 144 pages of prepress for a catalog…

    SO I HEAR YA….

    And for such good stuff, I can wait…

  11. kristina says:

    can’t wait!! love it as always Ramon!

  12. troy says:

    Dude, don’t kill yourself…it’s always worth the wait! We all understand! Enjoy the well earned rest.

  13. Nicole says:

    Have a great weekend, Ramon! :)

  14. Daniel says:

    3 hours of sleep can give you aphasia, if you do it long enough – and that really sucks – can’t learn words/find the right words. Not fun. Here’s hoping you don’t have to run yourself ragged like this for much longer!

  15. coolbreeze says:

    Hang in there Ramon. Cain’t wait to see the next few pics.

  16. Catiris says:

    It’s definitely worth waiting for… this is SO CLIMATIC……….!

  17. Rayni says:

    Don’t feel you have to make excuses! Your fans are here because they love the comic. No one’s blaming you for a postponement. :)

  18. ketosis says:

    dude, ya gotta get the marrow out of life, it does involve sucking to a degree, but your sucking the best stuff, it dont matter then…

  19. Andrew O. says:

    Hey, Ramon!

    Just a shout-out to tell you to not worry about losing people or having nasty complaints from sensible delays – Kuku’s so awesome in both the storytelling and art, it’s like your birthday or Christmas or something – it makes it worth the wait.

    3 hours sleep?
    Eep, man!
    Don’t fry yourself on our account…or maybe you just really get into it.

  20. Steve W says:

    Hey Ramon don’t sweat it man. Looking forward to the updates and I think we all hope that you were able to get some rest over the weekend.

  21. Restoration-Complete says:

    It’s nice that one day we’ll look back on these days fondly as the beta testing of the Kukuburi book, motion picture, action figure line (Reggie with LED Zim-Zam-ZZBRAM action!) and know that we watched this world take form.

    • Odo says:

      *snarf* Hero-clix figures for Rendo and Reggie and Nadia and Mr. Bones. Oh, and of course we cannot forget Antoine. *feeling mildly antic*

  22. If this ever becomes an animated project (and it really should), I call dibs on voicing Mr. Bones!! Or at least having the chance to audition…

  23. week’s end says:

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