made some slight tweaks to the dialogue to page 155. it was stuff i had in originally but removed last minute thinking the brevity of mr. bone’s dialogue would translate nicely. overall it didn’t. i think the addition of the two words does add in a smoother transition and actually works better with today’s instalment.

next week; things… explode :)

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  1. smjjames says:

    Man, from the twitter, sounds like Ramon is having a really busy week.

  2. Nicole says:

    @Ty: I’m sure Ramon wouldn’t mind fan art. He has a whole section of it on the Kukuburi main page. :)

  3. Shaide says:


  4. Miraran says:

    I think the link between Nadia’s drawings and such and the Inbetween is something of a two-way process. Nadia’s been living in her private fantasy world for years, only to find it wasn’t as much of a fantasy as the imagined.

    Whatever Mr. Bones, or his master, is calling up from Nadia’s imagination here can’t be good, he’s deliberately feeding her negative emotions. Where is Morvo indeed. (which makes me wonder; what type of hat doés she get? My money is on the Magician’s Top-hat)

    Also, the lizard ran. It’s never good when the lizards run.

  5. Ty says:

    Good lord.
    See, this is one of the best stories Ive found online, one of the best villains Ive found anywhere, AND some of the best art Ive seen applied to a webcomic.
    Im not usually inclined towards fanart, but would you mind terribly if I were to do a piece or two? Your characters are lovely.

  6. kelsey says:

    I would break his neck.

  7. Sylph says:

    Oh my gawd this is why I love this comic!! Kukuburi PUNT plz.
    I love everything, that’s all I can say, every detail just sings.
    @West Palm Beach criminal attorney: should you be inciting others to borderline criminal acts like stealing intellectual property?

  8. ssssnow says:

    i just found this KUKUBURY a few days ago, and i devored it!

    really excellent work!!!! this deserve all the praise it gets… i like everything about it, but the visual narrative is prime level! … really endorphine realeasing stuff

  9. Nana Baba says:

    Ohhhhhh! Bring up the parents!!! That is so star wars!

  10. Bros says:

    I might be disappointed if it’s not Marcellus Wallace’s soul.

  11. Ok new plan, someone need to become personal friends with Ramon and figure out when the box is getting there and what’s in it. This person might have to promise not to tell, when this is done make sure fingers are crossed. After this post it everywhere, I want to see inside the box quite badly.

  12. Paul says:

    This story is fantastic! Pure Genius!! I am having SO much fun reading it… I can wait to see more!

  13. toryoom says:

    This needs to be a movie.


    …I just wanted to mention that. You rock, sir.

  14. Evanrude says:

    Oh. Snap.
    Come ooooooon. I want to see Nadia kick this guy right in the stones. >_<

  15. Odo says:

    Love the detail of the lizards looking at the crack in 155, then running for cover in this page.

  16. Nicole says:

    @Xenon and Ael: My thoughts exactly!!!

  17. smjjames says:

    @Argent Stonecutter: Which emperor?

    Anyways, Mr. Bones is definetly a representation of death, so theres some truth to his words. Since much (or some? or all?) of the world of Kukuburi was imagined by Nadia as a child and later as a teenager (the rock monsters), so maybe Mr.Bones is derived from a representation of death that Nadia drew as a child (or a teenager, given the outfit) as a way to blame death for ‘taking’ her parents.

    • Odo says:

      Actually, he denied being “Death” in one of the early pages, and has done nothing to contradict that initial statement. That he *is* responsible for the death of Nadia’s parents was established in one of the flash-back comics, where the truck that causes the crash is accompanied by the manta-thingies.

    • Odo says:

      I’m not sure that the Inbetween was created by Nadia so much as she was in contact with it, so that some of her drawings are from mental contact. Rendo and the Brigade seem to predate Nadia. On the other hand the nightmare monsters are clearly stolen from her imagination by the frooms, and I suspect that what is coming from the crack is taken from another of the drawings that she made. In that case, however, the drawing was made *prior* to her parents’ death, and she seemed happy with it.

  18. Ael says:

    Been reading for a few months, never commented until now. Mainly because I’ve never had a physical reaction to a comic panel like I just did.

    Dear God, you’re good.

  19. Annalia says:

    Awesome awesome awesome!

    Every time I tell myself I should wait a month and read a bunch of pages together for better suspense, but I just CAN’T. This is too good. You rock. :D

  20. Xenon says:

    Buh, guh, wanna….HOLY CRAP!

  21. Grace says:

    Man, do I love this comic. Ramon, I don’t care how long we have to wait for pages, it is TOTALLY worth it. You rock.

  22. Mesothelioma says:

    Uh-oh things are about to very poorly or very well either way. Explosion here we come.

  23. Pizzasgood says:

    @Mani: Aha! That’s what the name of that movie was. I saw it a couple times when I was little. I just YouTubed the ending because I didn’t remember what you’re talking about. No, that’s not really what I’m thinking of. I was thinking of something more dragon-like. Some examples:

    But something very large. Large enough that a clan of ninja monkeys could live on/in/with it. (The ninja monkeys are for close quarters defense.)

    Normally violence is not the answer. But if the violence is going to be exacted by a tree dragon and its symbiotic ninja monkeys, then it is ALWAYS the answer!

  24. Fable says:

    just want her to hook a few fingers in that jaw bone right now and pull, so would be the end of Mr. Bones’s high and mighty attitude, I should think ;)

  25. Seolyk says:

    This needs to be turned into an audio play or something, the dialogue is just amazing!

  26. Nicole says:

    He. Is. A. BASTARD.

    Oh, I really worry that her anger and hate are bringing more and greater nightmares for Mr. Bones to control.


  27. oceancat says:

    I haven’t posted here before, but man, I just had to, ’cause this is some seriously good stuff. Absolutely gorgous – the wording, the artwork – all of it.

    The last panel made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

  28. Mani says:


    @ Pizzasgood: That tree-dragon taking down a big evil skeleton reminds me a lot of the ending of Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest – that what you had in mind?

    @ Ramon: Which two words did you re-insert on page 155? Just out of curiosity.

    And I continue to love how his jaws never exactly fit together. I like it. It’s a level of cartoonishness in a character built entirely around being suave, sleek, composed, and together – that, regardless, still fits despite all that. It’s a great little artistic signature.

  29. Steve W says:

    someone’s getting a beat-ing!

  30. Mani says:

    Ramon. I absolutely love that you can see Nadia’s expression (only the important part too!) through the spaces in Mr. Bones’ skull and jaw as he leans to whisper in her ear.

    That’s just an amazing and beautifully executed level of detail and visual coherency. And if you didn’t know that already you deserve to now. Wow.

    That said, based especially on what he says here, I now think I have a pretty good guess as to who/what Mr. Bones is, at the very least.

    I wonder if those cracks in the ground are:
    1. Mr. Bones’ doing.
    2. More nightmares waking.
    3. Nadia’s doing.
    4. All of the above.

    And whichever they are – I wonder if that’s a good or bad thing for Nadia (or, since what’s “good” for Nadia might be difficult to say depending on who/what Mr. Bones is, whether that’s a good or bad thing for Mr. Bones).

  31. Joanna says:


  32. usivius says:

    hm, me thinks goading Nadia and make her create more nightmarish stuff erupting from the ground is exactly what Mr. Bones wants …
    Nadia! remember what John Lennon said! “All you need is love!” …

  33. Reidic says:

    OMFG Ramon!!!! This stuff is crazy-go-nuts, and as others said, Mr. Bones is so evil it isn’t funny. I also can’t wait to see Nadia’s chapeau and see what sort of bad-assery is unleashed when she puts it on her noggin.

  34. I also love Dr. Pepper.

  35. Dr. Pepper says:

    When. Are we gonna see. What’s in. THE MOTHER FUCKING BOX?!

  36. Secundus says:

    Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate, hate leads to suffering.
    I sense ulterior motives in Mr. Bones’ words.

  37. csk says:

    oh my… evilness! I totally think of Scar throwing Mufasa in that last panel… @_@

  38. BrawnyDt says:

    Wow… that’s going to haunt me. Very intimate and powerful last panel. I almost heard him whispering in my ear… so epic!

  39. P.P.S. This is epic work in the making.

  40. Don’t forget to fix P1 page 153. It fits less and less as you travel forward.

    The Bad Guy.

  41. Ramon, I love you.
    This is great.
    J Ohm

  42. Danny says:

    also, the details and imagery you’ve been making continue to be simply astounding. thanks ramon!

  43. Danny says:

    maybe an enormous bluebird FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL. that would be METAL. rarrgh.

  44. Moop says:


    shiver me timbers, but this is a friggin’ awesome comic!!!!

  45. Pizzasgood says:

    I see the ground cracking. Looks like Nadia’s about to give Mr. Bones a lesson in Torment. Here’s hoping it takes the form of a giant tree-dragon that will explode out of the depths to wreak some arboreal havoc on Mr. Bones and his forces. : ]

  46. Missyluff says:

    I love Mr. Bones! :D so evil!

    I also love how much emotion shows in the little portions we see of Nadia here. :] You have inspired me so much with this comic! It’s amazing!