y’know i think this is the quietest mr. bones has ever been :P

just a reminder i might be taking kukuburi down this weekend to transfer it’s contents and build the new site. most likely i’m thinking sunday night. but knowing all the other stuff going on this weekend… who knows if i’ll even get around it…

have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Indique says:

    *pook* is that the here’s-my-legacy move from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? All his teachings are conveyed in that touch, and now it just takes time for them to ripen and be accessible. Oh this is awesome!

  2. Thank you Ramon, I never doubted your mojo.

    This page is stunning, as usual.

  3. Jess says:

    LOL Danny… literally! Now my fellow prairie dogs are all wondering what I’m laughing about… best get back to work!

  4. xmorgan says:

    he is a mad dresser…

  5. Nicole says:

    LOL @ Argent Stonecutter and Danny! :D Pop Culture WINS!!

  6. Danny says:

    MR BONES has poked you. (Poke back/Remove)

  7. Nana Baba says:


  8. Nadia will never be able to properly attack out of anger against Mr. Bones. It’s like trying to put out a fire with Gasoline. Loves the only way.

  9. “My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts”

  10. Sean says:

    lovin’ this page in the comic. I think that it may come out to be a turning-point, in the development of the story, and the skull is so blessed straightforward – really admirable from a villain, – or is he a villain, if the nightmare creatures are not his but rather creations of the human visitors to the Inbetween? Looking forward to seeing how the story develops!

    Let alone, the artwork in the page.

    I’m coming more from a literary background, so that’s what I focus on – the story-telling. The artwork is awseome, though. I just don’t have a a lot of experience in commenting about it. This comic kicks though!

  11. MyPalMark says:

    I’m a comic artist myself, and I WISH i can draw as fantastic as you! This comic is SPECTACULAR! Please tell me Kukuburi will be available in print soon!

  12. Bozz says:

    Just found this, and it is INCREDIBLE. Haha! The style is so freaking awesome.

    Call up Tim Burton – This is cinema worthy.

  13. Good luck with the new site build, they never are quite as easy or better yet seamless as one would want them to be. Great strip today can’t wait to see this hardside one day. Just read the whole thing straight through over and over again.

  14. Nicole says:

    Oooh, what’s gonna happen???? *bites nails like Lee*

    I just noticed Mr. B and Nadia are wearing the same colors. Important or red herring? I just dunno.

  15. Mani says:

    Haha, yes – I knew Mr. Bones would be able to handle some fisticuffs. C’mon Nadia, crank it up, start throwin’ around some mind-bombs or singing-bird-bombs with your imaaaaaaagination.

  16. Lee Cherolis says:

    Nadia! Bringin’ the pain! Mr. Bones! My fist, your face.

  17. as363 says:

    Too early to think – I’ll just wait .

  18. Odo says:

    Hmmm…. The physical is out. That was always going to be too easy a way to end it.

    But I do not believe that Mr. Bones knows what awaits him. The probing finger, letting Nadia encounter Mr. Bones on a plane even closer to her true nature…. I foresee a return to the dreamworld, and I foresee the rock and the snail intervening yet again.

    Of course I can foresee all I like. As the lines go: “I can call spirits from the vasty deep.” “Aye, but do they come when you do call for them?”

  19. Frelance says:

    Panel 2 pose is super

  20. brad says:

    I love the no blackline btwn his finger and her forehead, another great page.

  21. gweezer says:

    damn….its over :(

    i just found this comic tonight, and i have to say-fucking incredible! i can not WAIT for the next updates!!

  22. Simon says:

    interesting. but i have a feeling he’s not taking his full due of the credit. thouhg who knew a poke to the forehead could have so much meaning.