good morning folks.

little bit tired here, the days have been packed to the brim of late allowing me very little spare time to focus on my favourite little things. but i’m persevering – cause i want to see this book come out this fall if i can!

thanks you all for coming up to bat for me over the comments over the past couple updates regarding my dedication and professionalism. i love kukuburi, but it is something i do in my spare time. and when i say spare time it’s not like i dedicate an hour or two and then i’m done. a page alone can take up to 16-20 hrs to do from start to finish and i’m not including writing and layouts. so all in all i’m spending about 3-4 full work days on kukuburi every week, which i don’t mind doing, but then that leaves me 4-3 days for butternut (my other webcomic), corporate work, a life, and all the curve balls life throws at you from time to time. i wish i could update kukuburi everyday, but it’s just not financially plausible.

i’m not complaining, i love what i do, but when people attack my professionalism it kinda irks me as i’ve been a professional illustrator/cartoonist for almost 15 years.

that said, here is part one of this weeks update, part two will be going up thursday afternoon.



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  1. Frank says:

    Holy Crap! I can hear her! This is just too great for words

  2. Alison says:

    Poor Ramon! I’d always rather wait until the artist is happiest with the work … artists should always be happy :)
    I don’t get too much of this yet but there was a bit of grumbling when I recently dropped down to once a week updates. Fortunately the people who actually read my comments came to my defense: having a baby definitely slows you down!

    • Kookaburra8su says:

      We are getting something for free from people who care, nurture, dedicate themselves to something they adore and who provide even when dealing with the unexpected.
      I don’t care to hear from the grumbling of do nothing selfish bullies, always wanting something for nothing and wanting it now. Delete them all I say!
      With patience, care, understanding and heaps of encouragement, the best things grow!

      Alison – Bear Nuts, GREAT STUFF!
      Ramón – take your time, the best stuff is worth the wait.

  3. Alex says:

    If people want full stories instantly then they should buy a comic book. If they want something updated daily then they should read any of the countless terrible online comics which are shit scribbles with a very poor story based around generic characters. If you want something which is interesting as a story and visually outstanding then they shouldn’t care about the time it takes.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s fucking brilliant.

  4. Lurial says:

    I would ignore any comments that whine and complain about updates. It’s nice that you’re sharing this with us in the first place, for free! Do what you enjoy – we have no right to impose anything upon you unless we’re shelling out cash for it.

  5. bebarce says:

    Seriously absolutely know reason to complain. However, if one were to complain about more frequent updates to “she’s my kind of girl”…

    I kid, I kid…

    (but only a little)


    As a Creative Pro myself, I have some idea the time commitment a decent comic takes. And you make an OUTSTANDING comic. I’ve no cause complaints. Sure I’d love to see the Cottin Candy World more regularly, but I’ve no CAUSE to complain.

    Unless you were making proper real income from a labor of love, folks just need to BACK THE FRAK OFF YA. Heck, I even give Fred slack with the notoriously skittish Megatokyo. Heh heh.. he had a KID last year, I KNEW that was gonna happen.

    Carry on. And have a LIFE too, okay?


  7. Evanrude says:


    Sorry that people have attacked your credibility and professionalism.
    People NEED To realize that with as much time as this takes, it MUST take back-shelf when compared to going out and earning a living!

    I remember when I used to wait very patiently for new animations from . Sometimes it was 6 months to a year between the episodes. People would be on that website saying the foulest, meanest things, but the animation, music production, etc, takes a LOT of time, especially when all the talent involved have other jobs.

    Anyway. Yup. People need to just be patient. But, what I’d do, to keep the animals from freaking out anymore, is change your header like Rand says *points up at Rand*. Change the banner, give it a more open ended frame. “Updates when possible” , “Updates Weekly”, something other than “Updates Tuesday & Thursday” will give you a bit more leeway to fudge the days around without people going all screwy *lol*

    Now, on to other things!

    That last panel is gorgeous. Keep up the good work sir!

  8. John D. Lund says:

    You’ve had complaints about the updates, that’s crazy. It’s like demanding nine to five attendance for a job that does not pay you. Whenever there is a new Kukuburi or Butternut Squash I’m thrilled. They are a part of a series of webcomics I read regularly during my breakfast every morning as I prep myself for work and the latest research question or archives conundrom. But I am a patient soul I have been waiting over a year for the creator(s) of Radioactive Panda to come out with Stone Clouds. :)

  9. kristina says:

    omg! I would SO love it if you were able to come out with a book by this fall!! I would so buy one!

  10. Rand says:

    Maybe remove “tuesdays & thursdays” from the top banner and replace with “Updates as possible” to reset viewer expectations. I love the story and art and eagerly await each update. Thanks Ramon for this strange new world we get to play in. Also, really looking forward to the print edition.

  11. Scott Bieser says:

    It’s weird how people get a sense of entitlement for something they don’t pay for. While of course I wish you could update Kukuburi more frequently, I understand how much effort is required to create a quality comic like this and I’m quite content to wait as long as it takes for the next installment. I just keep this on my RSS feed and check it every few days, and when there’s a new update, it’s icing on my cake.

  12. DavinciCoder says:

    I added a toolbar button to kukuburi to remind myself to check it. I appreciate what you’ve given, and I appreciate the anticipation of receiving more. Thanks Ramon.

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  14. Sylph says:

    I don’t think you should have to work under some kind of “deadline” when you’re doing this for pleasure, Ramon. I don’t like deadlines (They stress, and tend to make me feel belligerant about the project) and I don’t hink something that’s supposed to be fun should be a source of stress.
    I love this comic, don’t let the fudy-dudies convince you that it’s not worth it!
    Oh, the anticipation!

  15. Sean says:

    People do not want you to be the best you that you can be. People want you to be the you that’s most convenient for them. I’ll bet fans of your other work wish you would stop doing Kukuburi and stay focused on that other project.