so, uhm, yeah… i promised four pages this week, and while i have all four drawn and inked, i’m running pretty ragged this week and still have a tonne of work to do before the week is out. so i, being the bastard that i am, am going to renege on the promise of four and just deliver two. i need to make my week more manageable but at the same time it gives me a jump start on next week and hopefully steps towards an actual buffer.

i hope you understand.

…tune in tomorrow night for the result of todays impactful panels!

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  1. Jess says:

    Always worth the wait… ALWAYS!!!! Thanks Ramon, for all of the beauty and excitement!

  2. Ryan says:

    It’s called an RSS feed. Get over yourselves and unmet promises and whatnot!

    Also, Ramon: you rock! Any plans to sell a printed collection? Or a Morvo plush?

  3. brightshade says:

    Oh shyte! And the kark koom is a great sound effect and I love how it blurs into the motion rather than floating on top. wow wow wow.
    oh the humanity! Or is that the chapeauxity…

  4. Badtrak says:

    Leaving the drama behind, wetdryvac has a point.
    Ramon provides a wonderful experience with his work. The fact that he is not able to deliver on time, as a devoted reader, it disapoints a little but It’s NOT the end of the world.

    Ramon is a professional and his apologies are well accepted.

  5. TauCeti says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Also, where is Rendo? Last I saw, he was slightly ahead of Mr B. I really hope he’s ok.

    • Jess says:

      Please tell me those are Rendo’s little leg/tentacles just to the left of the K from “Koom”?!?! I don’t want him to be squooshed!

  6. Oh MAN! This is so effing good!

  7. Mesothelioma says:

    This is getting unruly, I need closure, sweet graphic closure, everyday is a cliff hanger… not even Stallone could take this.

    Nice post, see you tomorrow.

  8. Hierlekin says:

    Wow…some of y’all need to relax, maybe sip a beer or two in a lounge chair before getting all heated & up in arms. Mr. Perez has other stuff going on at times, this is (I believe) more of a serious hobby that sometimes gets interupted by Life then a personal decision to fail to deliver a promised update.

    Great job and looking forward to the next update!

  9. Tim says:

    You guys it’s a freaking webcomic, don’t be so serious. Bas, Wetdryvac, i think you guys need to relax, Ramon doesn’t owe you anything.

    Thanks for the brilliant work Ramon!

  10. wetdryvac says:

    In terms of professionalism: If you can’t keep a schedule, don’t offer or promise one. I read a lot of comics and other things which are published as able rather than on-schedule, and that’s just fine. However, amongst the people who read this comic in my associates, there’s an increasing degree of annoyance. Renege on a promise, and those people go to read something else. It’s not the quality of the comic, which is outstanding, but the solid assurance that when you state, “I will do this,” You often don’t.

    Today, you lost two readers – probably permanently – from my associates for that reason.

    If you don’t know, don’t make the claim. If you can’t be sure, don’t make the claim. Since you have a track record of not being able to follow through on such claims, perhaps it would suit to say, “I’ll update as I can, with no set schedule.” Your RSS feed will ensure that those who wish to can find out the moment you put out new material, and many others will keep visiting your site. Right now, however, I too am walking away for a month – and turning off my RSS feed. In a month, if the pattern repeats, I walk away for good.

    State what you will do and stick to it, even if that is, “I’m no longer keeping a schedule, I’ll just post these as I’m able.” The work is lovely, but I don’t do business (and reading your comic is business) with those who can’t keep their word.

    • Lee Cherolis says:

      Oh come ON, wetdryvac.

      Dial the drama back down from 11 would yah? Valid points and all, but you made them more for the benefit of all the other fans who don’t seem as bothered as you by Ramón’s updating frequency. That’s why you did it in a public comment thread and not by emailing Ramón directly.

      I keep seeing this with webcomic readers, this personal offense they get when they feel an author has let them down. It’s between you and Ramón, we all don’t care.

      I’ll wait however long it takes for the next page and I’ll buy the book when it comes out.

      • Kenneth says:

        I totally agree, Lee.

        This service is free. Well no, actually it isn’t free. Ramon pays for the site and invests a fair amount of time and a great deal of talent in it. Those who don’t appreciate those points don’t deserve access to it.

        Ramon also has to make a living and have time for himself. Enjoy it or walk away. Those who walk away because they aren’t getting their free entertainment fast enough are probably better off elsewhere anyway.

    • Fitz says:

      Dude, it’s FREE. If you can’t deal with it, don’t read it. The man has REAL PAYING WORK to do and STILL finds the time to give us this for free. I’m in awe of his dedication to his fans, his art, and his vision for keeping this going. Like Lee said, take it up with Ramón in private instead of letting us all know how important you think you are.

  11. RKay says:

    Danger from Above, giant claw attacking battle whale…

    Had to go back in the archives to double check…

    I’m thinking pg 78 may be showing up to the fight !o_o!

  12. Nicole says:

    Holy crap! O_O

    Boy, that sure puts the nightmares’ size in perspective. I think I just peed meself!

    Ahem. Anyhoo, I totally ditto what as363 says. No need to apologize, Ramon. Just bring the comic at your pace. :)

  13. Max says:

    The packet!!!
    Somehow I waited for something like this. The Mantas were just a distraction, clouding around them and keeping them busy while the real attack was prepared.
    Man, I hope Nadia kicks it up a notch. I don’t see La Brigade recovering from that…

  14. as363 says:

    Take all the time that you need – the agony of not getting gobs of instant pleasure is overwhelmed by the sheer joy of the scenes when they do appear .

  15. usivius says:

    more. More! MORE!
    sorry, luv it. Must have this in a bound format.

  16. Hazelaar says:

    Ho crap! 0.0

    At first I thought ‘uh-oh, did I miss them waking up one of the giants?’, but then I realized the coloring looks more like the nightmares. If that’s the case, then I’m a bit shocked; I had no idea they’re that big!

  17. Evanrude says:

    Woooooo! *settles back into his chair and enjoys his Kukuburi fix*

  18. Bas Grolleman says:

    Writing a comic is hard work, don’t apologize for not making it, that just makes me notice it more.

    My advise is to look at your schedule and figure out what you can do, if that would mean 1 comic every 2 weeks on a fixed day than that would sadden us, but if you always make that (and maybe even have a few comics prepared) that sure would make you feel a lot better and look a lot more professional.

  19. Danny says:

    uh-oh. here come the nightmares. I hope zomgz is alright!

  20. Jalule says:

    Man, I haven’t been in this comic for a while now… we’ve been busy making some really special pages, huh?!

    I want to rip that little skeleton a new one. Oh he SOOO deserves it.

    And bojangles?

    Yes, I’ll vouch for the ‘im-holding-on-4-dear-life-but-too-cool-to-show-it’ approach. XD

  21. Kristina says:

    not the whale!

  22. fount says:


  23. Moop says:

    package is still in tact, though…..but, in whose hands?

    ::bites nails nervously::

  24. Sean says:

    The lizard fellow seems gallantly unperturbed

  25. smjjames says:


    That battlewhale is probably done for.