sometimes a smarmy attitude will get you nowhere…

(and now it’s time to go fill my tummy with food. tasty tasty food! i am so hungry.)

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  1. Jacob Hubbell says:

    Oh no…

  2. Badtrak says:

    something wicked this way comes!
    Good name, classic, kind of obvious.
    Master of Calcium
    Bones, James Bones
    Johnny “Skinny Legs” Skull

    Haha XD

  3. smjjames says:

    lol!, way to go with the fan based name for the guy.

    Don’t really get what Rendo’s and Mr Bojangles reaction is all about.

    They are close enough to hear the both of them, and Nadia can probably see her pet cameleon, soo…..

  4. Fitz says:

    I think it’s more of a case of them sensing some sort of shift in the fabric of that place. By naming him she’s either done something REALLY GOOD…. or REALLY BAD. Based on the twisted and devious nature of our resident artistic genius….. it’s probably something completely different.

  5. Danny says:

    Woah Jeez. This sounds like something Mr. Bones has been waiting for. I can’t wait to figure out what the heck his game is…so many little details! Amazing how it seems like nothing can happen in this world without Nadia being the storyteller – she cheats at Battleship, creates the Bluebird, brings in the little red guy and the nightmares, and now names Mr. Bones. Cool.

  6. andypolky says:

    he who has no name has been named… complete paradigm shift!

  7. Odo says:

    Names have power. I have been calling him Mr. Bones since my first comment, just as a way to reference him, because he clearly wasn’t Death.

    Names have power. He was just a minion of Him who is the Opposing Power to The Lady (based on something Leonard said). Now, he may be more, or may simply be able to manifest more. But the naming itself inherently changes the Inbetween. Notice that Nadia has not been “named” (yet). She is still in the process of becoming even though Mr. Bones may think that he knows what she is. I notice that he is not reacting to the Naming, at least in this strip.

    Notice also that he made no bones about acknowledging that he was lying. He is a cheerful and open villain, for all his menace. ((bones…ugh… I swear I didn’t do that on purpose. I do claim that I left it there on purpose, though.))

    Only a little while now. Thank you Ramon, for sending this to yet another new place.

  8. Glaischa says:

    “We don’t have mistakes here, only happy accidents”

  9. sic says:

    So Michael Jackson finally got a name. And it even fits^^

  10. BenNy says:

    Michael Jackson?
    Meh, not really, other than they’re both dead…. Right?

    Other than that, Im glad to see Ramon’s work anytime.

  11. Sam says:

    Well I think Mr. Bones actually did comment on his naming as a “happy accident…indeed”, she doesn’t know the power of naming something…once you name it, it becomes real.

  12. Moop says:

    i cannot say how warm and fuzzy this comic makes me feel inside.

    love. this. comic. :D

  13. Fascinated says:

    There is all kinds of different cultural beliefs about Names having power. Sam and Odo above both really pretty much hit the nail on the head, but there is more to names having power than just this. For example, giving someone your name, or them discovering your “True Name” gives another power over you. By giving “His envoy” a name, Nadia has inadvertently empowered it, but she may now have gained some power over him as well, being his Namer. (I doubt Ramon will choose to go this direction, but I still find it very fascinating to watch the story unfold)

  14. Miraran says:

    Did anyone notice Nadia just appeared to have ensured Zuzu’s survival, by simply saying so? Bones didn’t even consider the fact she could be wrong.

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  16. Keeper says:

    Have you seen my snail, Mr. Bones?

  17. Nicole says:

    Hmmm…I was pretty sure that Mr. Bones was the “He” being referred to. Oh, this just keeps getting better. *hugs Ramon*

  18. Arthur says:

    I wonder what would have happened if she decided to name him “Weakling the Loser” instead.

  19. Arthur says:

    Also, if the thing is that package really is a hat, I want it to be a black silk top hat. Preferably with a clock nailed to the front of it.

  20. Loved the strip, and voting for 3 times a week.

  21. Fantastic! Love how subtle is the game of Mr. Bones.

  22. Mani says:

    That is most DEFINITELY a grin on his face in the top-right. And the naming is definitely the happy accident he’s referring to, which is a pretty clear statement that it’s good for him.

    (Also remember that Rendo refused to address him earlier, saying “I know the power of names.”)

    More points for Badass McVillain. Itching to see this unfold.

  23. bebarce says:

    In other fantasy, knowing somethings name gives you a degree of power over it (see Hellblazer, Salvator, etc..). Mr. Bones however seems nonplussed either way. This may be a bit different however. Nadia seems to be the only “creator” in this world. Whether she was tapping into it, or creating it from the start, her interactions are what create the elements that surround her. A power she has not yet come to realize herself. By naming him she is defining him. Having the possibility of both positive and negative reactions. He can be defined and thus more real, or more powerful, but at the same time, that definition puts a limit on his expansion of abilities. “He” may not have been named by the others, because they’re just players in the game. Only Nadia can set the rules, which is why he was so outraged at her ability to break them.

    Just all theory though, i could be continents off.

  24. Joanna says:

    Just all theory though, i could be continents off.

    Hey, if we were following my guesses, we’d be in Outer Mongolia by now.

  25. Chip says:

    I’ve been a dedicate lurker. I’ve turned on several people to you wonderful book.

    Bravo, as usual.

  26. smjjames says:

    Isn”t there suppoused to be an update today?

    • Odo says:

      Patience… ((He said, growling at Ramon for not updating faster.))
      We will all be better off for waiting for it. (Said with a *very sincere* smile.)

  27. KWCarlson says:

    Well, look at it this way. A thing is just a thing until you name it. Like a tree is just like any other tree until you call it an elm. Then it becomes different from any other tree, you identify it differently. Then of course it would be like any other elm until you gave it a name of it’s own, you might even personalize it in your imagination giving it a life of it’s own. Well, our heroine is in a world dictated by imagination, and what was a nameless evil has just been named. That can only be a bad thing.

  28. Esn says:

    “Real names” have power in our current daily lives, too. If you know someone’s real name, you can Google them and find out all sorts of things about them. It’s also a way to keep identities separate.

  29. Arthur says:

    From what I know and understand, here’s how the power of names traditionally works:

    When you name a thing, you give it an identity, unique and separate from anything else. You make it real. You also, in a way, make it into something. You give a thing the name “Fireball” and it has a direct effect on its powers and personality. “Mr. Bones” doesn’t seem to accomplish anything in this instance other than indicating that he’s a skeleton and kind of proper and authoritative. If she had given him a name like “Mr. Ineffectual,” that would have made him ineffectual. Naming him also accomplishes the task, if it is needed, of separating a thing from anything else. So if he was simply an extension of the evil in this world, naming him gives him autonomy, free will, all that jazz.

    If she gave herself a name like “Goddess Supreme” then she’d have all sorts of powers manifest.

  30. Nicole says:

    @Bebarce: I like your theory.
    @Mani: Badass McVillain!!! lol! :D

    Methinks Mr. Bones would make a good poker player.

  31. Tom says:

    I’m not sure if this is of importance, but DC Comics has a character named “Mister Bones”. Could that become an issue with the strip if you ever want to sell a print edition?

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