silence sometimes speaks louder than words.

hopefully it does so here :P

always wary of putting up pages sans dialogue on a comic that updates twice a week. but if i could do a comic entirely in silence i would. maybe my next project… the one with the clown that i tweeted about… hrm, maybe.

i wish i could post the next 4 pages right now! cause man… well, you’ll see… next page in day and a bit!

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  1. cattyk says:

    Oh no, shit just got real! I’ve now started reading this webcomic and damn it is soo good

  2. indique says:

    “hell hath no wrath…”

  3. RAWLS says:


    that’s me being silent while commenting on this awesomeness.

  4. arkady62 says:

    I know that face…that bag of bones is going down!

  5. Kilya says:

    Hes trying to make her do something bad… I think hes almost got it.

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  7. bon says:

    If looks could kill..
    If looks and sneers could kill..
    If looks, sneers and eyebrows could kill..

  8. Nicole says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…KICK HIS ASS, NADIA!!!

    Or…find a way to play his game…I don’t like his nonchalance with his hands in his pockets. He’s ready for her.

  9. maddogtime says:

    OH, IT’S AAWN!

    Kick his bony little heiny, girl – WOO!

  10. @Simon: kneeing an animated skeleton in the groin is probably less than perfectly effective.

  11. Simon says:

    on another note, the silence is deafening here. good call on that, ramon.

  12. Simon says:

    Most likely, they’ll fight, he’ll win, she’ll survive, he realize she is more powerful than he thought and prepare, she’ll regroup with the rest of our heroes, they’ll give her the hat and a partial explanation, and the two forces will fight for ages, until ramon decides to finish things off. of course, ever battle, i will invariably shout “KNEE HIM IN THE GROIN” and i will certainly mean it.

  13. Joanna says:

    Drama and suspense and my nerves just cannot take this! Somebody’s got to kick his bony ass, or there’s no justice in the world. Go, Nadia!

  14. Duane C says:

    its on like Donkey Kong!!!!!!!

  15. smjjames says:


    Anyways yea, you definetly have the actions speak louder than words thing timed just fine here.

  16. Seribi says:

    Make it a mime!!!!!

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  18. Odo says:

    Why do I hear the theme from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in my head?

    And if those two columns are the same two we saw in page 143, then Morvo is diving into the cloud layer only a little way off to the left of the second panel in this page. And that means that the battlewhale is somewhere behind us in the PoV (could be quite a distance, we don’t know how far Morvo and Zomgz traveled before finding the Nightmare).

    @Keeper — I’m not so sure that she’s going to get the hat before the showdown. I think that Mr. Bones is counting on her not getting the hat, but she may not need it. Remember that she has created, albeit unconsciously, and that she is acknowledged as the harbinger, the Kukuburi. On the other other hand, Ramon has consistently exceeded my expectations.

  19. Keeper says:

    Oh, this just got REAL. Mustn’t forget that she has a hat coming too…

  20. Peter says:

    Can’t wait until we see your she attack bones with your beautiful art Ramon.

  21. oh no, I’ve seen that look from my wife.

    Retreat Mr. Bones!

  22. hannah says:

    Oh. Look at him with his hands in his pockets. He is SO going down!

  23. jenashmen says:

    She’s not messing around anymore.