in my mad rush to get page 141 up the other day i forgot to wish everyone a happy new year and a welcome back! so inconsiderate… so, yeah, what i just said :)

our old boney friend is enjoying emotionally destroying our heroine! i tried, without morphing the his skull too much, to evoke the image of a grin in his ugly mug in panel four. it’s almost an optical illusion, sometimes i see it and other times i don’t… very subtle i suppose.

as i mentioned in the butternutsquash blog i had a bit of an interesting years end. to reiterate -

“after a couple wonderful months in europe i had a bit of a strange ending to 2009. the day before christmas i was told my tenancy case, that i had won but a month previous after a 2 year ordeal, was now being appealed (joy) and then an hour later i received a call whereupon i was fired from a job. a first in my decade of freelancing as an artist. it was a blow to the ego, but at the end of the day i saw it as a blessing which will allow me more time to dedicate to the things i hold dear, like bns and kukuburi. as rob and i near 200 strips in the squash i would like to work towards a collection before the year is out – as well i have high hopes of taking the squash 3 times a week sometime this year. big dreams – hopefully i can make them all happen!”

and not to mentioned kukuburi volume 1, which i had hoped would be ready for spring, will more realistically be ready for a fall release. but not too worry, i’ll keep everyone updated of progress. to fill the springtime gap i’m working on a nice giant sized kukuburi print, and maybe a t-shirt. we’ll see.

- so, big plans for this year. i hope you all stick around and enjoy the ride! and as that old commercial used to go “tell all your friends, tell a whole bunch…”

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  1. Taff says:

    As always Ramon, freaking brilliant. Shame about the job, with your skills I’m sure it won’t be a problem though. As for the tenancy, obviously they hadn’t had enough in round 1….

  2. Archivist says:

    I wonder what Nugget’s up to…

  3. Joanna says:

    The thing about panel four is that technically speaking, there isn’t a grin there — but I can still see it. *shudders* Brilliant!

  4. as363 says:

    The grin is there – I’d say it’s a devilish one – but that’s belaboring the point .We may get lucky and have one of the brigade catch Lenny while on their way to deliver the long-awaited “Chapeau” . One can only hope .

  5. raider_geek12 says:

    Love the strip Ramon and am waiting patiently for any kuke print…even a t-shirt!


  6. Squiggle says:

    First thing I thought when looking at panel four was “Is that a hint of a smug grin I see there”. So clearly your plan succeeded Ramon :)

    Sorry to hear about the job and the stupid tenancy thing starting up again. *Offers over sea hugs*

  7. Love the strip, would love a t-shirt of kuku. Thanks for the updates, and good luck with the tenancy.

  8. Moop says:

    is that Lenny stretching out his wittle snailish fingerlings, in order to grab onto Nadia???

    so sad!! ::cries::

  9. bethany says:

    I have told you before how much I love your detailing and this strip is a perfect example…the lightly toned ’shove’ below Nadia’s hand in panel 1, the cloud of dust and further down mist in panel 2, and yes – the hint of a smile on the ‘boney bastard’…you really are something else, Mr. Perez.

  10. Unseelie Amadan says:

    Poor Lenny… I’m surprised he’s not screaming his eyestalks off!! More stoic than I am…

  11. Squiggle says:

    Just relooked at this strip again and had a good giggle when I looked at Nadia’s eyes. I know theyr wide and far apart to show shock and horror but she does look amusingly bug eyed. Just made me chuckle :P

  12. dlaiyre says:

    Looking forward to the merch ramon.

  13. glenchild says:

    When I looked at panel 4, the first thing I thought was “oh god, if he had the muscles and skin to grin with, that would be an evil, evil grin on his face” So yeah, props on that – that is a very effective implied evil grin.

  14. Odo says:

    My feeling is that Mr. Bones thinks he is playing Nadia, but that he has miscalculated. Nadia failed to fly because her resolution was insufficient. She did not have enough *reason* to fly. She has broken free of Mr. Bones’ grip not only physically, but metaphorically, and her next step will be to fly, not only metaphorically, but physically.

    Or, more likely, that is the way that I would write the story, and Ramon will surprise us all.

    And yes, I agree that panel 4 shows an evil grin. I just expect it to change suddenly and involuntarily.

  15. Jaya Lakshmi says:

    Please continue, Ramon, or the suspense will kill me before it kills Lenny! Great job.

  16. Nicole says:

    Leneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :(

  17. MeHighLow says:

    Those sound like good plans, Ramon. Just keep Kukubiri coming and get it to print as soon as you can, man, that’s a cause worthy of 100% dedication (in a given timefrime, of course). Anyway, have a wonderful year!

  18. yLanaRae says:

    I am desperately hoping there is less of a cliffhanger in this weeks update. …who am I kidding? Perez thrives on the cliffhangers.

  19. AshFin says:

    I am so glad to see that you are back! I had not checked back in the beginning of December like I had hoped, but alas, here it is! Back in full swing. Hope you enjoyed your trip, and I am happy to Kukuburi back!

  20. pookie says:

    quick! dream him wingsie things nadia!
    or give zulu some so he can help mr leonard!

  21. Mani says:

    To people, exposed teeth are either threatening or smiling. And skulls are so synonymous with death that a smile on one isn’t widely considered as benevolent as a smile elsewhere.

    So it’s a win-win. Skulls are always “grinning.” Really, the close-up on the teeth is menacing on its own no matter what.

    And I still love the way you draw his skull. (As well as the fact that his de facto name has become “Mr. Bones.”)

  22. Fuzzypop says:

    The grin is definitely there, and I must say, kudos on succeeding in that. Truly a show on your talent.

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  24. Frank says:

    Oh, he’s so… heartless…

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