…visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.

a kukuburi christmas

greetings all,

i’m having to take a breather from kuku this week. with converging deadlines, family dinners, and the holiday in general, it’s just a little too much to handle. though, i will do my best to back next week.

however, in the spirit of the season, here’s a little doodle to share my love with you all. i hope your holidays are full of wonder, good health, merriment and cotton candy wishes! i would also like to thank you all for reading kukuburi. whether you’ve been here since the beginning, or just arrived today – much thanks for stopping by and indulging my little tale.

all the best,


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  1. Roocifer says:

    Have a very happy holiday yourself, Ramon! Thank you for all the wonder you’ve brought to us through your stories.


  2. Canadians celebrate Christmas? I thought with Santa being down the street, I thought this time of year was pretty mundane for you.

  3. Reidic says:

    Ha ha, that is so Morvo! Our floating purple friend looks like he’s been up with you every night meeting your deadlines. Life imitating art Ramon? =P

    Have a happy holiday, enjoy your loved ones and a well deserved break, even if only for 24 hours! Look forward to more mind-alteringly good art next week!

  4. Lacy says:

    I came recently to the page from a link I found to Charley. I found I really enjoyed this story (and the absolutely AWESOME villain.. I get such huge villain crushes!) and your heroine!
    Anyway, marry x-mas and I will be back!

  5. WDCat says:

    Best of the season to you!

  6. Squiggle says:

    Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year Ramon!! Looking forwards to seeing you a bit rested and relaxed in the new year :)

  7. JT/Sihaya says:

    Have a holly, jolly holiday, Ramon! The same holds true for everybody else – and if any of you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I hope that Avatar is worth your ten bucks. :)

  8. Legible Susan says:

    Happy Holiday!

  9. RAWLS says:

    Merry Christmas to you my friend!!

  10. Shaide says:

    Hmmm… Then again Morvo COULD be safely storing all the presents inside his stomach to make sure no one eats, I mean, opens them before Christmas…!
    That makes perfect sense!

  11. Cato says:

    “and THAT’s why we can’t have nice things”

    I expect Morvo is like having an irrepressible younger brother.

    It’s definitely going to be an interesting Boxing Day in les toilettes du Chapeau…

  12. indique says:

    Ramón, thanks for the awesome year. Glad to hear you had fun on your trip. I’ve sure enjoyed the art and story. And what a great zappin’ way to leave us with that last page! cheers!

  13. Nicole says:

    A very merry Christmas to you, too, Ramon! Thank you for sharing your art so freely and willingly. It is a joy to follow the story. Thank you again!

    Happy holidays to all, my dear Kukuburi-friends!

  14. Whalesinger says:

    Merry Christmas everybody!

    I’ve just finished reading the whole comic untill now and just let me say that I love it.
    You’re artwork is amazing and you just keep me wanting more with every update.
    You’ve got a new fan, and I’ll be checking up on this comic. It’s now one of my favorites!!

  15. Happy Holidays my man. Catch you next week, hope everything unfolds just the right way for you.

  16. Arwen says:

    Merry Christmas, Ramon! I hope that deadlines are thinning out and you’re getting some time to enjoy this magical time of year between Christmas and New Years.

  17. monadancer says:

    I soo love the story. Are you going to publish it into a graphic novel or something. Its extraordinarily good. Thank you for telling the story. It is extremely inspiring to me.

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