as promised, and much sooner than 24hrs later, page 140!

not sure what happened with page 139 yesterday, but i must admit your enthusiasm for the missing page was quite overwhelmingly positive :)

this weeks sequence is one of those interesting concessions i make for the web. i would have loved to have added one more page inbetween 139 and 140, of reggie being pulled into the maw of the beast! really ramping up the tension… but i guess that’s what the print collection is for :)



[edit: i recorded my colouring process on page 140. the whole sequence is rather long (as it took about 4 hrs - so compressed it's about 20 minutes) so i have broken it into three chunks. you can view all three parts at the txcomics channel on youtube.]

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  1. Joseph Wu says:

    This page is a thing of beauty!

  2. Where is the speed paint? Also can I throw one of your tx banners up on my own site?

    I’m a big fan of Morvo. He’s like Brobee’s extended cousin.

  3. cheezedog says:

    WoW! What a entrance! Or should I say Exit hole! :-)

  4. Jade says:

    Yay for ’sploding mantas! Yay for saving Reggie! Pages are as always more than worth the wait, Ramon. :D

  5. Greg Bulmash says:

    Yay! Have you posted about how you put your strips together. I’d love to see your process, especially with coloring.

  6. ker says:

    yay :) you saved the little one!

  7. Odo says:

    Kung-fu! But dang it, you shifted away from Zulu! Yes, I know it all has to come together, but quick cuts make for frustration at two per week. (Yah, I’m being silly.)

    What music goes with this sequence? I’m hearing adante for strings, sort of like the climactic sequence in Last of the Mohicans. I.e. the music is almost disconnected except for the fact that it is hooking together all the shots in a long view.

  8. Akinobu says:

    Morvo called Reggie Tiny Rocket Man!!Haha that’s good ;)

  9. Joanna says:

    Tiny Rocket Man would be a good name for a band., maybe something in the Shiny Toy Guns oeuvre.

    Hooray for Morvo and ZOMGZ!

  10. Max says:

    Yeeeehaaaaaa, Go MORVOOO!
    I love how absurdly exact Zomzg shoots :D

  11. Koz says:

    I love the look of intensity on Morvo… he looks like one of my cats about to go medieval on her favorite scratching post. :)

  12. Addy says:

    The word ‘tiny’ makes everything better. I once referred to my dwarf in Dragon Age as “tiny juggernaut”. It instantly made her 10x more adorable than she already was.

    This comic just keeps getting better and better, and prettier and prettier. I’m very glad it’s back – it’s also nice to see a comic not full of fans who feel they have the right to the author’s time and instantly yank out the insults and whining when *one thing* goes wrong!

  13. WDCat says:

    Hurrah! It’s the cavalry! I honestly had to make myself not cheer aloud when I read this one. (No sense confusing my husband even moreso than I usually do, heh.)

  14. Jay says:

    The moment I saw this I threw up my hands and screamed “YAY!” To the rescue! Wonderful art, as always, Mister Ramon Sir.

  15. I’m reminded of the climactic scene in one of the star trek movies when super-enterprise-from-the-future unveils the big guns, and instead of just seeing little glowy flashes on the shields while the bridge crew rock back and forth, this huge unstoppable beam just pours through the shields and ship and out the other side as if there was nothing there…

    • Odo says:

      Series closer of ST:NG. Ryker not only has three drive nacelles on the Enterprise, but he breaks the plane of battle, and his primary beam vaporizes the enemy and then he drives straight through the hole. One of the great moments of ST.

  16. as363 says:

    Huzzah ! Huzzah ! My cheerleader chant from previous sorta worked – except it’s Zomgz doing the burn-ray . Who cares – Reggie and the chapeaux are saved .

  17. raider_geek12 says:


  18. Danny says:

    oh wow. BADASS. This just keeps amazing me. And I really like the pacing! Ramps up the tension like no other.

  19. Squiggle says:

    Im with everyone else on this. The phrase “Tiny Rocket Man” is awesome. I actually laugh-snorted when I read that :P You just keep on churning out awesome strips Ramon!!

  20. Chip says:

    “print collection…” Awwww, can. not. wait.

  21. Ben says:

    I thought for sure we’d at least get to see Nadia’s Chapeau being expelled from the box.

  22. Chris Boyd says:


    This installment really gets the heart racing.

  23. Moop says:


    i absolutely ::heart:: fantabulous monocular horned critters and ray-gun-toting snowfurries who can burn holes in carnivorous flying mantees from hell, while saving heroic bumblebees and their Most Important Packages.


  24. Tonya says:

    “print collection”… Ahh man, something to really look forward to! I will be so excited to actually hold Kukuburi in my hands! :D Your artwork and story are astounding, Ramon. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it! :D

  25. mbob says:

    Okay, that was.. just very cool.

    This story keeps getting better and better.

  26. I’m on pins and needles for every next strip. The process was cool too, watching your style come from scratch.

  27. Nicole says:

    Awesomeness!!! :D Hooray for the cavalry!!

    Tiny Rocket Man for sure! Reggie is an amazing Little Mighty! Cracks me up how Morvo has him by the antennae.

  28. Bartek "graphicus" Kuczynski says:

    trully masterpiece Ramon:) I love it! Grand Entrance:)

  29. CjVenus says:

    I absolutely love it. Great action.

  30. Cato says:

    Cue John Williams style heroic music…

    brilliant ^_^

  31. Moop says:

    yes. this is when the heroic music swells and we all grip the arms of our theater seats. :)

  32. Hearing Aids says:

    Now we’re really moving, awesome… hopefully get another dose today.

  33. Shick says:

    Not to be a Grammar nazi at all, but curious. Is it supposed to be “Fear not Tiny Rocket-Man! Morvo is here!” or is Morvo calling himself Tiny Rocket-Man? Cause you’re missing an exclamation point if its the first one.

    Otherwise, I have loved this comic from the first panel, and have waited SO patiently for this first part to complete. What happens when she gets her hat? How will our heroes ever escape?? Hurry up for God’s Sake, I’m DYING here!

  34. J says:

    Tiny Rocket Man? Is that like a mashup between Tiny Dancer and Rocket Man?

  35. BenNy says:

    Highest a cliff hanger can get,
    Happy holidays,
    i Guess that the next page is a christmas gift
    Is the bad guy’s name really Mr Bone?

  36. jon says:

    Amazing art work!! But I don’t understand the plot… :(
    What’s going on here???
    Merry Xmas!

  37. BenNy says:

    i can’t wait to find out what’s in the Box!

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