…and, as promised, page three of this week’s trifecta of updates marking kukuburi’s return!

i hope you all enjoy :)

as i mentioned previously, it’s SO great to be back! i’m ridiculously excited to transcribe the visuals dancing in my head and share them and the remainder of chapter 1 with you all! i wish i could just draw the remainder of the story in one fell swoop – but alas the real world won’t let that happen just yet. soon… hopefully.

see you all tuesday!


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  1. Joanna says:


    GAWD, I love to hate Mr. Bones. X-D

  2. Snow says:

    I’m fighting the urge to squeal right now. Truly, I am! I love his dialogue, it’s perfect for the character.

    Amazing work. It’s great to have you back at doing these.

  3. raider_geek12 says:

    I am SOOOOO glad Kuke is back! Merry Christmas to us!

  4. yLanaRae says:

    Mr. Bones is pretty strong for such a scrawny guy. Plus, Zulu looks PISSED in that first frame. Oooh, Ramon. You’re so the best.

  5. Seolyk says:

    I like how the *grabthrow* is just a bug flourish for him, he just oozes grandiosity. keep it up!

  6. Seolyk says:

    er… big flourish

  7. redapples says:

    I had a slight internal groan when no page came on Dec 1st. But I’m pleased that your back in the saddle and the new pages look perfect and flow the story along just enough. Great work as always.

  8. Squiggle says:

    Snabble? Zulu? Le gasp!! *Leaps into the frame, grabs Zulu before he disappears, leaps back out again and cuddles him happily in her chair*

    Three great updates this week Ramon!! Thank you for bringing Kuku back to us with a nice bang. Brilliant stuff for getting the ball rolling again me thinks.

  9. usivius says:

    yep, great stuff. I love how you can still see those big tall monters lumbering in the background. I have a chaotic symphony of sounds going through my head as I read these…

  10. Jaya Lakshmi says:

    GAH!!! So Zulu was just to lure her back- a sort of trap?

    Great page, Ramon. You know how to satisfy and add suspense simultaneously.

  11. CjVenus says:


  12. Nicole says:

    I’m SO GLAD Kukuburi’s back!!!! Story is great, Ramon! Thank you!

  13. as363 says:

    (Rassen Frassen Dick Dasterdly) – or words to that effect . Closest I could come to swearing without melting the censors – or your supporters ears . Hopefully her “Chapeaux” will appear soon – and she can use the feelings generated by the mis-handling of Zulu to really start breaking a few of those bones that are responsible . One can only hope .

  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Oooohhh… Bonehead is SO packing up the Karma Points.

  16. Allyne says:

    Zuluuuuuuuuu! D:

  17. Harena says:

    Very Very Happy to see Kukuburi back!! ♥

  18. WDCat says:

    What lovely pacing with the dialogue and the panels. So worth the wait!!

  19. Kimby says:

    Go go go, Ramon! You’re amazing! I never mind having to wait for updates, because they are always worth ANY wait :D

  20. Danny says:

    Woooo! So glad to see Kukuburi back! These past few ones have been awesome. Are those the legs of the giant nightmare-monsters in the background, here?

  21. Hearing Aids says:

    Glad to have you back, waiting patiently for tomorrow.

  22. Jeckle says:

    Huh. I’ve run into your work in several comics, and and quite a bit in Rifts, and I don’t mean to offend, but I’ve never liked it before. I think possibly because I already had a vision of what the JSA looked like, and rifts, and your art just didn’t fit with me.
    I just read this whole story, and I’ve gotta say, it’s the perfect vehicle for the …for lack of a better term, ‘look’ of your art. I have trouble imagining one without the other. So…well done, I’m a convert. Three days ago, I would have said I would never be a fan of your art, but this site is now on my favorites:) Thanks!

  23. Can’t wait to read another later today, getting excited.

  24. BenNy says:

    amazing work. the artwork is always dazzling.
    looking forward to your other work

  25. Nicole says:

    Mr. Bones is SUCH a great bad guy!

  26. captainofthebluerose says:

    damn, mr. scary skeleton guy there is really, REALLY, badass. that’s one fantastic villain you made there

  27. Odo says:

    The update isn’t up yet, but I have a suspicion that Mr. Skull should not have thrown Zulu away like that. I see the potential for that to be the key to Nadia’s learning how to fly — in order to rescue her “memento”.

  28. Ami says:

    yes yes yes~ 8D
    I was so happy to see this updated. 3 new pages wooooo

  29. Great looking stuff, Mr. Perez. You are quite the inspiration, sir.

  30. Flip says:

    This will not be a popular thing for me to share.
    But this is what I find most unfortunate about reading web comics.
    Kukuburi is not Ramon’s livelihood, it is his hobby or pet project. It makes him happy. And we love it. The art, the characters, the dialogue. Great stuff.
    But since this is not his paycheck, it gets shelved. Updates are sporadic, sometimes not updated for months at a time. The plot gets extremely drawn out and the reader can easily lose track of the story. There is no recourse for missing an update, save for Ramon’s own disappointment for missing one. I love to read this story and look forward to Tues/Thurs updates, and most of the time there are none.
    So I guess I will just wait for a collected volume of this chapter. I will definitely buy it. But as for being a weekly reader, I might just step out for a while, and perhaps check back in a few months to read the pages I missed.
    I hope you get to finish your work here, Ramon. The art and story are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talents.

    • Ramón says:

      i understand your sentiment – and know that i feel terrible when an update is missed or late. being away for two months and returning just before the christmas season has put a lot on my plate both professionally and personally.

      that said, this week’s kukuburi update is not missed, just late. it will be going up later today.


  31. ketsuo says:

    nice! i love how mean mr bones looks
    one of my favorite webcomics no doubt about it!

  32. TodaysLoverly63 says:

    Man. What a jolt! That’s quite a foil, there, between Nadia and Him. Profoundly brilliant!
    P.S. – How do you get a comic on here, anyway?

  33. monadancer says:

    I love how she is so brave and eager to fight this guy. I really enjoy her spirit! I soo much enjoy the color and line of your graphic novel style. Thank you, Perez!

  34. Formel says:

    For a skeleton he’s really strong… I love the classy suit. <3

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