…and now we pause.

perhaps the worst things i could do with dedicated readers waiting for the coming climax along with all the new readers filtering in from PvP, but fate has played her hand. i had hoped to build a buffer to continue the story in my absence, but unfortunately my workload did not allow this to happen.

that said kukuburi will return december 1st 2009, whereupon we will enter the final arc and conclusion of chapter one.

now whilst the story is on pause i will still be updating, for which i would like to open up the stage to you, the audience. If you are so inclined, whether you be 10 or 60, i would love for you to share your art, stories or inspirations related to kukuburi. it could be a simple pinup of the tillywump or a creature of your own design,  a short story starring lenny or a telling tale of ‘la brigade du chapeau, a finger painting of him or perhaps a rendo sock puppet… whatever it might be. my only asking is that nadia, mr. bojangles and “him” are, for stories, off limits. i will try and post all that comes my way… but please be patient :)

now where will i be during this absence? glad you asked. i will be embarking on a comics festival tour of Europe and the UK beginning in Łódź Poland and ending in Leeds England. this will be an adventure the likes of which i have never experienced before. so if you happen to be in Łódź, Frankfurt, Amadora, Lille, Paris, Andenne, Milan, Dublin, London or Leeds for any of their respective festivals this fall good chances are that you will see me there. since the trip is rather long i will be traveling light and will be unable to carry much swag, though i will try and have kukuburi prints and stickers as well as butternutsquash comics on hand and will obviously be doing sketches.

the details of the tour are listed on my travel-blog, Cranial Percolations, which i will be using as a journal of sorts, posting my experiences, sketches and what-not. the tour will also be listed in the TX Forums, as i will eventually be traveling with karl kerschl (of the abominable charles christopher) and cameron stewart (of sin titulo).

i look forward to meeting one and all on this adventure, in the cities listed above and some others i might manage to meander to or surfable couches that might come a calling.

the stage is yours dear friends… let’s have some fun :)

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  1. iAmSam says:

    Yay for Leeds!!!

    See you there dude! Give us a shout if you need somewhere to crash.

  2. Sarcgasm says:

    Mouth-tentacles – so creepy! D:

  3. madzia says:

    Whoa! Łódź? Just as I discover this fantastic comic and just as I return home, you are planning to visit.What luck! I’ll be sure to come say hello. :D

  4. Armaitus says:

    Leeds! Woohoo!

  5. blue.jester says:

    Dublin? The levels of awesome knows no bounds? Where and when does this greatness occur!

    • Ramón says:

      the dublin con was cancelled, but we will still be in dublin – perhaps doing a signing at a store. check or eventually the tx forums for more details. i will post as i know more!

  6. sylan0 says:

    bu… bu…. butttt the comiccccc!!! you cant just leave for a month now!!!! uhg =( i guess i can be patient…. keyword try *twitch*

    well have fun in europe, and while i wish i could go with (even tho you arent going to bristol the main place ive been over there) i shalt await your return patiently (ish)

    • usivius says:

      OK, picture me in the role of Cpt. Kirk in “Wrath of Khan” … in the heart of a planetoid, reacting to the author’s message of a Nov. 1 return:

      well, enjoy Europe, dammit.

  7. Joanna says:

    AUGH! But you can’t — but — people are depending on you, Ramon!

    Of course, given the jump-up-shouting twists you’ve pulled before, I have no doubt that everything will turn out awesome. I’ll just have to distract myself with cake in the interim.

    Go, Reggie, go!

  8. Ben says:

    My heart sinks seeing Reggie struggle with the Mantas.

  9. b.ho says:

    Man, the suspense is killing me.

    Have fun in Europe!

  10. Buho says:

    It looks like the Manta said “nom” when he bit the package. Hehehe.

  11. AshFin says:

    Reggie can overcome this! I know it!
    I will be waiting till November to see what happens. <3
    Enjoy your trip!

  12. Cassandra says:

    Nice, but I do have a comment on this. I didn’t want to say it but i must…from far it’s kind of well unnoticeable but this near and well drawn…the mouths of those thing look like…evil vaginas of doom…i made my point…Great work with the page.

  13. Thornae says:

    Hmm… Paris, eh?

    Well, if I’m flush enough with cash, I’ll do my best to catch a train up – if it’s on a weekend. Getting to meet both you and Karl would be awesome, but potentially expensive…

    OTOH, I’ve plenty of mates in London who I might be able to con (heh) into going along and grabbing a bit of swag for me.
    Time to watch the forums, I guess.

    Anyway, have an awesome time in Europe. It’s lots of fun. (=

  14. Enesvy says:

    Reggie is a freakin’ rock star. Love that lil’ mighty!

    We’ll miss you, Ramon! Have a wonderful time and see you in November.

  15. maggie says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah frankfurt!!
    I. will. most. definitely. be. there. to. stalk. you! yayayayayayay

  16. raider_geek12 says:

    No Worrys, this strip is worth the wait!

  17. Mr Quinn says:

    Great, looking forward to see you and Karl in our little country, Belgium (at Andenne not Bruxelles).

  18. arosenheim says:

    what? WHAT???? I just started reading!!!!! November??? NNNOOOOOO!!!! (Once again…screwed by PVP!!!) (That last bit’s a joke…I love PVP and now I’m pretty f*cking fond of KUKBURI, too.)

  19. andre says:

    No uai! You’re coming to Portugal??? International Comics??? You, sir, are the person that will make me go there this year. And nothing will stop me! Will i be able to get a poster of butternut? And/or Kukuburi? (Preferably and) See you here. :D

  20. Kozy says:

    Ramon… I’ll be sure to send my brothers and sisters-in-law to look you up in London. Where’s the comix expo/convention to be held there?

    • Ramón says:

      not sure how we are involved in the convention exactly. it’s … if they check i will post more as i learn :)

  21. Odo says:

    Blasters and ray-guns to destroy those particular mantas. Rendo has one in his hands. I don’t think Reggie will let go. It’s not like these are slow creatures like the Tillywump.

    Or perhaps Reggie can destroy the box and grab the chapeau?

    Waiting a whole five weeks…. :( :,(

  22. Adriano1977 says:

    I’ll see you in Frankfurt then! Are you coming to the Buchmesse (taht’s the International Book Fair :-)? Or to Terminal Entertainment, my favourite comic shop, for a signing?

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  24. Adam says:

    Go Reggie Go!!Don’t Give Up!! ;)
    As always great Ramon!!!

  25. madzia says:

    For Łódź, will you only be there Sunday for your panel and autograph session, or will you have a booth for the whole weekend?

  26. Peter says:

    Long time reader, one time poster.. Just wanted to inform you that I -might- be coming to stalk you too.. eventhough you’ve picked the most inconvenient places in Europe to visit.. As an inhabitant of the northern part of the Netherlands Paris, Bruxxeles and Frankfurt are about the same distance from my place.. so if I have the money (and I can convince my gf that it’ll be awesome) I’ll give you a poke! ^^

  27. madzia says:

    According to the festival website you are signing autographs on Sunday at 11:45 and have a panel at 14:45 :P I swear I’m not a stalker, I just didn’t want to be out of town on the day you’d be in.

  28. Squiggle says:

    Argh…. Ramon!! London and Leeds the only two places your doing in England?! Crud crud crud… this could cause me difficulties. I HAVE to come bug you. Fingers crossed one of the days you are there is a Monday… I can probably manage that I think. If only there was a con on in Bristol you could come to. That would be incredible. *Sighs* Still… we shall see. Fingers crossed I can find a way to come bug you. Would be a terrible shame to miss out on this chance since who knows when you will next come visit us europeans!!

  29. reinaldo says:

    ¡Saludos Ramón! Soy uno más que se interesó por tu trabajo desde que hiciste esa “Guest Strip” en PvP, tengo que decir que empezé a leer Kukuburi desde el principio y no pude parar hasta llegar a la última. Realmente impresionante, de verdad excelente. Desde Venezuela te mando mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por tan hermoso trabajo.

  30. Stephen says:


    A month of waiting?! Are you MAD?! Your readers will be foaming at the mouth, their eyes bloodshot from many sleepless nights of waiting, worrying, and wishing for the next comic!

    But, if you must :D

    I’ll be over re-reading Butternut Squash and laughing my ass silly in the wee hours o’ the mornin, wakin’ my neighbors with my maniacal laughter. You go… have fun on your trip ;)

  31. Almo says:

    Have a great trip! Love the comic, we’ll be waiting for your updates when you get home. :) Safe travels!

  32. Bauke says:

    Oooh, I need to get myself to Amadora! Stuff like this doesn’t usually happen around these parts. I kind of gave up on comic books because it was getting way to expensive (Dollar goes up, the “exchange rate” on comics goes up, dollar comes down, the “exchange rate” stays the same. Dollar goes up… you get the drift.), luckily there’s good webcomics like yours.

    make sure to post the dates on your blog, I’ll try and get there. (Oh, and I might try and get some fan art in)

  33. maggie says:

    helloo once more.
    your blog says “Frankfurt 14-18 Oct.” – does that mean you’ll be there for four days??
    I need answerssssssss…. so I can plan my trip. =)

  34. Hoatzin says:

    just to inform you that your name on the site of the Fête de la BD at Andenne is pointing at someone else’s blog.
    Love Kukuburi!
    ps. Cannot believe the vagina dentata are not intended, especially on frames one|twenty, |twenty|one and |twenty|two, and of course today’s. What kind of horrid experiences did you have? (plse don’t answer this question)

  35. dlaiyre says:

    Loving Kuku to death… still.

    I very much look forward to the book(s)!

    Wonderful as always.

  36. Benjie says:

    This is probably one of my favorite comics ever! Great job!

  37. BenNY says:

    what a wonderful world,
    i got sick and now i get to read Kukuburi, Yay!
    a little joy..

  38. Bartleby says:

    Frickin’ ADORE this – I came back a bit late after your hiatus, but your work remains outstanding! Beautiful comic, and I’m checking your personal site to see if originals are for sale (for when I’m more financially solvent).


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