greetings all,

i would like to extend a welcome to all the new readers that meandered over from my guest strip over pvp last week. a thanks to scott as well for giving me said opportunity!

apologies for not updating last week, the days somehow got pulled out from under me as i wrap up various contracts and prepare to embark on my upcoming “euro-tour.” a special thanks to all the people extending me offers of accommodations during my travels as well. if i’m in your hood i might very well drop you a line ;)

i will be posting my european convention/festival schedule with hopefully my next update. i had hoped to build a big enough buffer to allow me to update kukuburi in my absence. but as the days grow short it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. what i would like to do is open up the floor to you the readers. i am going to try and post tidbits while i travel, but perhaps you might have a sketch, doodle, story, or something you’d like to share…. i have a few gems to share already…. but i’m always open to more!

This week also sees the premiere of TX journalist Alex Hoffman who asks the question “Should webcomics be so thoroughly separated from the rest of the industry?

till tomorrow my friends….

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  1. AceDecade says:

    Nice panel. The box approaches!
    Impatient watcher, first time conflabulator. This has got to be one of the more intriguing, creative, and beautiful series’ I’ve taken the time to read.

  2. Odo says:

    Great feeling of the crowdedness of the sky. I don’t like the fact that Antoine is flying blind — I think that someone in the brigade should be out front, scouting.

    They’re being herded so that the Eaters can do whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing. That’s what I think. Have fun in Europe.

  3. Manglor says:

    Go Reggie!
    Also great article on webcomics and awards in the forums. Congrats on the Shuster award nominations!

  4. raider_geek12 says:

    Reggie Approaches!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Squiggle says:

    Squeeee new Kukuburi!! Awesome as always Ramon!

    I love the idea of having the floor (as you put it) opened up to the readers. That sounds like it could be great fun. I only wish I had the time and expertise to get involved but Im not sure I know enough to be able to do anything very impressive yet. Still…. perhaps if you do go ahead with it, I wont be able to resist and if not will be great seeing other peoples takes on Kukuburi.

  6. Jess says:

    If you’ll excuse a long and somewhat gushy comment:

    I’m really loving the comic so far! I admit, I am one who wandered over from PvP the other day… Kukuburi’s been on my ‘to read’ list for a long time, but since I’m a long time fan of Scott Kurtz’s PvP, I couldn’t put it off anymore when he recommended it. And boy am I glad I did!

    I have to say, too – as someone with a distinct love for cool villains, ‘He’ is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time. From his design (I mean, a skeleton in a red and black suit, and with sunglasses to match? Hard to beat!) to the font he speaks with… yeah, the guy’s kinda uber cool, and knows it.

    I also want to praise your excellent writing! And I don’t just mean the way the story is moving, but the actual dialogue itself. All too often it seems, poor writing skills are the Achilles Heal of comics, and have even made me drop otherwise beautiful comics in the past… It’s just too much of a headache trying to wade through bubble after bubble of typos and grammatical mistakes… but I have enjoyed every single line in Kukuburi, right down to the font you represent each character in.

    And yay! Reggie! I love that little guy! He reminds me of the old musical bumblebee cartoon, but infused with steroids and awesomeness.

    Anxiously looking forward to the next update! :D


    • Ramón says:

      thank you jess, i deliberate for hours at a time over dialogue. trying to make it flow as naturally as possible and, as well, suit the voices of the individual characters.

  7. Mäx says:

    Totally agree with Odo, flying blind is not a god idea.
    Awesome as always Ramon :)

  8. Reidic says:

    Aww, Ramon we missed you! Glad to see we’re back! Looking forward to Nadia’s chapeau.

    @ Jess: If I recalled Rendo said Mr. Viami Mice was not He, but rather His Envoy, his herald if you would.

  9. Kilya says:

    Your comics are like crack sir. I need more now!

  10. AshFin says:

    Beautiful update sir. Better late than never.
    I anxiously await to see what is in that box! I meandered through the forum with people guessing about the contents. Very interesting ideas.

  11. Nyx says:

    I like your lines.. pretty fine :D

  12. Xenon says:

    Enjoy the trip. Travel safe, and come back to update the story!
    I can wait. I may even send something in…depends on my work schedule and if anything comes to mind that works.

  13. Sam4books says:

    Best. Birthday Present. Ever.

    Yay, Reggie!

  14. Garrison says:

    Hey Ramon!
    I’m one of those who got directed here from PvP… And I’m so glad I did, I’m loving this story!
    Can’t wait for the next update, there’s always so much suspense! :D

  15. Ramón says:

    thanks all!

    and once again a warm welcome to the new folks in town. my timing can be horrendous at times, taking a holiday when so many new readers arrive – hopefully you all stick around for the climactic conclusion (of chapter one) when i return…

  16. Mark says:

    Ramon – I’ve been a fan for a while…love your MnM stuff. Anyway, just came over from the PVP link last week and LOVE Kukuburi. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop until i’d read the whole series. Your artwork is top notch and your characters imaginative and utterly fantastic. I shared the comic with my 10-year-old as well and he’s been asking every day if a new page is up. We love Reggie. Keep up the great work, we can’t wait for more.

  17. Catiris says:

    Yay, a new update! I am excited to come back to this fantastic world.
    The poor fellows! :,(
    I hope they somehow receive aid, and soon!

  18. TheBrain says:

    Hi Ramon,

    I am also one of those PvP converts. I get the RSS feed on that, and have now added you to my RSS listing. Great story and comic. Can’t wait for the full length book.

    Greetings from South Africa.

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