so the extended excruciating jump sequence has come to it’s landing ;)

(what can i say i got a few complaints)

as much as i could’ve updated the whole sequence in a week, and i would have preferred to, my schedule dictated otherwise. but next week the action resumes, people talk more… scratch that, extend verbal discourse will happen the week after next… all in due time, right now it’s time for rayguns and boxes fill with secrets.

speaking of which! the moment is soon approaching when the package being transported by reggie is cracked open and the contents revealed. if you haven’t cast your vote in the “what’s in the box” contest please do so asap! the prize; original art!

mr. bones and nadia are back together again and, well, things ain’t gonna be all rainbows and sunshine…

thanks for reading, your patience, and your support, you’re all awesome.

see you all next week!

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  1. Almo says:

    You know… i can’t tell if he means that or not…

  2. LittleBlueMan says:

    I love how her jump’s parabolic arc parallels what happens at each point in the arc. At its zenith, she is taking out Mr. Bones and saving *scrabble scrabble thing*

    When she hits the bottom, she’s at the feet and mercy of Mr. Bones. Very interesting parallels, very well done.

  3. Odo says:

    Hmmm… No rainbows or sunshine. I’ll settle for Reggie and a bluebird.

    Actually, I’ll settle for what comes. Haven’t been seriously disappointed yet. I still say Zulu is going to have a significant effect on the battle.

  4. As rough as it can be waiting through updates on suspenseful bits, I would much rather you took the time you need to get pages out, than if you rushed them or sacrificed more important or urgent projects for this one.

    Excellent page by the way. I know he’s supposed to be the bad guy and all, but damn, I can’t help thinking how damn slick everything he does is! Even after being tackled off a Nightmare-thing. Damn.

  5. Axilon says:

    If anyone remembers Courage the Cowardly Dog… the cat that always had that sinister music playing… I sort of see something similar following Mr. Bones.

  6. Ekio says:

    Complaints? Are you kidding, this comic is brill babe. It needed that jump to last, it was a huge leap on so many levels.

    As always can’t wait to see the next installment ^-^

  7. Bri says:

    I agree! I don’t comment very much, but I check every week to see if there’s an update and the tension here is marvelous. Anybody whose griping about a free and beautiful comic is being very silly. Thanks so much for the update.

  8. Carlos Rocha says:

    Wow man!

    It’s amazing, I have had great days while I was reading this web comics.
    unfortunately I don’t knowed your comics until now!

    They’re so fun! congratulations!

  9. Bite him, Zulu! Bite him on the leg! Or kick, or something… *snabble snabble*

  10. raider_geek12 says:

    Right on..Miami Vice Skeletor is back!


  11. Uh-oh.


    There’s just so much high quality “uh-oh” in this comic.

  12. TodaysLoverly63 says:

    Yaaahh! He’ll get her secrets!

  13. Pizzasgood says:

    I just found this comic today. I have seen very few things that can rival it for sheer awesomeness.

    My Tuesdays and Thursdays just got a whole lot better. :D

  14. Ermu says:

    Oh my god. This is awesome webcomic!

    And this is the first time I actually like the bad guy, so you can have the credit for that. But the skeleton guy is so stylish and cool that you just can’t hate him. Altouhg he is kinda asshole.

    I love this! : DD Can’t wait to see where this plot is taking us.

  15. Rayni says:

    Absolutely don’t feel you have to apologize for slow action. It was a delicious anticipation, wrought with grand style. And we love your style. That’s why we’re here. :D

  16. I hate stylish villains. Because I have absolutely no style, myself. I want to see him with pizza sauce on their Armani jacket and a big old zit on their zygomatic arch, THEN I’ll be able to identify with him.

  17. sco3tt says:

    Grab him by the leg, GRAB HIS LEG! Just in case you fall off’a there, heh.

  18. Indique says:

    Wow, this has been one awesome arc! Absolutely loved the anticipation! On pg 129, the off-the-panel curse tail is cool. I was confused at first and thought it meant Nadia’d died. Yeah, I know that’s illogical, but … (Maybe something other than the skull symbol). What if the curse tail went up to where she is coming from instead of down, or if it curved through the pane to echo her trajectory and the curse bubble is all that’s left because she fell through the pane already? Like an echo of her. Anyway, some mysteries have been cleared. Now I think she could kick some boney butt. Is he like her alter-ego? Or maybe he plans to have her take over for him. “Nadia, come over to the dark side. You cannot avoid your destiny. And we have spiff suits.”

  19. Swalka says:

    I like hats. I love French. This is the best comic ever.

  20. Shoopmeister says:

    The forum stuff won’t let me register, so is it okay if I enter my entry for the contest here?

    If so, I think it is a bracelet, let the ones Reggie wears, that will unlock her very powerful KUKUBURI powers.

  21. Pasha says:

    (I personally think there will be a moose in the box. A moose that thinks it is a hat)

  22. Slate says:

    I won’t enter the competition, but as for what is in the box.
    I think it might be a whisle that sounds like a blue bird.
    Still a great commic can’t wait for the next page.

  23. It’ll be a drawing of the skeleton guy.

  24. Mäx says:

    I just loooove Skelettonguys style. Is he really wearin stylish Cowboyboots? Like it to me.
    Anyway he’s awesome, just like the rest of the comic.
    To throw my to bits in (kinda last minute, i know), i think there’s going to be a Bandana in the Box.

  25. J says:

    Everything looks awesome, senor. Very good work so far. :D

    Zulu’s body and Mr. Bones’ hand don’t look like they’re lining up right though.

  26. Aerliss says:

    What is it with walking skeletons being so snappily dressed..?

    This page made me grin… in an evil way.

  27. bon says:

    Just when I thought it was gonna be a predictable mid-fall swoop-in from Reggie, Ramon pulls the carpet from under my feet too ^^
    Brilliant comic, already getting excited about a book!

  28. The White Gale Dragon says:

    Wow! I love this comic! The villain is stylish in everything he does, and the french flying squid is really cool too. Interesting.

  29. Short Bus Mechanic says:

    Seeing Kukuburi after all these months, I STILL half expect to see Rob and Cola somewhere among the mantas or the slumbering giants. Ramon, your vivid tale is developing sharply. As you can all see, we’re hanging on just about every page… (Just like Nadia)

  30. eric orchard says:

    Awesome page! This story is becoming more and more involving.

  31. chewtoy says:

    really absolutely loving this.

  32. Snow says:

    Holy cow, just read this comic all the way through and I’m in love. You’re an incredibly good artist- very distinctive style, yet everything feels so real! And the motion is really apparent. I applaud you.

  33. PupSpyro says:

    I just was given a link to your site yesterday and I’ve been reading every panel in awe. This is beautiful and has me caught like a deer in headlights. The story has is captivating on what is going to happen next. Please don’t stop and please put this into a printed copy.

  34. Shepard says:

    I love reading webcomics, I check on several. This will now be one of them. I got the comic’s link from PVPonline (so give him props).
    I absolutely love the creativeness of this comic and attention to detail. This is being bookmarked right now :)

  35. Fluffy says:


  36. JOanis says:

    Just read the entire thing and I can’t wait for the next!
    I love the style, I love the colours…
    I love that mind of yours, I wish I could swim in it!

  37. Naechtweard says:

    Man, I’ve been following this basically since the start, but jumped back into the archive…I’d love to hold a nice print version of this work in my hand more than any other webcomic I’ve read.

  38. fdisk says:

    Great work! I’m here from and just finished reading all of chapter 1. I’m a fan! Can’t wait for the next one, the care and love you put in your work really shows in every panel!

  39. Enesvy says:

    Redirected from your awesome guest strip at PVPOnline. This is great! :)

  40. HeatS says:

    First time reader, first time poster:


    If you could bottle and sell your talent I’d be smoking, snorting, and shooting it at the same time.

  41. Enesvy says:

    Yeah…what s/he said!

  42. Ceramic says:

    Man, he’s snappy. Talk about job dedication. He’s the epitome of the Charming Adversary.

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