a late late night update or an early morning one. it’s all a matter of perspective i suppose :)

like time slows down before impact, or like the now overdone slow-mo-moment of the guy walkin’ away from the explosion in hollywood blockbusters i wanted to capture that moment of stillness in the apex of nadia’s jump. it was an important moment for her… and now things are gonna speed up :)

time is getting tight before i leave foe my euro-tour. i’m not sure how i’m going to handle updates while i’m gone. i’m hoping to have them done before i go, but as time crunches, my slo-mo-moment is done and things seem to be speeding up! i’ll keep you all posted all from schedules to what shows i’ll be attending!

speaking of slow motion, i’m going to go drift off into a slumber now. but before i shut my eyes to things of note…

one – thanks to all who purchased a limited edition kukuburi print from the my studio store, i’ll be packaging and mailing them out next week!

two – the squash is back in session! ’nuff said!

…and with that good night, and i will see you tomorrow :)

thanks you all who purchased a limited edition kukuburi print! i will be packaging and sending them out later next week.

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  1. stopbeingsadandbeawesome says:


  2. Kathleen says:

    I can hear the sound effects in my mind…

    sign of a great artist.

  3. sythiar says:

    Ramón, if you’re near Switzerland, or coming to Switzerland, you’re free to stay with us, of course. We can show you around town and buy you a few drinks. I know that I don’t know you. Not really. But I still like to extend the invitation.

  4. usivius says:

    LOL.. the first thing I thought of when seeing the Mr. Bones panel was “Graceful as Spidey!”.. LOL… but a fantastic way to build that up… the clumsiness of the tackle and K’s landing compared to how Mr. B recovers from it…

    OO this is going to get nasty!

  5. Carl Cravens says:

    Oh, yeah… you *know* he’s got the moves.

  6. Da Lone Groover says:

    Oh my God, what a SENSATIONAL comic. Just the right mix of minimalism, weirdness and plot. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  7. Odo says:

    @Argent — Well, Mr. Skull has been around for quite a while, and part of what he is, a representative of the Clockwork, means that he almost automatically has to have those kinds of moves, even after being taken off balance.

    Contrariwise, while Nadia is powerful (you don’t think that rock was there before she needed it, do you?) she is young both in years here on earth and especially so in the Inbetween. Part of her representation is Life, and Life includes more chaos than not. My personal prediction is that Zulu, who was lagging behind as they fell, is still on the same trajectory and will be critical in the upcoming confrontation.

    I notice that Leonard is still red.

    As always, Ramon, marvelous work.

  8. Brandon says:

    Hey man – this comic is AWESOME!! I just read the whole thing from the beginning. I LOVE your cartoon style and the unique panel arrangements. The story is fun, the characters and environments are fantastic, the pacing is perfect and I especially love the skeleton dude with the rose glasses! The colors are fantastic and the whole comic is bursting with life. Only one minor critique, in that I do find the fonts are a little distracting at times, since they’re not always the easiest to read at this size. But I do love the colored word balloons, which add characterization to the voices. I’ll definitely be following the comic from now on!

    Any plans to collect this in a book at some point?

  9. raider_geek12 says:

    Ya Buddy!


  10. Dang, that skeleton’s got moves like Barishnikov.

  11. Jaya Lakshmi says:

    Ah . . . a page that combines slapstick and suspense.
    Good to see that Lenny didn’t get squished in the fall.

  12. as363 says:

    Enjoy Europe – Have fun – update where and when that you are able to . Looks like Nadia will go tumbling off the rock she landded on – hope there is ome of the hat brigade below to catch her .

  13. Fergus_Thedog says:

    This is beautiful work, Ramon – my heart jumps at each frame.