it’s a long way down… wouldn’t you say?

so september is going to be one crazy month. why you ask? well i have to wrap up a couple projects before the month is out, move ahead on another and try and get ahead on kukuburi and the newly restarting butternutsquash… why before the month is out?

good question.

the answer is cause i will be attending the KOMIKS FESTIWAL in ŁODZ, POLAND! i am ridiculously excited! the festival marks the beginning of an exciting little tour, more as things develop…

Komiks Festiwal

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  1. Lurial says:

    Nadia to the rescue! Hopefully she grabs Zulu and is able to escape! I’m excited to see what happens next!

    Though, the previous pages look incredibly tiny to me for some reason. Like thumbnail versions. I can’t tell if this is because my browser is acting up on me or if they really did become 125px × 125px in size.

  2. Sarita says:

    Looks like they’re making out in mid-air.


  3. Cortillaen says:

    Planning any gags with Bones’ shades getting smashed by the impact/fall (pulling a displaced/spare lens out of himself, getting ticked by non-shadesness, just plain looking goofy without them, etc.)?

  4. Lijabo says:

    Ahahaha, amazing. I bet he wasn’t expecting that.

  5. Eryn says:

    A convention in Poland? That’s awesome! I’m interested to hear more about THAT.
    Also kind of curious about what Cortillaen suggested. XD There’s a great joke in there somewhere.

  6. Squiggle says:

    *Does a little dance of excitement* SQUEEEEEE Europe road trip!!

    Also, Im loving that if you look at the first page upside down, it looks like they are dancing in mid air. Awesomes.

  7. kmh says:

    See you in Lodz!

  8. Nigel-63 says:

    … second panel -
    … I like the ‘elbow’, nice feeling of appropriate weight and articulation…
    … (but then I’m odd that way)…

  9. NateBBQ says:

    I love the eyes on the walking rocks. One question though that occured to me, Are all of Nadia’s nightmares realized simultaneously, or do they occur as she thinks of them? Meaning the cavernous Underside recalled to her first the walkies, and as she thought of more those popped into being somewhere else below as yet to be revealed? (Dun dun DUN!?!)

  10. coolbreeze says:

    Ramon, your mist and lighting are incredible in these two panels. Is that done with an airbrush tool or just transparent colors? New fan – huge fan.

  11. WDCat says:

    When I glance over a block of text, my brain sometimes plays with me and rearranges the words, hence my small heart attack at reading that you have to move before the month is out. *facepalm* Brain, stop that. Most days I’m confused enough as it is!

  12. Atrian says:

    Are they kissing? lol

    I love the fog and the eye effects.

  13. dreabutt0o0 says:

    i <3 the claw on the bottom right. sick!

    more butternutsquash!

  14. Sockis says:

    Awesome! Just totally awesome!

  15. JarasM says:

    Excellent! Lodz is my home city and this is really surprising! o_O I’d say I’m so there, but it seems school stuff will ground me this year as well during the festival, BLEH. You’ll be doing a panel or something? I’m seeing your name on the main page, but can’t find anything on the program.

  16. Xenon says:

    A beautiful follow up.

    Please, please, please Nadia, get some hits in on skelly on the way down….and make sure he lands first.

  17. raider_geek12 says:

    Ya Buddy!


  18. Jakub Sudra says:

    as a longtime fan I’m thrilled to hear about you coming to Lodz, although I don’t know will I have the time to get there. I’m sure you’ll like it there! And keep the great comics coming!

  19. Charles says:

    I’ve been reading this since the beginning but since you are going to Łódź I just had to comment; I spent a few months there in college. It’s very exciting! Łódź is a wonderful city. I am glad that you have been able to update regularly recently and I watch excitedly as the story progresses.

  20. blorb says:

    They are SO making out. Definitely! Since the last panel,he embraced her with his right arm and she turned her face towards him. So unless she’s got an armpit fetish, they totally are.

    Bet they’ve been waiting for it like nothing else.

    But rest assured, this will at least stay PG-13 because Mr. skeleton here is missing something that never was a bone to begin with ;) .

  21. o.n.a says:

    I’m really glad that you will be in Poland, in my country. Maybe you will have a chance to see some other cities except Łodź (because it isn’t the prettiest city in Poland ;)) I hope we will meet in Łódź :)

  22. chewtoy says:

    this is so fantastic!

  23. DavinciCoder says:

    Going down?

    The power of flight would come in handy right about now.

  24. Hmm, she seems to have the power of plummet nailed.

  25. Kelsey says:


    Or does she take his evil place if she kills him?

  26. Adam says:

    Great panel ^^
    I’m from Poland and I’m really glad that You’re gonna attend to festival ;)

  27. they’re all dead!
    nah, they probably make it.

  28. Sam4books says:

    Just found this comic, and I must say you have truely inspired me with your wonderful art and storytelling. Out of all the webcomics I ever read in my life I think this one had inspired me the most :)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful art to the world ^_^

  29. Cato says:

    Exquisite panels – the way you create depth with such simplicity is amazing. It’s like the white borders on my computer screen are a portal into the infinite.

    (As an aside – the star wars geek in me loves the placement of the walkers. It reminds me of the first long view of the AT-ATs in Empire. Eeeek! Exciting!)

    Can i has Wallpaper? ; )

  30. Catiris says:

    I hate to say it kind of looks like they are making out in the first panel.
    BUT I digress.
    I was not expecting her momentous slam into him at all. I love how you keep us on our toes, Ramon!

  31. Luke Okolski says:

    Awesome about the Łódź, as you can see Ramon there is plenty of people in Poland waiting for you :D

  32. r.sienicki says:

    I will also attend that Festival, so see you there, Ramon! :)

  33. Konrad_koko says:

    We can’t wait to meet you :). As you probably know now, you have quite a number of fans in Poland, mostly comic and webcomic creators. I reckon a lot of them will be there on the festival. I hope we could get you to record a short q&a or at least a bumper for our polish comic podcast :)

  34. Maciek says:

    Poland here :)
    Bring some t-shirts or at least prints!
    Or maybe they can be produced on-site? It would be rather cheap :)

  35. Adam says:

    Kto będzie tak miły i załatwi mi chociażby jakiś mały rysuneczek od Ramona i potem wyśle poczta do Szczecina bo niestety mnie nie będzie ;(

  36. katie says:

    accidentally pwnd ftw!

  37. Andrew says:

    I only just discovered KUKUBURI and have sat here entirely satisfied with every little bit of it. Your work is remarkably inventive, fluid, and a true joy to follow, with plenty of moments where I just have to sit back and say “wow” :)
    Thank you!

  38. Yakedo says:

    Yay, I’m from Poland ^^
    I wish you best luck on Komiks Festiwal, and I hope everyone in Poland will like Kukuburi :D

  39. Anka says:

    Shit, Ramón, you have no idea how happy I am to hear you’re coming to Łódź!! :D

  40. Schuave says:

    I would just have to say that the level of talent that you show in your drawings is just stunning. Even in these weird-awesome creatures, you manage to craft little things like joints and hands aesthetically. It’s just awesome, cause those are such a bitch to do.

  41. Had says:

    the second panel is absolutely beautiful!

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