so i’ll be honest here, i’m not sure if the off panel tail of the  ”curse” balloon is too slapstick, but i thought i’d let you the audience decide.

and as mentioned yesterday, here is how this weeks page will be presented in print creating a slightly different pacing but getting the same idea across.

Kukuburi 129a+b

have  a great weekend everyone!


i hope to see as many of you as i can at the TORONTO FAN EXPO this weekend. please come out if you can and say hello to myself and the entire Transmission-X crew who will all be there. we’ll have a little swag and will gladly doodle you up something pretty :)

i hope to have a small 9×12 limited kukuburi/nadia print available for the show!

we will be kicking of the by hosting a WEBCOMICS 101 panel from 5-6pm in room 713A.



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  1. irateidiot says:

    I think it works; contrasts the deliberate and premeditated mood of the bad guys nicely against the ignorance of the good.

  2. Am says:

    Ack, I totally forgot that those were curse-word symbols. Gotta say, my first reading was that it was an off-screen death of the dude in Death’s hands.

  3. Sugendran says:

    To be honest I think you can without it.. unless of course it’s referenced later. What about keeping the tall panel and placing the yellow bubble in the bottom left of it – I just don’t like the super long line running up to the bubble..

  4. raider_geek12 says:

    I so love this strip…I love the curse panel!

  5. The way his face is revealed to be a something like a paper membrane with a skull painted on it instead of an actual skull is kinda freaky.

  6. Sabreur says:

    My only complaint with the curse panel is that I thought it meant Skull Guy just KILLED the poor critter off-panel.

    Once I realized what it actually meant, it gave me a chuckle.

    • Ramón says:

      interesting. you’re the second person to say that. do you get the same thing with the double page expanded version too?

      • usivius says:

        Hm, I thought that’s what happened too, but I guess if I paid attention, I would realize that it is in the different font and colour. … but not sure I would know what it meant. To me it means poison or death (or pirates) …

      • I thought he was killed too. And yes, moving the skull and crossbones doesn’t really change things. You can’t overcome half a century of comic convention like that. Some kind of drippy gothic runic lettering would probably work better.

      • Sabreur says:

        Something along the lines of a more traditional “@#$%^!” curse would probably convey the message better.

        Either way, love the comic!

      • I’m not getting that impression at all. I definitely saw it as a curse right away, based on the distinctive style introduced early in the story,

  7. Stephen says:

    I do think you’re right in worrying that it’s too goofy, but that’s a small sacrifice to make to keep the mood light. The last thing you want is for this to get too (insert word I can’t think of).

  8. Lijabo says:

    I can see what Sabreur and Am mean, but I think it’s pretty clear what the meaning is on the two-page spread. It can’t be Zulu (That’s his name, right? Spacing right now) getting offed because we seem him in the next panel.

    As for the curse, itself, I think it’s great. In my opinion, you could shorten it, but you can also leave it the length it is.

  9. yohseph says:

    i love the curse balloons lol her boss’s curse ballon at the begining made me laugh out loud for real!
    i like the printed pacing more.

  10. Ramón says:

    well i removed the “curse balloon” as it was causing a bit of confusion. though for now i’ll leave it in the potential print version and see what folks think.

    thank you all for the input!

  11. bon says:

    The curse balloon was great imo. I understood it instantly, but then again I recently reread the entire thing from start, so perhaps the previous use of cursing was fresh in my mind.
    If I’d forgotten how Kukubiri characters curse, I could see how it could be misinterpreted, but that will be a much lesser problem in print, when people won’t read it out of context.

  12. DavinciCoder says:

    When the panels all follow each other it will look like our heroine may have met her end. Guess that adds to the suspense.

    Fun stuff Ramon

  13. bon says:

    Of course it will also look like she met her end, but it’s fairly obvious Reggie will swoop in with the package soon I think ^_^

  14. Alex says:

    I like the curse. I don’t think I would have necessarily realized the empty panel was where she was on the last page, otherwise.

  15. nick says:

    I also was confused and thought that the skull and crossbone was some kind of death. And that he was killed

  16. Violet Strangt says:

    I think the curse is effective.
    I’ll be sure to look for you at the Fan Expo!

  17. chewtoy says:

    I got it with the curse but can see the confusion. perhaps instead of a straight line leading from te curse bubble (which could be interpreted as an arrow pointing to the “killed” character) use an arced or wavy line to show the path of travel from her leap off point. just a thought.

    long time reader-first time poster, you’ve inspired me to ramp up my own efforts…

  18. Xenon says:

    You are fine…if people are flipping pages it is immediately preceded by the jumping pages it should make perfect sense.

  19. Energie o2 says:

    Ramon, beautiful artwork as always. I like the curse balloon. I can see where confusion may come in, especially since we are torn with wanting to know if she flies or falls. I agree with bon, I think while reading the entire story people will remember it stands for a curse. What about having the snail say something as well?

    Also, loved how he changed color in the previous panel to reflect his mood. Keep it up, your attention to detail gives your story so much depth.

  20. Grace says:

    I think when read from the beginning, the curse works perfectly. It can be misunderstood in weekly updates b/c it’s been awhile since the readers last saw the skull & crossbones. So I would definitely keep the curse for the print version. I also like the long line that places the curse, maybe because of the Looney Tunes aspect it gives, and Kukuburi is definitely a little loony :)

  21. Energie o2 says:

    Another thought, as I’ve just begun re-reading… It may be inappropriate, but instead of the skull and crossbones, you could use the bomb symbol.

    I’d hate to think our Nadia would drop the “bomb” , since she is the heroine, but if ever, this might be the place she would, as she herself is dropping out of the sky. (at least, I hope, until Reggie gets there!)

  22. iamosi says:

    just stumbled upon this strip, diggin it! i think i spent the better part of the day reading from the beginning.

    i, too, perceived the skull and bones as death. hmm. if you meant curse as in a “profanity,” might i suggest the more recognizable “@#$%!” symbol clutter? keep up the awesome work!!

  23. Eric says:

    On first impression, it was not immediately obvious to me that the skull and cross bones indicated cursing (vs. poison / death / dying), although it is a talk balloon. [Reading the comments gives it away.] I guess I’m more used to seeing cursing done in comics as a string of punctuation marks.

  24. Henry says:

    Aaaaaagh!! I can’t stand it! Sorry, I started following this comic a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. And it’s really brilliant the artist is sharing his progress with the world page by page. Really such a smart decision. But….I just can’t take the waiting anymore! But I cannot complain of course. I’m not doing any of the work here.

    But I’m wondering, maybe I’ve missed it, but I would love it if I could sign up to be notified when a new panel is posted. I know I could sign up for the RSS, or twitter or whatever, but those are things I could easily miss in the sea of RSS feeds and tweets. But an email, I never fail to browse over.

    • Ramón says:

      hey henry!

      sorry to drive you bonkers ;P

      however you can subscribe to an email notification through the rss feed. click on the rss button to the left of the comic, then click on “Get KUKUBURI by Ramón Pérez delivered by email.”

  25. Jakkers says:

    Oh **** indeed. xDDD

  26. Jerkwallace says:

    I would personally leave out the curse panel. Without it, we have no “confirmation” she fell, and are kept more in suspense about whether or not she will learn to fly. If you put in the “curse panel”, you lose any tension in the scene. I feel you split the second panel with empty space on the right because we are looking at the space where she may have fallen. But if we already think she has failed, we won’t pay attention to that empty space with as much hope and suspense.

  27. TheEFAF says:

    To people reading the print version, the previous use of cursing would be more recent in readers’ minds, lessening any confusion. Also, the combination of seeing all the print pages next to each other should get the point across nicely. I never forgot the yellow and red curse balloon you used for Kukuburi. It was so fresh, interesting, and out of the ordinary for cursing balloons that it immediately caught my attention and I’ve never been able to forget it. You should be fine leaving it in, and the height that it is at conveys the speed at which she fell (so fast, that even her word bubble was left behind) so that seems perfect as well.

  28. bebarce says:

    I enjoy the curse panel, and think it should stay. I didn’t see how it was initially placed, but for online confusion, it should be added to its own day. Since it matches the size of the previous Nadia Panels it will work out just fine for understanding. On the full spread it works too.

    As far as too slapstick, in my opinion, I don’t think there is such a thing.
    Some of the best work occurs when comedy seems forced together with drama, as if it were duck taped to its back. I think its part of the reason people love Joss Whedons work in things like Dr. Horrible, or Firefly. It always seems more potent when you see a comedian crying. The loss seems that much greater.

  29. Sam says:

    Gosh this comic is fantastic!! I found it last week through Kinokofry, and I read through all the archives to catch up. I love the storyline so far.

    I suppose you’ve heard enough about the curse bubble to make up your own mind, but I figure I might add my two cents as well. I like it, I got it (its not a death off screen), and I think it’s cute. I just really hate that white line cutting through the page. Perhaps dashes, or a woosh would be better? I think some sort of woosh would get the falling, and would be less staunch. But I’m no artist, I’m just insane about things like that. A woosh could look a million times worse.

    Anyway, great comic! Keep up the awesome job :)

  30. Nikita Singh says:

    Hey Ramón!

    I was really happy that I could finally meet you today, I was so flustered and excited, I still haven’t calmed down. My sister and I both adore your work incase you didn’t notice. I’m really, really happy that you’re drawing for us, it truly means a lot to us, especially me. I’m touched by your sincerity. I think it’s rad that you engage in good conversations with your fans/people that walk by. Sheesh I’m so flustered still, but in short I love you, I love my shirt, I love Nadia, and I love Kukuburi.


    • Ramón says:

      thank you both for stopping by. your enthusiasm made my day and weekend!

      it’s experiences like this, with you and others such as yourselves, that i take away with me from shows like fan expo that ring true as to why i enjoy weaving stories for all to enjoy. thank you for making fan expo that much more memorable :)

      • Nikita says:

        I’m glad that we made your weekend, that’s pretty damn awesome, you made my weekend too! You’re much cooler in person than I thought, and the only artist that was talking to us at length. Thank you for making it memorable for us too, Ramón. <3

  31. Natasha Singh says:

    Hey! It was so great meeting you! I was fan-girling in my head (unlike my sister haha) and I really did enjoy our meeting. It was so kind of you to accept our request! I think it’s super stellar that you are so close with your fan base! I adore your art work and story and can’t wait to see more~~!

    Remember to make sure my sister wins your future contest!! ;D ♥♥ Peace and loooovve~~~

  32. Mary Tee says:

    Well when people read the whole thing in printed version they’ll definitely remember that it’s a curse word so I don’t think that that’s an issue…
    And your whole comic is awesome and brightly-colored. It totally fits, in mine own opinion. But it’s thine own opinion that counts, so whatever you think works.
    I definitely think that it’s shaping up to be a beautiful story.

  33. Harumph! All I have to say to that is “☠”.

  34. BenNy says:

    Theres Gonna Be a Printed Version!??
    when will that come?
    how big could this be
    bookstores wide? or mailing wide?

    • Ramón says:

      my goal has always been to take kukuburi into print. i see the online version as more of a beta run which will be re-edited and tweaked before going to print.

      i am aiming for a spring 2010 release, probably in conjunction with TCAF.

      i am self-publishing and will be selling the book online and at conventions. i may atempt some direct market sales, but i will not be taken things into large bookstores at this time.

      i am looking at printing a large format, probably 10″x10″, 200pg limited ed.hardcover… with a mass market smaller softcover much later.

  35. Amazing details on the close panel!

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