good morning world!

i know as i post that this week’s pages they are going to frustrate. a part of me wants to post the next four pages in a row to alleviate the wait and aggravation as they are done. but as much as i want to that would defeat the buffer i have been working towards creating on my kukuburi updates. i’m trying to get ahead so updates will continue uninterrupted when i embark on bit of a comic show tour of europe and the uk come the fall. more on this to come as dates are defined :)

as well as being frustrating this weeks updates have been visually re-formated to fit comicpress… kinda like a pan-and-scan versions!

Kukuburi 128 a+b

above is page 128 as it will appear in print and page 129 i will showcase tomorrow.

the difficulty with only updating two pages a week (i really wish i could do more – but it’s just not financially feasible right now) is that you want to tell as much story as possible. at the same time though the visual storyteller in me wants to give moments the visual impact they deserve. big moments need to be big. this is nadia’s leap of faith… in herself and in this world.


we have one the TORONTO FAN EXPO this weekend of august 28-30th to enjoy! please come out if you can and say hello to myself and the entire Transmission-X crew who will all be there. we’ll have a little swag and will gladly doodle you up something pretty :)

as well to kick off the show we will be hosting a WEBCOMICS 101 panel from 5-6pm in room 713A.

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  1. Cocodaye says:

    World Tour! Woo Hoo!

  2. sylan0 says:

    DAMNNIT!!! so many o my favourite comicers are gonna be there this weekend, and its only a 2 hour drive away, but i cant afford it and dont have the time =( maybe next year

  3. Squiggle says:

    Hehehe…. two of the best words ever. So much meaning behind them yet so simple. *Chuckles to self* “Uh oh…”

    Also… can’t wait till your Europe tour, Im practically bouncing off the walls with excitement already!! There is no way Im gonna miss out on a chance to come bug… *Ahem* meet you :D

  4. Dogboy says:

    Once again just awesome. And can I kindly request this one to be a wall paper desktop?? Would be most excellent.

  5. raider_geek12 says:



  6. I’m hoping the “uh-oh” is in reference to Zulu, and not regarding a lack of ability to fly.

  7. Daniel St-J says:

    I’m glad you give the moments the visual impact they deserve — it’s hard as a storyteller to dole out your story in doses that you feel are miniscule — but don’t worry. Every time I see a new page in my reader, my brain says “Yay! Kukuburi!”

  8. BenNy says:

    world tour?
    just so you know, if you ever go to southeast asia, you have a fan there
    good dialogue… hanging..

  9. Reidic says:

    High on the list of things you don’t want to hear while you’re adhered to the shoulder of a magical girl flying through the air: “Uh oh.”

  10. Xenon says:

    Why not just post them and we gladly wait for your return. We get a bonus of 4 (or at this point 3) pages to gloriously revel in, and then wait patiently for more. Or post them slowly…I’m gonna read them anyway, just now or later is the choice.

  11. Paul says:

    Ugh–how bad does “Pan and Scan” suck?! All those great scifi and action movies ruined on TV before HD. This is gonna look amazing in print!

  12. Archivist says:

    Focus on the objective, Nadia… Saving Zulu. HIM has got a vicegrip on his neck. Focus not your mind on flying. You must not think about how bad it’s going to hurt if you fail to miss the ground. You must focus on giving HIM a solid whuppin’. Flying can be a afterthought.

  13. RAWLS says:

    Hey Ramon!
    Lookin good my friend! Eric Orchard said that he’s been hangin with you since his move to Toronto. I’ll be at the Expo this weekend on Friday and Saturday so we should definitely hook up and say hello! I’ll be with the gang from The Anthology Project! See you there my friend!

    • Ramón says:

      he has and we definitely should! there will be some shenanigans going on on friday night, hell every night for that matter!

      btw. loving rex bunyan!

  14. Sarah says:

    I agree one thousand fold, please make this a wallpaper! The background in this is very pretty.

  15. faetea says:

    I don’t mind waiting. Each page is beautiful. I hope I can buy it when it’s printed.

  16. cuckoo says:

    So, you´re touring europe? Great! Is there any show in germany you are visiting? i´d like to do some us-style-convention-fanboy-action ;)

  17. Just noticed: The snail is now red, not blue.

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