years ago i went skydiving. it was my first time. it was a tandem line jump which meant that the ripcord automatically pulled after 5 seconds. seems like a short moment… but it’s not. it was perhaps the most freeing experience of my life. to jump out into the welcoming blue sky 1000’s of metres up. i won’t say it’s like flying, more like drifting peacefully. birds flying by wondering what i was doing alongside them.

the serenity was palpable.

the silence engulfing.

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  1. the expressions you do are always just outstanding. A single expression seems to describe the exact spand of time where a person must be thinking “Oh shit. I’ve just taken a leap of faith. Am I flying or falling? WTF did I just do?”

    • Ramón says:

      i really do try and make every expression as perfect as possible. especially with nadia or our boney friend. there have been times where the paper is almost torn through from erasing as i search for the perfect expression!

  2. Charzarrr says:

    Holy moly! I come back to find SIX NEW PAGES since my last visit and a (nearly literal) cliff hanger! Yikes. I’ll be looking forward to the next update for sure. And I just have to say, Ramon you are the best. Thank you for sharing Kukuburi with your humble fans. :)

  3. Ben says:

    Hang on, Lenny! You’re in for the ride of your life!

    This Is fantastic as a single pane. Nothing less would suffice.

  4. JT/Sihaya says:

    On the flip side, my husband’s a small aircraft pilot. I think it was the third time that I ever went up with him when he said, “Hey, it’s not really a problem since their airspace is so huge and they announce it, … but could you keep your eyes open for skydivers? The drop zone’s a few miles that way,” he points away, “but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

    So skydiving was crossed off my to-do list after that. I imagine I would be the first woman ever to land on *another plane* while skydiving. I’d probably get caught in the propeller, too, because the odds of that happening are so astronomically low that I would *have* to be that freak accident.

    PS – Lenny’s still blue. I figure he’d be flashing quickly through the spectrum by now. :)

  5. John Abbe says:

    I assume you meant palpable? (vs. palatable.)

    Here i am, picking nits. Well, in the hopes of crushing them i s’pose.

    Love the comic, looking forward to learning more about how things work in this world. Much thanks!

  6. Dan says:

    Anybody feeling the urge to make a remark about the craziness of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is hereby reminded that there is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane.

    As any pilot, mechanic, or engineer will tell you.

    Also, realistically, there’s almost no way she’d be landing with those shoes still on her feet. Whatever you’re wearing when you jump, if it ain’t tied on, don’t plan on keeping it.
    And put your goggles on!

    But back to Kukuburiland, amazing artwork.

    • Runta says:

      My Grandfather was a paratrooper in WW2, in boot camp my father decided to follow in his footsteps and joined jump school. When my grandfather heard this he advised, “Only 2 things falling willingly out of the sky, birdshit and idiots. :)

  7. Lijabo says:

    @ Dan: Unless, of course, she flies or something.

    But yes, definitely agree with goggles on. They’re so much more awesome when they’re not just a fashion accessory!

    And skydiving is pretty much one of the most amazing experiences.

  8. Jakkers says:

    Hang in there Lenny! 8D
    That’s like… The best panel. EVER.

  9. Kuenai says:

    It’s definitely not a short moment. It’s nice; you might fret and worry one the plane ride up, but once you leap out, you can enjoy being completely engulfed in the moment! Very impressive page, as always, I like how the poor snail is just barely hanging on there ^^.

  10. Paul says:

    I imagine skydiving IS a freeing experience–unfortunately for me, I believe it would be freeing the contents of my bladder into my shorts…

  11. raider_geek12 says:



  12. Squiggle says:

    I would just like to say that I LOVE Lenny in this picture. I can’t actually concentrate on the rest of it cos I keep going back to his stretched out clingy-on-ness and start giggling again. So adorable!!

  13. mart says:

    this comic just keeps getting better…although, one question: can’t the “nugget o’ love” fly her over there?

  14. dreabutt0o0 says:

    @mart silly, that would be too easy! havent you been paying attention? its an extreeeeemely DRAMATIC moment! (if you forgot, back it on up to pg.118) it would take all the thrill out of it to have nugget just float over. besides, shes no longer on nugget, but a nightmarish creature, which are going much faster than nugget can keep up!

    and MY favorite part of this panel is the bottom of her rib cage sticking out, cuz its spot on. and those crumbs trailing behind. and….wait, did lenny crap himself?! XP

  15. Matt says:

    It may have only been five seconds of free fall, but that’s more than enough time to fill my jump suit with pee.

    Great image though! Would make an excellent desktop wallpaper.

  16. sco3tt says:

    Uh oh, she didn’t say Three. That’s gonna cost her.

  17. DavinciCoder says:

    I love how Leonard is hanging on to here shoulder for all he’s worth. That’s fabulous.

  18. Eric says:

    @JT/Sihaya: I have only heard of one collision. The skydiver was still freefalling and hit the tail of the airplane. He survived the collision with a broken leg, but the airplane crashed killing everyone onboard.

    I wonder if the goggles are a symbol of her determination to fly and the fact that she is not using them means she won’t. Nugget is still around somewhere, I think.

    @Ramon: FWIW, I had trouble figuring out Nugget’s name because of Nadia’s font. I keep reading the “U” as an H or W. The other letters are legible, but the U keeps throwing me.

    You said that you wanted feedback about how people are understanding the plot. As I understand it, the skeleton guy is “HIS” envoy; Nadia is destined to be Kukuburi = the Laughing Bird’s envoy, but needs her hat = a key; “HE” and the Laughing Bird are even more powerful beings; the skeleton guy claims whatever is created in the Underside so he claimed Nadia’s nightmares and ordered them to attack, but I’m not sure what. I suspect that Laughing Bird woke Nadia out of her dream and that the bluebird of happiness was Laughing Bird’s envoy, but i didn’t understand the point of that.. I also think the Laughing Bird might be referred to as “She” and is the enemy of “HE”.

  19. Ramón says:

    thank you all! i always worry when i post a splash such as this… but i believe certain moments deserve them and this was definitely one of them.

  20. yohseph says:

    agreed Ramon sum times you just have to dedicate a full page to a moment. and this is deffently one of those moments!
    awesome job.
    cant wait to see if she flys lol other wise she may end up falling in to her bedroom again…

  21. ClaudioViola says:

    Yohseph, there were a “spoiler” in one of the Kukuburi’s headers, at the TX main page — she flies! ;-)

  22. Andreas says:

    This picture is stunning. Thanks again, Ramon!

    one tiny remark and I am sorry for the nerd I am. Shouldn’t the bracelet on Nadia’s right arm “swing back” like Lenny because of her acceleration?

  23. Depends on whether she threw her arms forward or back.

  24. Jai says:

    Oh, my god, I LOVE that snail. The action in his pose, here, is ridiculously good. AND HE’S SO CUTE ARRRGH.

    Nadia’s left fingers seem to be missing a line, but the only reason I bring that up is because my idiot brain is interpreting her left hand as being palm-facing-us. Yeah, despite her thumb and fingernails. I don’t claim to understand my brain.

    Re: Skydiving: I always thought that the wind rushing past your ears would be really noisy! But I haven’t been, so this is really just based on skydiving videos (But we’re probably all aware of how microphones can’t help but over-amplify the sound of a breeze) and movies.

  25. BenNy says:

    Speechless and suspenseful.
    I will say no more

  26. Noxx says:

    As always, stunning art. Visually, I’m enjoying Kuku more than anything else going right now.

  27. jordan says:

    hey, i been digging on this! sweet monsters!

  28. NateBBQ says:

    @Andreas It could also be that Nadia is at the top of a very short upward trajectory, she was moving straight forward when she lept. Also, she is looking down, either for fear of the ground, or to look at where she is meaning to land.

  29. Sockis says:

    This is so very awesome, can’t wait for next part!
    Your artwork is really superb

  30. Rayni says:

    Agreeing with palpable vs palatable, but really I’m commenting to say that her mouth looks really weird and distracting from the moment. Usually I totally love your weird expressions, but this time it looks like there’s a huge marshmallow in her mouth or something. Of course, I know I’m the only one after all these fans, so feel free to totally disregard my opinion.

  31. AlpineBob says:

    2 nits.
    A tandem jump is when you exit an aircraft attached to an instructor, who is responsible or getting you down safe. I believe you mean ’static line’, where your deploy cord is attached to the aircraft, so your chute HAS to deploy once you exit. I did a static-line jump myself in college. Scariest thing I’ve ever done.
    The end of her belt is sticking out of the wrong side of her buckle. But we’ll just call that artistic license, because she sure looks cool!

  32. ClubPenguin says:

    I’ll be looking forward to the next update for sure. And I just have to say, Ramon you are the best. Thank you for sharing Kukuburi with your humble fans.

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