if lenny’s taught me anything it’s that sometimes life just requires a leap of faith and believing in yourself…

doing this comic has been one of my ‘jumps’ and i have many more. but i think it’s a good start ;)

have a good weekend everybody and i’ll see you tuesday!

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  1. Brightshade says:

    Whoooosh! Go Nadia!
    I love the lip-curl on panel one, a glimpse of an older cynical Nadia who would have long since grown out of ideas like flying. With that running leap, though, whoever she’s going to be, she won’t become the sneering Nadia.
    Of course, if Larry’s wrong about this flying business she’ll become a very thin splotch instead

  2. Lijabo says:

    Just when I think I find a favorite page, up pops one at least as awesome. This one is definitely above average, though. Just feels so EPIC.

  3. Michaela says:

    Came across this particular page on my travels of the interwebs, and it was so ridiculously awesome that I just went back and read the entire comic from page one.
    I think I’m in love.

  4. Brightshade says:

    Also I love how Lenny matches her ring; lots of wizard of oz throughout, things from the ‘real world’ and their flipside echoes…

  5. Almo says:

    She’s ready to kick some ass! :) But i can’t help wondering how that wooden bracelet stays on… must be part of the magic of this world. :)

  6. Paul says:

    Loving that last panel…dunno what it is, but I think it’s that awesome oversized shoe…

    • usivius says:

      LOL.. i agreee with paul… the last panel is excellent.. the way she is almost leaving the panel and the middle of it is her bracelet … it has sucha feel of energy and urgency!
      love it!

  7. roar says:

    I would really love to have the last panel as a piece of art on the wall. It is truly beautiful and inspiring! As always, love this comic to pieces.

  8. Jose says:

    I have to agree… all panels are great, and every now and then, there´s this one that rocks above the others. This is one of those! Classy pending action genius!

  9. raider_geek12 says:

    whooo whooooooooo


  10. I love the bottom panel, getting ready to take that leap! Can’t wait to see what happens.

  11. Doc says:

    @Michaela: Yeah, Kukuburi has that effect on people.

    Great updates this week, Ramon! Thanks so much for doing this.

  12. Alcina says:

    That is the kind of sentiment I live by. Program your R.A.S–if you think you can do it, you will! I snapped a board in half with a flick of my wrist and propelled down a castle wall that way…and I’m terrified of heights!

  13. Xenon says:

    I know it won’t happen, but it would be great to have the following dialogue come next:

    “One…two…thr…just kidding, I can’t believe you totally fell for that flying bit. *Snicker* Flying….come on man!”

    Perhaps I watch too much slapstick…otherwise, WHOOSH! Let’s fly away!

  14. Akinobu says:

    Run Forest Run!!!Sorry i couldn’t resist ;)
    As always great Ramón!!!

  15. I can’t wait to see – will she fly or will she fall?

    Four days will take forever.

  16. Sticdkfodder says:

    I just found the comic and it’s awesome, but it figures that I come in on a cliffhanger like this.

  17. Baldtel says:

    You just keep giving me new desktop pictures, every week. A truely AWESOME comic.

  18. LazerWulf says:

    “There is an art… or, rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” — The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (Life, The Universe, and Everything: Chapter 9)

    • Joshua says:

      The trick to it being to become distracted by something so intriguing that it diverts your attention form the fact your falling. lol :D

  19. Dan says:

    Put your goggles on, before you jump. You can keep your eyes open, that way.
    Second time this has happened.

    Usually, skyjumping don’t give you that many chances.

  20. Chesh says:

    mad props on this page. im always amazed when you manage to capture the exact emotion so perfectly in scenes like this.

    thanks for showing that this sort of thing is possible. so like…whens the printed version being published? :d

  21. DyanneNova says:

    Just found this amazing comic, and can’t wait to grab a copy once it’s in book form … also can’t wait ’til next Tuesday for the next panel, but I will ^_^

  22. Wissende says:

    RAS = reticular activating system, part of the brain thought by some to be source of motivation/sexual arousal.

  23. mykie says:

    its amazing when simple lines can make an image exquisite. I absolutely love the last panel. kudos.

  24. chilly says:

    Really proud of you, Ramon.

  25. kristina says:

    ABSOLUTELY love that last panel! Gorgeous! Well done!

  26. Wow! The last panel it’s amazing!
    Her moves are perfect! =)

  27. Jared says:

    Great job Ramon. I’m just now plowing through the archives, and you’ve done some fantastic work here. The two page spreads are really cool, and the characters and landscapes are second to none. Oddly enough though, I think one of my favorite things in this comic has to be Nadia’s shoes. They’re so big and clunky. Keep it up.

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