a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.

my schedule is getting a bit jam packed but not for the regular reasons. this be a good one. i, along with a couple of other tx’ers, are organizing a bit of a euro-tour of festivals and shows for this fall. i’m really really excited about it and will post more once things become concrete. however to make this happen i am accelerating my work schedule to get everything done before hand as well as i am trying to get ahead on kukuburi and the soon to relaunch butternutsquash so updates can continue in my absence… so if things get jumbly by a day or two in the coming weeks you’ll know why, but the updates will be there, in fact i have already pencilled the next two weeks of kukuburi. now i just need to get ahead and pencil the next 8 weeks worth ;P

with todays update i’d also like to give a shout out to steve ogden creator of moon town who gave kukuburi some nice props on his links page. if you have a moment meander on over and check out the stunningly gorgeous MOON TOWN!

and now back to doodling. page 125 will be up in about 12hrs… see you then!

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  1. Grace says:

    Oh noes! Zulu is in the hands of the “Bad Guy.” Time for a rescue mission.

  2. You did a wonderful job with those last two panels: Zulu has moved from looking around one side of the horn to the other (tracking Mr. Bones), and his hand near the tip in panel 4 could belong to him in either panel. (Maybe you didn’t intend that. But I love it!)

  3. Daniel St-J says:

    I have loved Kukuburi since I found it, and I’m really glad to see that it’s continuing to roll forward. I would’ve been really sad if this were one of those beautiful comics that “died”. And I agree with Tim…that thing with Zulu’s hand, intentional or not, is beautiful.

  4. Squiggle says:

    Im with Im on this as well. Zulu’s hand was my favourite bit of this strip. Just oh so awesome >.< Can I have a plushie Zulu pleasey please?! I think I love him even more than all the others combined and hes only been with us for such a short time. I just love the "snabble" noise. Its so… gah I dont even know the word. I just love him and want to eat him all up in a stew of cute cuddleyness :D

    • Squiggle says:

      ^^ My previous comment should read “Im with Tim on this as well”. Fail typing is typing :P

      PS Plushie Zulu ;) (Haha… so couldn’t resist the extra chance)

      • Squiggle says:

        ^^ Oh for the love of… Fail typing is FAIL. Right. Im done. No more fail comments of failness and stuffs.

  5. raider_geek12 says:

    I So love this. Art is awesome and story is awesome!


  6. Og says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ramon! I appreciate it…

    Keep up the incredible work. Kukuburi RULES!

  7. Kookaburra8su says:

    I think I’ve been reading this comic since page five went online.

    And I’m still in suspense for when she realises she’s the one in control.

    I know the moment I realised when I was the one in control, and I’m still to discover the limits of what I’m capable of… in my power over dreams. Why fly, when you can teleport, or freeze/rewind time? One small step at a time I guess. Now if only I could share the imagination in an image as well as you.

    Thanks to you for being able to show your image of the imagination. Dreams made real.
    And inspirational.

  8. Lijabo says:

    I’m all atwitter for the next page. And Zulu is rapidly rising on my favorite characters list.

  9. Allyne says:

    Zulu reminds me of E.T.
    I’m not sure why xD

    I really like this page. The break between the bottom panels is genius :)

  10. Adam says:

    Euro Festival – any chance you’re considering BICS 2009?

  11. Joanna says:

    AAAAAAAAAUGH you get your bony damn hands off of Zulu!

    Sorry. I get rather attached to these characters. *singing* All hail Ramonnnnnnn ….

  12. Sabreur says:

    The triumphant return of “Snabble?”

  13. Andreas says:

    With your current style of connecting the pages, I am wondering, what the next picture will show us. Flying/Leaping Nadia and Lenny on their way to Zulu while she gets her hat?

    This is getting better with every picture. Hope, she will realize soon enough, that she is in control of these living stone-henges.

    Thanks so much for all your work, Ramón!

  14. i hope this battle goes on forever. the battle whale is great and i love watching the hatted fellows slicing up mantas, can’t wait to see what Nadia can do.

  15. Cato says:

    I just wanna yell (all Ripley style) …


    Seriously – my heart was in my throat reading this. If Nadia don’t bring the smackdown – I’ll cross to the otherside and do it myself :)

    Poor Zulu – hang in there little buddy!

  16. kristina says:

    SEE….this makes me think that Zulu might be bad….might be…maybe….

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