greetings all!

to avoid any confusion, today’s update consists of two pages, of which page 122 has been back dated to yesterday as i missed it’s tuesday update.

i’d like to extend a welcome to any and all new readers thanks to last friday’s post on by phathiker! kukuburi got slammed with about 15,000 visits (i know these aren’t pvp numbers – but hey, baby steps here people!) which almost killed our server! thank you again for the post and kudos phathiker!

like last weeks pages, this weeks set is designed with the print edition in mind. so, once again, i thought i’d share the complete layout with you;

kukuburi 122 + 123

have a great weekend when it arrives and i’ll see you all on tuesday, or sooner if you bump into me in the forums :)

ps/  i’d like to thank those who visited the forums and gave me their input on a few swag ideas for upcoming cons. i will be posting some t-shirt ideas shortly and hopefully you’ll all chime in on that too :)

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  1. Badtrak says:

    This is great!!!!
    The story is so exciting. I love the expression in the last frame.
    Thanks Ramon.

  2. Jacob H says:

    The anticipation is practically palpable!!!!

  3. Grace says:

    I just love this comic. Everything about it, art, writing, sound effects, awesome characters, just rocks.

  4. joverine says:

    haha sweet-ass whoopin time
    some sweet drawings here man

  5. Lisa H says:

    The long tall glowey eyed baddy over 4 panels is superb!

  6. Squiggle says:

    I LOVE the expression on her face in that last panel. Absolutely brilliant as always Ramon.

  7. faetea says:

    I love kukuburi and I greatly enjoyed reading these most recent undates. Keep up the good work!

  8. Lijabo says:

    That two page spread is boggling. Love the close up of the battle whale.

  9. Jakkers says:

    Lords Ramon. You make me squeal with your pages. O_O
    I want more! 8D

  10. BenNy says:

    lets do what?

  11. Catiris says:

    This comic is so gorgeous. Love the feel, the style, how instead of cussing they have the little skull and crossbones.
    Everything is so ingenious!

  12. raider_geek12 says:

    Sweet!!!!!! Gettin good now!


  13. She’s knee deep in playing cards, oh noes, my crazy little brain can’t mix metaphors that quickly.

  14. chillychili says:

    Glad to see you maintaining schedule…. and with such a beautiful graphic!

  15. WDCat says:

    Only knee deep??? I’d hate to see what deeper looks like. :) (Am seriously loving this, the visuals are amazing!)

  16. Wandering Seeker says:

    That explains why the pages were loading so slowly yesterday. I found this because of your guest comic on The Abominadble Charles Christopher, and didn’t get around to reading it until yesterday afternoon. This is such a beautiful comic, with a great story! Keep it up, I’m waiting to see what happens!

  17. noah says:

    kicking some ass on the updates, Ramon, keep it up!

  18. VERY aw35om3.

    “Let’s do this”… you GO, young lady!

  19. Cocodaye says:

    There is a certain irony in the fact that I am more than happy for you to take a few months off to sort things out because I know you produce such a great strip, and the fact I hate you right now for making me wait a whole week to see how this pans out.

    Keep it up.

  20. sco3tt says:

    That’s one hardcore snail, he’s not pulling any punches. Well, he’s got no hands, but you know what I mean.

  21. kristina says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat as always! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  22. CLASSIFIED says:

    I can’t remember what the package was for…anyway, amazing comic. Hard to express the greatness with words.

  23. usivius says:

    “let’s do this”… I love her expression… LOL.

  24. Chip says:

    I’ve stopped commenting on every page, because I sound like a broken record. Suffice to say I’m still madly in love with this book. Can’t wait to buy a quality hardcopy.

  25. phathiker says:

    hey ramon, just read the update for the first time….sorry about almost blowing up your server! I felt something this good should be shared. I respect what you are doing here and almost wish i could do something like it myself. hope it all works out for you.


    • Ramón says:

      no need to apologize at all! AT ALL!

      ( i wish more people challenged my server ;) )

      all was compensated for and just hope people weren’t dissuaded when they were getting error messages early. i didn’t catch onto what was going on till later… at which point i upped the bandwidth and server capacity.

      thank you kindly again :)

  26. Ahmed says:

    To be honest, when I first read this page I read it top-down, then left-right (because my eyes were following the big rocky thing). When I see it in print form, though, it reads normally, so it’s a moot point.

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