this week’s two part update was the first of what will be a series of pages designed predominantly with the print edition in mind. as the events in the story begin to merge i wanted the images amongst the panels to evoke that as well. if you click the image below you will see p120 & p121 as they are meant to be viewed… together.

kukuburi 120+121

till next week!


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  1. dlaiyre says:


    I didn’t notice the jet-stream following Reggie and the package flying across the background of p120 until the 2nd page was there to make it obvious. I assume he isn’t flying to the battle whale (as he is now passing it?) but rather onward to Nadia!

    Wish I could hear that music.

  2. brightshade says:

    I love the music — am I crazy to think that it’s coming from the sound of bone against fog? I’m imagining something like fingernails on a blackboard, but watery and melodic and minor, as if played on a glass harmonica… Makes my teeth hurt and yet I want to hear more

    • Odo says:

      Thank you — that was exactly the sound I imagined as well. A sound meant to irritate. It’s not inconsistent with the sound ollie describes, either. If this were ever made into a film, that sound would be one of the hard ones to get “just right”.

  3. Badtrak says:

    I love this comic!!!!
    The lines, the story the textures. Someday is going top make one hell of a movie.
    Thanks for the adventure.

  4. Lijabo says:

    This is fantastic! Really.

  5. Ryan says:

    the pose and everything in the last panel there–bottom right–it’s poetry

  6. Joanna says:

    “He” is the creepiest damn thing I’ll see all week, and I *love* it. Kukuburi makes my heart sing.

    P.S. Go, Reggie, go!

  7. raider_geek12 says:



  8. usivius says:

    very cool. Would love to see this whole thing in a book format!

  9. Squiggle says:

    Squeeeeeee…. again….. Tis as beautiful and awesome as always Ramon. Great stuff. *Sits and stares happily*

  10. Catherine says:

    Gorgeous. I love the movement from one panel to the next, across pages, and then suddenly, it’s like silence…all the action is gone, but a small strain of music is left. Simply stunning.

  11. WDCat says:

    It just keeps getting more and more wonderful! The two pages together are, indeed, lush and magical.

  12. chillychili says:

    Welcome back with a bang!

  13. Tim says:

    Third panel.. Michael Stipe, anyone? In that case, I’m willing to bet the music is a muffled, single voice A Capella rendition of Losing My Religion.

  14. Weird optical illusion: In that last frame, it looked for a moment like he had a walking stick in his hand. It’s just the way he’s standing, I think, I actually did a double-take when I realize he wasn’t holding anything.

  15. Music: something by Philip Glass or Brian Eno?

  16. Reidic says:

    Speechless. The combination of 120 and 121 together is haunting. I cannot wait to get your print book Ramon, although I would LOVE to see a poster of the full scene that those 2 pages originally would have had, sans framing.

  17. Lisa H says:

    Somehow the music notes evoke the sound of something profoundly disturbing. Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so. Bravo Ramon.

  18. Kookaburra8su says:

    The sweet sweet music of fingernails on the chalk board of mist. Love it!!!

    These two pages are going into my fav’s.

  19. YeAh… I’m SO geeking.

  20. mart says:

    yes yes, this the stuff dreams (or, imagination) is made of, kudos on another awesome update Ramon

  21. Man! I love your webcomic! I just read it and I’m anxious to take moooore! hehe

  22. Ramón says:

    it’s interesting how you all are interpreting the musical visual. pretty bang on for the most part… :)

    make me want to post a “soundtrack” of sorts sometime. as there i a definite musical element playing out in my head and on itunes as i work on kuku.

  23. Don says:

    I don’t think I have read something this interesting…well, ever. Bravo!

  24. BenNy says:

    if there is ever a soundtrack
    it should be something like the Dark Knight

  25. jonr says:

    What? Already at the last panel? But I only discovered this today!!! :(

  26. from_reddit says:

    ditto on finding today – made reddit, read through the whole thing at work 8)

    -great job

  27. I also read through the whole thing today. I think the slow loading pages helped build up the suspense. I’m going to have to start following this now, I have to know what happens.

  28. jaymill says:

    nice comic man. I read all 121 today and i look forward to many more. The artwork is fantastic

  29. Ramón says:

    a welcome to all those you found kukuburi on reddit yesterday and hopefully in the coming days. thank you for the kudos and i’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far :)

  30. Bok says:

    Buen trabajo!
    Uno de los comics mejor hechos que he visto en tiempo. :)

  31. Pasha says:

    I really hope you print this someday. I would love to be able to see it all as two page spreads like this (and I would legitimately buy it).

  32. Ethics says:

    It would be a shame (or perhaps criminal :p) not to print this tbh.

    Another great comic man! I want to buy a widescreen monitor so i can view those two pages fullscreen!

  33. ollie says:

    the music in the rift his fingers cut is a wierd circus steam caliopy, muted by distance and dry wind. It speakes of innocence twisted, maidens made to scream…

  34. Violet Strangt says:

    I haven’t commented in a while, but i’m an avid reader! it’s so beautiful.

  35. Leviticus says:

    I know you must be quite busy, and heaven forbid I keep you from finishing more panels for us, but if you have any merchandising plans, I would snap up the bottom right panel on a shirt :)

  36. ssssnowww says:

    the stripe is excellent, but this one in particular…. Heskeleton languidly surfing the mantaray in the mist bring some cool snowboarding flashbacks…

  37. Twigs says:

    I think that skeleton is what would happen if David Bowie sold his soul to the devil.

    I’ve been reading through the archives of this comic, and I just had to comment and say that I love the art and storyline =) It’s original, interesting, and the art is so good that you need almost no dialogue to figure out the storyline. Fanbloodytastic!

  38. Had says:

    A friend recommended this comic to me and ive been watching it for the last couple of days. I love the dark turn its taken and how the characters that have been recently introduced seem to eek of malice. Beautiful story and wonderful work- Thank you

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