greetings all!

thing are looking good. as i post this week’s updates (pg 121 is slated for 12:01am wednesday rather than thursday of this week since the pages are tied so closely together) i am also busily working away on next week’s pages. i trend i hope to increase :)

i would like to thank all of you who still visited the site during the lack of updates over the past few weeks and left comments, purchased prints and made donations. your support is much much appreciated.

things are balancing out quite nicely in my career as i’ve finally managed to bring all my obligations down to just two projects which in turn will allow me to focus more on kukuburi and the soon to relaunch butternutsquash! for those interested in process there has been a showcase of how i put together this weeks update in the tx forums, along with a contest for some original art! in the near future i will utilizing the forums to garner opinions on various merchandise ideas, so if you have a moment please join.

on the life front things have become a little more relaxed (there have been some emotional times of late) and this week sees me returning to court for 4 days (yay!) in regards to my tenancy issues. so if you can keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

till tomorrow,


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  1. sylan0 says:

    luck with the court battle!! to be honest i dont even remember what the court battle is about anymore, other then i think you were being wrongfully evicted? but whatever it was hope it goes well =)

    also not really sure why this one was split into two pages kinda, but it does look nifty that way, i wonder if im the only one who’s eyes make it look like the exhaust (would you call it exhaust?) from the jet pack is continuous even between the gap unless you focus on it a lot?

  2. Paul says:

    I can’t believe that landlord fiasco isn’t finished yet. Hopefully, karma bends them over and…well you get where I’m going with that. At least things are looking up for Kukuburi and BNS. Good luck this week!

  3. On a lighter note, I can’t wait for the other half of this panel, those are some totally awesome monsters, and I hope they don’t bite their tongue-tentacle things too often… it looks like it could be painful.

  4. raider_geek12 says:

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Lazureus Falcone says:

    The Metal-Rays from the last Dr. Who reminded me of these.

  6. Rex Queems says:

    Hey! Great to see the new stuff up. Love the coloration of the sky in the background. Oh, the action in the foreground is amazing too :)

  7. dlaiyre says:

    Awesome, can’t wait. Keep up the amazing work.

    I would probably kill for a shirt with “him/her” slashed across it, appearing in some sort of power struggle. Maybe using a chess board or perhaps ‘battleship’

  8. Coyotelovely says:

    OMG! Ramon! That’s STILL not done?? I can’t believe how long it’s taking. Good luck to you still then, and I hope it’s all over (and voted in your favor) soon!

  9. Reidic says:

    Gorgeous as always Ramon, hope the court proceedings go favorably. Can’t wait to see the next update tomorrow morning; hopefully I’ll have my home PC fixed by then >_<

  10. BenNy says:


    its stuff like this that should be put into movies and TV shows
    but i guess thats why we have comics

  11. bethany says:

    I love the burst of light from the ray guns, the trail of light from the jet pack and the stardust in the background that is uniform and random at the same time (not to mention you can see stars through the hole in one of the rays). The way you layer so much while maintaining balance is truly inspiring, my sweet.

  12. dreabutt0o0 says:

    manta bits!! sweeet

  13. Attila says:

    Absolutely awesome man! Love the folds on that whale fin and all them mantaray bits.

  14. Steve W says:

    Great couple O’ pages. I love that Zomgz is using Flight Discs like Scott Free, and Morvo has the air manta by the tail. Such an animated quality to this page and the next with mister bones casually floating along causing scratchy music to spew from the ether. Linking the two pages together with the backdrop of the Battle Whale was a really nice touch. Well done sir.

  15. Finn says:

    landlords and dynamite go well together, like bacardi and coke.

  16. I love the flying discs! It’s just like Mr. Miracle!

  17. Ramón says:

    thanks all for the kudos and karmic energy in my court battle :)

  18. Leonard (for reals) says:

    this is so beautiful.

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